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War Abc Poems

These War Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about War. These are the best examples of Abc War poems written by international poets.

Where I Come From
I’m from small town homes and rose bushes overgrown, with
Where my best friend lives down the block and I make late night trips to her...

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Categories: family, love,

love so far
the love I feel for her 
Is a love so great 
shes so far but our love 
is a picture to paint 
a story of...

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Categories: april, courage, crazy, flower,

By Parizo Van Thulare 

In this world i live in 
I have you to keep .
Out of these souls I've met 
You still the one...

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Categories: brother, love,

when we doubt
 we doubt each other
when we hurt
 we hurt each other
when we talk
  we talk behind each other
when we go to war

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Categories: break up, culture, deep,

when we doubt
 we doubt each other
when we hurt
 we hurt each other
when we talk
  we talk behind each other
when we go to war

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Categories: break up, culture, deep,

A painter sits
A painter sits
Alone and in solitude
Staring at a portrait
He paints of society
He starts at the bottom,
The beginning of time
It is wild and unkept
Colours outside of...

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Categories: art, history, humanity,

A Mighty Winner

I am a mighty winner all the times;
My weapon is unique but mighty.
Weak I am, but sturdily bulletproofed.

I will always win, no matter the fight;

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Categories: anti bullying, conflict, freedom,

Israel the myth
I'm Israel
for once I was real
now I'm nothing but a living hell
the ruthless child and his deceiving spell 
once upon an Israel
now the eye in...

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Categories: bible, heaven, history, irony,

you call us refugees 
how dare you 
we're your casualties 
we're running from your hells 
how come it never rang  you conscious bells
we're the...

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Categories: abuse, america, bullying, child

selling war
selling war...
are we really the awakened.
are we really deep thinkers
critical ...analytical
i see putin's  cheerleaders 
I see trump yeah he'll make it great again
and the...

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Categories: america, change, humanity, international,

Yasmen takes her Hajib off
Yasmen sat quietly at her father’s funeral,
She didn’t feel anything.
Her father never understood America.
“Too much Freedom for da wemens” he would say.
He brought his wife...

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Categories: 10th grade,

Born again
Indeed war is beginning. 
Where mediator will come from? 
If you don't see someone tears, you don't happy. 
Where love of you are? 
If you...

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Categories: change,

August's Lament
Oh these two Mandarin trees. Yes Symbols.
They are symbols. Time has passed ring the bells.
They are also symbols of the Great War.

(August yells at May...

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Categories: 10th grade,

A Lonely Heart
A Lonely Heart
Deaths sweet cousin has become my companion
And the silent sounds and erect walls have felt my sorrow
Loneliness has rusticated my companionship because of...

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Categories: africa, allegory, angst,

In the hills of seven huts
In the hills of seven huts,
Where war is either a place or surname,
And dreams are translated into numbers,
And a number became a gambler's sad song,

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Categories: adventure, analogy, appreciation, art,

Well, it's nice to finally meet you.
I've been waiting for your call.
I've noticed you've been crying,
And, I've watched you pace the halls.

Whatever has been hurting...

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Categories: addiction,

Our life
for the Kurds, 
No friends no brothers 
helpless Nation, 
disgraced, abused, no boosters
The world folded-blind 
While genocided by the neighbours
Because we are being the Kurds...

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Categories: 10th grade, confidence, war,

Peace Not War
Just trying to live life in peace
The bullies bring you to your knees
They send the fickle off to war 
Not knowing what they are fighting...

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Categories: fear, mental illness, military,

Shes swimming in the ocean
But she's not moving
She's lost at sea
But she knows where she's heading

She's confused
Yet she know what she wants to do
She's too...

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Categories: 11th grade, confusion,


We the humans are
Wise and fool
But not dare to speak on truth 
Against lie  

If were the presence of God/goddesses
Definitely, everywhere, prevailed peace...

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Categories: blessing,