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War Abc Poems

These War Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about War. These are the best examples of Abc War poems written by international poets.

Fight with the hidden agony,
to make myself a robust.
Is all that I can't buy with a penny.
Again, in a deep pain.

Looking the trees of Autumn,

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Categories: boyfriend, break up, conflict,

When the sun goes down
Walking through the autumn leaves
Crunching and cracking beneath my heels,
A small green stem and bright red petal  
On a journey to where it will...

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Categories: conflict, poems, remember, remembrance

those souldier,,,,, 
with froozn heart he live,not single mercy for to 
show passion 
To sacrifice once life with smile,for the sake of 
Doesnt matter...

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Categories: peace, war,

Mr president
Hey Mr president don't take 
us to war
Don't load up your guns to settle a score 
Your soldiers will gladly give you their lives 

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Categories: earth, leadership, planet, political,

Children of Rojava
Dear Humanity!
Dear Mothers!, dear Sisters!, dear Brothers!
Do you hear while I am weeping?
Whats in all your ears?
To ignore my sorrow for so many years!
What covers...

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Categories: abuse, allah, america, arabic,

Life keeps on testing and testing to no avail our sorrows keeps on escalating
   When is it gonna stop taking the air out...

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Categories: simile,

Life journey
Neither in happiness,
nor in suffering,
Neither in zero,
nor at peak,
Not in fear,
nor in silence.!!

Life journey into infinity.!!

Neither in whole sky ,
nor in the deepest ocean .

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Categories: beautiful, words, work, world,

War No
War No

Shameful war actions,
The evil torture of it,
Innocent blood spilled why?

Killing heart's peacefulness,
Living fearful in dirty trenches,
Lives lost, stolen, and left forever different,

Loud war sounds...

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Categories: emotions, evil, poems,

Crimson king
from the perfect ILLUSION
it all came to pass
we all came to go through
the chained  crimson king
with peeping glossy curls
sweating logic pearls
now this how...

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Categories: confusion, creation, dark, deep,

Why Change
The earth has changed
My attitude has changed
War has begun
Life is bent
Guns are used to pay rent
Slaying is on the rise
Money aint the same
Verbally I express...

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Categories: absence, analogy, appreciation, celebration,

Anxiety And Me

Anxiety hits and i get worried,
My body freezes but my mind gets hurried.
Nerves race through me they got me tight,
Nothing could have prepared me for...

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Categories: angst, anxiety, depression, mental

Happy and inlove
If i was a writer, i would write of how i see your face on every cloud, how i smell your aroma in every breath...

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Categories: i love you, sensual,

 There is always a struggle
Everyone fighting their demons
This is the kind of war which you don’t take sides
The fence is always there to sit...

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Categories: bullying, depression, discrimination,

A poem by a confusionist
Green Salad and white Carpet 
Red Chilies and Black magic 
Falling Rain the vibgayar 
What is this? Absurdity?

Blind Eyes Blind Heart
Black Tea and again black...

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Categories: christian, grave, loss, love,

Disney and the Millenial Acolytes: A Generation of Failure and Death
More or less, half a century ago,
A darkness hovered over this world,
Our generation dwells in this darkness today.
When does the light of hope become evil...

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Categories: 7th grade, 8th grade,

Sometimes in Sierra Leone
End the grief and pain
End the tears and shame
We did suffered in the hands of the rebels so we forght for peace to reign
Our future...

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Categories: africa, cry, death, war,

tragic magic
torn middle eastern attire
an orphaned heart on fire
houses turn to rubble
gotta bomb them on them on the double
who wiped the mossad prints off nine eleven

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Categories: child abuse, feelings, pain,

I Do not Drink From An Others Bottle
Ya no lo niego I love you
With all my soul, en me corazon
Love songs sang your tone
But, it’s been some time
I erased you from my...

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Categories: divorce, farewell, freedom, heartbroken,

children of war
close your eyes my doll 
don't want you to see what it  has become
don't want you to see what they've done 
don't want you...

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Categories: child abuse, children, heartbroken,

This sorrow that I have 
This sorrow that won't spare 
It breaks me open    
And makes me tear from all the...

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Categories: anxiety, depression, grief, how