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Sorrow Abc Poems

These Sorrow Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Sorrow. These are the best examples of Abc Sorrow poems written by international poets.

Unpreparation life
Now is raining.
Now am eating headbone and it also great sorrow.
As this rain is destroying this whole road.
Because on this road, there is no brige...

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Categories: education,

Am fighting with my soul
Am here hospital, am fighting with my soul.
Am in a death or life battel.
But if I can overcome, 
I will expose all I hid, 

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Categories: health,

Children of Rojava
Dear Humanity!
Dear Mothers!, dear Sisters!, dear Brothers!
Do you hear while I am weeping?
Whats in all your ears?
To ignore my sorrow for so many years!
What covers...

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Categories: abuse, allah, america, arabic,

Alcohol Drenched
Sweet, bitter, sour,
These tastes I chose to devour.
Every passing minute and hour,
Sweet fantasy became a blooming flower.

Sweet, our memories as a couple.
We cherished it all...

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Categories: break up, cry, drink,

Iron of a lifetime
In the laughter of the decent 
Baskets from the past bring sorrow
And the joy rapidly disappears 
At the sight of their evil deeds
That once used...

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Categories: irony, society,

That feeling
It's like you know that you're hungry but you cant eat 
And something's on your mind so you cant sleep 

The more you try not...

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Categories: anxiety, depression, emotions, feelings,

If I Should Die

If I should die before I wake
A new life in heaven I will have to make 

So Thankful for the gift of...

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Categories: death, heaven, i miss

I died once
I Died Once 

At this very occasion I witnessed my spirit decent from my flesh hurried to meet darkness as I lost breath 

At that...

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Categories: 12th grade, death, emotions,

A Clown
In a circus , who provides you a lot of fun ,
He is no one other than a clown .

Though  he is sad ,

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Categories: 8th grade, 9th grade,

You know those dreams you have about the end of the world?
You do a double-take in the morning then laugh about it later.
I will now...

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Categories: adventure, bible, conflict, horror,

Premium Member V - Verbose
Vivid visuals and verbalization veers to my vibrant vocalization 
This variorum
A voice vernacularly vast and vigil with a voluble velocity
Vitalizing the vows in my views

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Categories: corruption, me, sorrow, strength,

My dear sister, thy remember mine?
A little! 
What lies in sorrow or in joys!
Life is nothing but a  
All we come here but will...

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Categories: allah,

I am not afraid of the dark
I am not afraid of the dark
inside my realm
no anger will beat me
no bitterness to greet me
The ghosts of voices will turn to dust
curl up,...

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Categories: appreciation, evil, faith, imagery,

This sorrow that I have 
This sorrow that won't spare 
It breaks me open    
And makes me tear from all the...

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Categories: anxiety, depression, grief, how

black hearts
Black hearts 
Hearts decaying in plain sight, I know that you would never notice that I stopped breathing. Internally screaming just waiting to find a...

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Categories: depression, lost, pain, suicide,

What about Tomorrow
What About Tomorrow?
I really have something to say
Tomorrow's not promised today
We think we have forever
To get it together 
Every day someone else is gone 

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Categories: age, art, fantasy,

Cannnot Please Everybody
Some people are happy to others happiness and progress
Most people are happier too see and to know other people’s sorrow and failure.
They tell you stories...

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Categories: betrayal, grief, mental illness,

She had the fixation of their closeness
Ubnormally,her heart flapping from left to right 
That night her table full of flagons
And every love film she saw...

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Categories: betrayal, sorrow,

In My Dreams Your Song Is Sung
(ABC - Rhymed)

As I now dream your bright beauty does shine,
before me an Angel of love divine.
Calm in my heart as your song it is...

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Categories: love,

Drifting Waves
Great sorrow lies in the depths of the heart
A shadow of loneliness 
A cry for recognition 

The drifting thoughts 
The unfulfilling wants 
The hopeless mind

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Categories: anger, angst, anti bullying,