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Political Abc Poems

These Political Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Political. These are the best examples of Abc Political poems written by international poets.

Mr president
Hey Mr president don't take 
us to war
Don't load up your guns to settle a score 
Your soldiers will gladly give you their lives 

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Categories: earth, leadership, planet, political,

The Unheeded Cries
Our stupid silence
Sends screams and screams
And unheeded sounds called cries
Who will ever listen to our silence?

The bombs they send build balls of bad behavior
Which build...

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Categories: africa, anger, political, power,

children of war
close your eyes my doll 
don't want you to see what it  has become
don't want you to see what they've done 
don't want you...

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Categories: child abuse, children, heartbroken,

Premium Member P - President
Propped open, perched up
Placed in place on your pedestal
Pondering if your position on top is permanent, your premeditated perverse becomes paranoia
Protracting your path of prideful...

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Categories: conflict, corruption, future, leadership,

Premium Member O - Omen
Becoming obsessive as I observe the opposition of our oasis
Obliged, an overcast of oppression opts the decomposition of the orb we occupy
Outgrown and over-encumbered in...

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Categories: corruption, history, paradise, political,

the government complex
the medical industrial complex, the art of making disease, keep'em eyes on the 1000$pill please
the military industrial complex, the art of selling war keep'em pipelines...

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Categories: betrayal, earth, future, political,

fiery skies
is this is what we've born for
is this all in vain or is there's something more
how many times will i tell the same tale
my horizons...

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Categories: allegory, art, discrimination, humanity,

Premium Member I - Illusion
Images of incineration interrupt
Infernal imagery imposes in intricate intervals, illegible to those ill with ignorance
Inadequate ideologies imply impoverish ways, never to be incriminated no matter...

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Categories: corruption, fire, future, image,

the prism
blaming Islam for terrorism
blaming Christianity for colonialism
blaming Judaism for zionism

laughing the one eye of the prism
hovering slowly over the throne, the capstone
on wings of isms...

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Categories: confusion, corruption, evil, humanity,

like the man Shakespeare said hell is empty and all the devils are here
like a man I shook my spear but nothing's there I swear

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Categories: anger, anxiety, character, child

A massacre of the innocent
Senior citizens of penance

Slaughter on that Saturday morn
By an evil man full of scorn

They were gathered there to help fellow man

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Categories: political,

No worries for tomorrow
To the flowers that never get hold of turgidity
Even with the morning dew
Its faded petals once enjoyed a bright youth
It lived, while it had to...

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Categories: africa,

End of the Arms Race

Archie A. Agag, the American Idol Kaiser
Be hiding in an underground concrete bunker
Closed-eyed hate peeper sleepy late-riser
Dreaming of a bottom end H-bomb dumpster
Enter the REM...

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Categories: perspective, society, truth, wisdom,

Harvey Weinstein
Harvey Weinstein's  & John Conyers
I am not in favor of those
Might be that was consensual or force
Many celebrities
Political leaders 
Accused by women and men

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Categories: voice,

Oh! what a generation?
With so many mad leaders,
Nation fighting nation.
Discriminating the believers,
Polities with their hypocrite
Is ruin our world.
I will never be quit,
I will speak and...

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Categories: political,

Who we are
We live in a world controlled by TRUMP.
   A world where some who just don't give a F**K.
There are supporters who stand by...

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Categories: corruption, history, people, political,


Robert e Lee was a treasonous ole soul
To defeat the republic his goal

Slavery was abolished the people were free
But only two third a southern decree


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Categories: philosophy, political, social, society,

The heart within pumps
The rich red royal fluid
And your body machine functions
Your creative, expansive mind
Concocts formulae
Deciding how your body organism 
Finds sustenance, enjoyment
And most of...

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Categories: destiny, political, society, war,

Pompous and blatant he preached
Rambled, cajoled
Until he was stripped of all his clothes
And, holier-than-thou
Exposed him in his own reality
In his sheer nakedness
And finally total silence

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Categories: political,

The world full of empty promises
The wing of...

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Categories: anger, deep, depression, desire,