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Patriotic Abc Poems

These Patriotic Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Patriotic. These are the best examples of Abc Patriotic poems written by international poets.

selling war
selling war...
are we really the awakened.
are we really deep thinkers
critical ...analytical
i see putin's  cheerleaders 
I see trump yeah he'll make it great again
and the...

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Categories: america, change, humanity, international,

kya aazadi aazad hai

Mera desh aazaad hai,
Par mein aazaad nahin,

 Ham us aazaad desh ke baashinde hai,
Jaha desh to aazaad hai,
Par yaha ke baashindo ke...

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Categories: integrity, patriotic,

It took a Lincoln, Warts and All
Abraham Lincoln was America's Unexpected Jesus
Booth spilled this stream of blood along the Mason-Dixon line
Calls for forgiveness and reunion since the Gettysburg Address
Did bring out...

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© Anil Deo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: america, angel, history, leadership,

Dekho kya hai halt vidhata mere Hindustan ki
?????? ????? ??? ??? ?? ???? ??? ??? ???? ,
???? ??? ???? ??? ?? ???? ???-???? ???? ,
??? ???? ??? ???- ??? ???? ??- ????...

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Categories: patriotic,

Niger area
her heart could be crying...                    ...

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Categories: patriotic,

Buri bat
Har jana buri bat nhi h,har man lena buri bat h..
Hmare ghar me betiyo ka hona bura nhi h,beti p sharm hona buri bat h..

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Categories: irony, meaningful, patriotic, philosophy,

a Brother's Dream
A Brothers Dream

 to hear a brothers’ voice
 the shoutings out loud - they sang, 
 a tantalizing choice.

 I believe, “let freedom ring!”
Also, reverberating...

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Categories: appreciation, dedication, patriotic,

i want to write a book,
with the words the wise never understood.
with the intention to safe my neighborhood.

i know this is a strange route,
which is...

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Categories: hero, patriotic, philosophy, poetry,


Shout out to the woman in you
That strong and resilient spirit
Not many women are lucky to have been blessed with it
You're simply a...

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Categories: care, celebration, courage, eulogy,

Maranao Poem - Inungka Rogo rogod
Sunday | 07 | February | 2016 | 07:32 PM |
~ inungka rogo-rogod ~
Inongka rogo-rogod ?
i ng-gogodn ta so Btad
ka bamailay so Pasad
o datu miyangimasad

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Categories: change, encouraging, future, patriotic,

White Chapel
White Chapel
Lionel Derbyshire

White Chapel
“I hear your song
It is thy ringing bell
Ding Dong
Come along
I know the sound so well
Step into this open dwell
Walk up these stairs

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Categories: anxiety, appreciation, inspiration, lost,

Kiwi Lover
I have never been to a country like this
Which can simply called as a paradise
Trees, mountains, forests of green
How wonderful land to be seen

Not only...

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Categories: patriotic,

On that dark night ,
When the whole country calmly slept,
In the silence of those cold winters,
Those brave men slowly crept ,
Loaded with ammunition,
With only one...

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Categories: patriotic,

“Bring back our girls”: a silent whisper now the global anthem, 
Re-echoing the opposing bells to our corrupt system
Is this the prospect sought-after by our...

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Categories: abuse, africa, daughter, depression,

oblivious Question
Why do you because of corruption banish good governance from entering your passage?
Why do you choose to clad your mind with insincerity?
Why do you...

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Categories: patriotic,

Grandmother By Saiful Haq:
Skinny Skin Bloomed with Wrinkles,
Overshadowing her dimples,
Staring with Aghast Eyes,
Expressing herself in a fatuous Noise.

Credulous to lavish promises,
Melodramatic to laziness,
Pertinacious in her...

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© Saiful Haq  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: grandmother,

Rumor Has It

Rumor has it.
Rumor has it that people don't like me.
They say that I offended them.
That I stands for war and hate.
And the country I fly...

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Categories: patriotic,

The American Flag
The America Flag
The America Flag.
I have been home since I was born.
I have participated in many wars.
Be discovered in every state and every country in...

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Categories: patriotic,

Who am I
Who Am I ?
I am many. I come from the rich and the poorest of families.
I sleep in mud ,the rain and snow. I eat...

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Categories: patriotic, soldier,

A letter to a soldier
A letter to a soldier.
Dear Solder:
   I saw you the other day. You had on a uniform so neat. With shinny buttons 

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Categories: america, patriotic, soldier,