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Night Abc Poems

These Night Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Night. These are the best examples of Abc Night poems written by international poets.

By Parizo Van Thulare

Rise!my poet rise!
The words you speak are wise 
The stanzas you roll with are mild 
Like stars at night 
You always shine...

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Categories: dedication, inspiration,

Where I Come From
I’m from small town homes and rose bushes overgrown, with
Where my best friend lives down the block and I make late night trips to her...

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Categories: family, love,

When I was thirteen years young, I filleted my upper right thigh.
47 times.
In one night.
In one hour.
I wrote suicide notes,
Every night. 
I folded them up...

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Categories: anxiety, conflict, depression, history,

The student bold
A student bold from Abbyfeale
Who feared no Ghost nor Ghoul
Hitched home one night from Dublin
Where he did go to school

The night was dark and eerie

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Categories: boy, car, drink, horror,


Tears won't dilute your strength
Your mood won't make it less of who you are. 
You're not broken but a token that is...

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Categories: caregiving, children, courage, dedication,

I Get it Now

I get it now

I'm the one that you can trust,
the one you can lean upon,
to pick up the pieces to sweep up the dust,
the one...

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© Caren Bons  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: cry, desire,

The Lady in Red
Vinyl spins as you step past the curtain,

music plays and flowers bloom on the wall. 

You have lots of questions, and she has the answers....

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Categories: fear, imagery, sin, surreal,

Dubravka danced in the kitchen all alone
Dubravka lived alone in a lonely part of town.
She left Croatia when the trouble all went down. 
In the morning she would dance the waltz...

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Categories: 10th grade,

Forever and Always
When I feel I can do nothing right,
I start to feel blue,
it's in the quiet of the night,
I close my eyes and picture you,
I can...

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© Caren Bons  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: love,

She had the fixation of their closeness
Ubnormally,her heart flapping from left to right 
That night her table full of flagons
And every love film she saw...

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Categories: betrayal, sorrow,

nubble light
Nubble Light: A Splendor in Waves?
The same red light that shines the way…?
is still revered in the modern day.?
Shining for 144 years…?
it’s the one...

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Categories: 12th grade,

A dreadful night
A dreadful night

She was like a flower, always blooming
Even when the sunshine was out of reach,
She was able to turn a dark room into light...

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Categories: abuse,

ageless love
show me the hole in your soul
I'll show you how graceful was my fall 
when the night comes 
poor angel wings can't carry pains by...

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Categories: age, angel, beautiful, crush,

Puppa goes on a Yacht
Puppa, is a Jack Russel Terrior,
He is white with tan markings.
One day the hole he was digging in the yard
was big enough for him to...

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Categories: 10th grade,

Seven Years

It’s been seven years since I last saw stars
Because of seven years behind iron bars
Seven years of the horrible indoors
Seven years of cleaning toilet...

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Categories: prison,

School Time Crush
School Time Crush

She sat next to me in class today 
As elegant as a lady can ever be
I have never known what to say
Whenever she...

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Categories: crush,

Imagine this
Imagine one day everything's fine
Next day you're in a psychward with a completely differen't mind
No one looks at you the same, not worth anyones time


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Categories: addiction, anger, anxiety, conflict,

a mothers sarrow
She woke up and took in a deep breath 
Her heart was heavy and her eyes of a charcol black 
She had been crying all...

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Categories: anxiety, cry, death, depression,

My loudest feelings
My Loudest Feelings 

It pricks my pores
Makes me red like glowing charcoal.
My tear glands could not stop reminding me of its nature.

That feeling I thought...

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Categories: depression,

new year different types
to the ones who are passing this day
in one or more of the following ways
to the ones who'll sit talking to their tears
to the ones...

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Categories: celebration, change, devotion, heart,