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Muse Abc Poems

These Muse Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Muse. These are the best examples of Abc Muse poems written by international poets.

Music is life
  It's wavy Movement Excretes the beauty that gives healthy Nutrients to the soul
Which help us Grow beyond diminishing state of mind...

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Categories: 7th grade, angst, muse,

To Autumn
All appear denuded
When you set in;
Forests, hills, rivers, winds and
The nymphs.

Even the angels look disrobed, and
Seem lying spread-eagled on barren clouds,
Sans their birthrights;
The luminous crowns.


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Categories: appreciation, aubade, autumn, baby,

Victoria is my muse
Victoria is my muse, I can't get her off of my mind
Refreshed by a vivid elegance with sun glowing golden hair
She is like no other,...

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Categories: crush, emotions, for her,

Wretched old rat
He told a story, it was about you
Though his words did not sound true
Your reputation, however, people will misconstrue
If you do not act to disprove

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Categories: metaphor, muse, myth,

Cigarette love
Treat my love like a cigarette; let it creep inside of your throat and caress your lungs. Smoke my love till you're satisfied, and let...

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Categories: deep, for her, for

Can i be a wandering cloud
 Can i be a wandering cloud....fate of which uncertainties enshroud....wander over the mountains forlorn....or saunter over the fields of corn......can i be a wandering...

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Categories: deep, dream, fantasy, feelings,

The who was 
inside you.
I want to discover,
a foam-born deity,
killing the moon.

You destroyed
me in the poems.
I cannot weave the 
moonlight on the

Can you send
a message...

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Categories: art,

Drinking from the portrait 
of an alienated moon
in a self-taught remedy?

I was looking very
hurt in the muse,which
had failed the earth.

I wanted to say, my
sun was...

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Categories: art,

no words
When no words can one muster
       It must be time to lay the pen down

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Categories: absence,

I'll never forget the day we met,
our first kiss or the time together that we spend.
I care for you deeply... more than you know,
on a...

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Categories: i love you, inspirational,

When I was sold - bring back our girls
Find me in classrooms
Frantic page flipping in search of 
the tools
Who'll one day equip me
So I can make rules
Find me at the helm
Bare-foot and big...

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Categories: education

MAN O' MAN, kiss thy maiden for the 
Seek compassion on thy beloveth lass;
Years did trespass whilst you tarry in 
Time did seize each moment...

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Categories: lost love

Moon Over Ypres
Luna comes to paint a portrait, 
each stroke fails to capture me. 
I pray this moon not find its 
muse in the reluctance of my...

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Categories: absence

Metallic Licorice
Oil stained wings of satin sea,
Ebon quills on blue,
Ruffled whispers, jasmine 
Echoes of near silent who.
Dripping onyx, puddled, pooled,
Sheets of satin overhead,
Licorice melted, inky glow,

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Categories: night

Maria's Lullaby
Another sleepless midnight 
Restless voices, tainted 
Unrequited thoughts of what 
may be,
Silent din, chaotic reprise. 
Shadows lurk in darkness and 
Turning daylight into night.
Relentless sirens of...

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Categories: pain

Courage lay bleeding
In an abyss of despair
And he lay
Mulishly silent
More dead than alive
In tranquil pristine desuetude

The warrior
In unaccountable muse
Annoyed but sympathetic
Tried vainly 
To raise an...

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Categories: loneliness,

Home is Where the Ocean Is
Summer is here once again.
The breeze is warm,
I smell salt on the wind.
The same sandy beach between my toes,
The same waters I learned to swim.

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Categories: america, beach, beautiful, beauty,

Take my body for sail,
my wings to fly.
I am trying to find out
the meaning of a drop.

The point man was taking aim.
There was no culpability.

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Categories: art,

Melancholy muse
I slip back into the coma,
In the catacombs of my darkest thought's,
I feel the demon's probe inside my mind,
Picking away with sharp claw's,
Searching for a...

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Categories: dark,

Trotting along;fighting death – 
with delaying techniques.
Chemo had failed.

Weeping Ashoka, how do I
name you differently ?
I may not see you again.

I am hurt, very badly.

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Categories: art,