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Mountains Abc Poems

These Mountains Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Mountains. These are the best examples of Abc Mountains poems written by international poets.

fiery skies
is this is what we've born for
is this all in vain or is there's something more
how many times will i tell the same tale
my horizons...

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Categories: allegory, art, discrimination, humanity,

only to remember
humbleness and humility
and the enigma of the motivation
and the direction of the action
the swing of the involuntary till it becomes voluntary
the taming of...

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Categories: beautiful, blue, confidence, deep,

A Mighty Winner

I am a mighty winner all the times;
My weapon is unique but mighty.
Weak I am, but sturdily bulletproofed.

I will always win, no matter the fight;

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Categories: anti bullying, conflict, freedom,

About you
'When did you wake up?' You once asked.

The blind laughed in my heart, and
I fell in love.
A dream escaped, but your hairs
Darkened its path.

When we...

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Categories: allusion, animal, appreciation, april,

My wife is away to the mountains
My wife is away to the mountains, visiting her folks.
She left the windows guarded
With curtains made out of her shadows.

Last night the moon peeped in...

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Categories: anniversary, april, baby, beautiful,

You and Me

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Categories: age, angel, april, chocolate,

Remain Silent
A dark room with a pure scent;
Lonely bottle sitting by the fireplace.
Gently poured onto the ice;
The crackling fills the room.

This is the time to listen;

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Categories: creation, deep, depression, desire,

Give up
My life from pointless line.
A man for the woman
And the universe itself
Travel on cities
Seeking out on the mountains 
Walking to the cliff of galaxies
Knock on...

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Categories: analogy, anniversary, black love,

let me
Let Me Once More Swim in the River with the
Never Ending Flow
Let Me Once More Play upon the Mountains
That Are Covered in Snow
Let Me Once...

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Categories: bereavement,

Lonely cloud
Lonely cloud 

An enchanting journey thru sky allowed me to witness an eternal spy , A lonely cloud .

Passing thru the sunshine, casting its right...

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Categories: care, dedication, desire, emotions,

I play to win
A day comes,
here comes the sunrise
Making its dawn to feel new and fresh
And smells perfect
That’s when i realized that i play to win, 
Oh yeah!...

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Categories: 12th grade, business, confidence,

Bitterness of Life
Bitterness of Life

Birth brings delight at home
Death saddens hearts, yet both are parts of life
Human creatures walk, slip and move on

Today you cry but tomorrow...

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Categories: feelings, life, love hurts,


I am a woman, the assumed weak of her kind
I'm a woman born and brought...

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Categories: destiny, encouraging, pride, tribute,

My Ella
Come to me my Ella. 

Come as you are. Naked. With your  flaws. 

Leave your pain, worry and shame behind. 

Let us fly above...

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Categories: love,


Hovering and wavering 
The bintaps of the heart 
Expressing the illustrations of the day 
Bumbpress the ecocity of the felt emotions 

Okay okay 

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Categories: break up, cute love,

Again, please read this book
words made up of wounds
symbols molded with tears,
I don't know,
Who has written the forest of pains?

Every line are raindrops,
Try to walk...

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Categories: imagery,

You Are
As i sit in my bedroom,exhaulting your name
I can hear the seas roar at the sound of your name. 
How can one not believe that...

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Categories: christian,

She lies high on a mountaintop
She is surrounded by an abundance of lovely olive trees
Sometimes I hear her calling my name
In a faint whisper
The whisper...

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Categories: beauty, celebration, culture, longing,

Lies In Love
Love is young in the morning as the sun rises
The scenery is calm and attractive
Energy you have to set objective
Your teeth have grown sharp
Nothing you...

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Categories: love,

A-bove a mountain looking down
B-irds asleep not yet singing 
D-eer darting everywhere
E-ach of them with smiling faces
F-inding me alone must be a joke to them...

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Categories: mountains,