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Math Abc Poems

These Math Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Math. These are the best examples of Abc Math poems written by international poets.

Random thoughts of I as a student
Science, mathematics, history and geography…all are the subjects of my school
Education is vital for all
Random thoughts in my mind
Penning them down by my side
The most...

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Categories: 7th grade, 8th grade,

Premium Member Wine is Poetry is Math
One bottle of wine equals three poems
Two bottles of wines equals four poems and a tear
Three bottles of wine equals no poems at all
Yet many...

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Categories: allah, allusion, appreciation, math,

Written Not To Be Read

> It was before it was prophecied for what to prophecy the prophets dint exit but the prophecy like air we...

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Categories: dark,

love is like mathematics
love is like mathematics....
you add yourself..
subtract the hate...
divide your time...
multiply your feelings...
you will have to factorise your communication before you underline your status in your...

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Categories: abortion, absence, abuse, adventure,

Goals: are what set in life?

2 + 2 =? 

Not being your self is not cool in life.

1 + 1=?

There is no 4:20 in the...

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Categories: beauty, boat, body, conflict,

Funny Numbers
Funny Numbers
Lionel Derbyshire

Numb i have suffered
And by God done I am
So many characters 
Too many teachers
Yell and try to tell
How to sauce 
The spice of life.

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Categories: creation, earth, hyperbole, i

Amazingly Created
Verse 1)
Amazingly created
Unlike any  expiration 
I'll never be outdated
You've waited oh yes
Now it's time to experience 
The best 
Always stood out 
That's ok
I've liked...

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Categories: deep,

A perfect world From A TO Z
A perfect world
From A-Z…

Actually addicted attitude apologetic they assume while I'm angst in my room
Bold not blameless but blame shooting out like bullets
Critics just quit...

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Categories: addiction, adventure, beauty, perspective,

Pages upon pages
A book read for all ages
Chapters among chapters
The words shouting like actor lines
The feeling of emotions coming out all combined
I remember a romance...

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Categories: appreciation, art, beautiful, beauty,

Will you wait for me 
till the moon parts the clouds 
and the lake looks serene ?

A reticent encounter;
I want to speak through- 
silence. A...

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Categories: art,

God knows i am sorry
The storm is coming, the wise say.....
I blink in moments of reminiscing the pleasure, but it came with pain.
Choices are never easy if making love...

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Categories: art, betrayal, birth, evil,

Do not know you yet, after a whole...

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Categories: art,

I Hear A Little Whisper
I hear a little whisper in my ear
So near
That I have to look around
But the whisperers have gone to ground.
It seems I'll have temptation
For the...

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Categories: religious, spiritual,

A few bars I just dropped in the booth not to long ago.
Check them out.

Tom & Jerry The Kidd chase money/ angry birds make my...

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Released,Deceased,Increasesd pt1
As I sit n begin to think, i say Lord 
never typed a freestyle; then i blink, 
n pray i make since as my fingers...

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Categories: seasonscrazy,

unthinkable world

The unthinkable world
They say you rip what you saw
Does that explain why we are products of war?
They say history builds the future
Is that...

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Categories: confusion, dedication,

I have a friend named courtney grimm
she is so very trim
She has a stalker who loves her crazy 
BUT shes in love with trevor who...

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Categories: thank you, girl, friend,