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High School Abc Poems

These High School Abc poems are examples of poetry about High School Abc. These are the best examples of Abc High School poems written by international poets.

High School
High school is like a game of life 
You make it half way through the game 
Then someone comes and makes you start over 


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Categories: slam, teen,

School ain't success
we were mis - understood for fools.       

in fact we had to drop outa high school.  

no breakfasts,...

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Categories: dedication, devotion, discrimination, dream,

Kick Start Voyage
You will have many decisions to make 
Some difficult, some easy as cake
And every path you take
Will be a scar or memory to embrace.

"Be not...

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Categories: encouraging, graduation, high school,

Class of genius
We gave birth to Einstein
E=mc2 was a formula we sat
Down at the spinal cord of a milky
Way to cteae.We were breathing 
Star dust and had...

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Categories: earth day, high school,

The first time
The first time my mother watched Titanic, she cried. Though, who could blame her when Jack would condemn himself to hypothermia and my father couldn't...

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Categories: heartbreak, high school,

A little confession to Papa

I asked myself
Why can’t I be like her?
Calved in a very luxurious life
Loaded with an abundant wealth

She might never felt this
About all of these worries...

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Categories: anxiety, father, high school,

This poem is what I wrote about my daughter....
Each day that passed by I felt you growing inside me, I felt you kick for...

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Categories: angel, baby, beautiful, birth,

Losing a high school friend
I woke up and couldn't sleep because I have so much on my mind with a lot of things, waking up after midnight is hard...

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Categories: betrayal, depression, feelings, for

The River That Runs Dry
The river that runs dry, 
was a lonely dark, dark river, so dark the sadness from the river dried up the river was so silent...

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Categories: abuse, betrayal, bullying, depression,

To my grown up son
My hands were busy through the day I didn't have much time to play the little games you asked me to, I didn't have much...

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Categories: baby, growing up, high

cursed beauty
I curse the day i was born beautiful.
I curse high school .
I curse the pear shaped body i had,
I curse the clear skin beauty i...

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Categories: cry,

The College
The knowledge…from ‘The College’…
Is any other high school greater…maybe later…?
From a tender age…what is the stage…?
The motto…never yield…but be brave…
For five years…no fears…some stares…many cheers…

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Categories: courage, emotions, encouraging, inspiration,

Self image
The mirror is her worst enemy
Yet she looks at it everyday
The magazines girl so skinny
She wishes,starves and runs her weight down

Should she be this way?

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© Boipelo Mo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: high school, image, psychological,

Where teenagers argues about sex like its weather “what mom…It’s just sex”
Condoms out of fashion...

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Categories: corruption, pain, pride,

Abbi ,the name of an angle 
beautiful blond hair 
oh that face, a beautiful face
one of an angle, my angle
blue worm welcoming eyes
that is her...

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Categories: girlfriend, high school,

Angry No More
Up at 5 and on the stadium track by six
So young and wondering why
I believed I must for some strange reason
To run, to leap and...

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Categories: anger, anxiety, blessing, christian,

I am somebody
Walking by the high school lockers,
Is like walking by some unleashed doors,
You don't know what is hidden in this persistent floor.

Some footsteps of a scientist...

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Categories: care, encouraging,

The Younger 10 Year Insecurist
You would think a person who is ten years younger should be more of a optimist 
      But, some times...

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Categories: career, class, friend, irony,

Phone call to heaven
A phone call to Heaven.
Ring, ring, Hello God, I'd like to talk to my mother  please."

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Categories: death, heaven,

Loss of ambition
Looks like I’m on a mission
Or some sort of a competition
Is it the end?
Should I be where I stand?
I cannot understand
I’ll just smile...

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Categories: dark, depression, high school,