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Halloween Abc Poems

These Halloween Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Halloween. These are the best examples of Abc Halloween poems written by international poets.

The Haunted
Sometimes I concern myself in the dark,
always feeling like someone's behind me.
That chill in the air while I walk,
every foot step I take; I hear...

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Categories: fear, halloween, scary,

Dark of life,
It is dark,it is dark,
Where to look is only darkness.
My life is now,this is just dark now.

Do not see anything, no longer
there is no morning.

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Categories: allusion, america, anger, anti

Fall, its my favorite time of year...
The season starts getting colder
the air becomes crisp and sharp
and then the leaves transform
changing colors to bright yellows and...

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Categories: blue, hurt, sad,

Government Gimps
Delusions of grandeur of being superior, definitive lines drawn and hacked up on a mirror. The Earth trembles and all the ghosts have left. 


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Categories: abuse, art, betrayal,

Halloween Party
the night was dusk and Halloween is near with fear
and clear starry night with shadows of lilted pumpkins on the porch as goblins eat there...

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Categories: autumn, candy, halloween,

Orange October
Orange October

The words orange and October 
surely a unity made in heaven
Giant pumpkin faces that  light 
the way up darkly garden paths.

Orange ghoulish faces,...

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Categories: earth, halloween, weather, winter,

Halloween Memories
A ghoul,
A ghost,
Lots of candy,
For a treat,
Walk around town,
Knock on doors,
Beat the streets,
Seeing the little kids costumes,
There so cute and funny,
Sleek panty hose,
Make up galore,

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© Tera Brown  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: celebration, character, childhood, children,

And The Cemetery Was
And the cemetery was gloomy and eerie 
As the fog rolled in draping over the tall headstones 
If you listen close you could here the...

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Categories: halloween, murder, psychological,

The Halloween Store
Hesitantly I walked into the Halloween store
Afraid of all the macabre decor
Witches laughed in the aisles nearby
And there were other sounds such as bloody curdling...

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Categories: halloween,

Next Halloween
                     "Next Halloween"

Walking with strangers...

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Categories: halloween,

Premium Member Nocturnal Monsters

Zombies yearn, xanthic weathered

vaults, under tannic, stagnant, repugnant quagmires.

Places odious nocturnal monsters like killer jackals, ingest

humans, grappling for every delicious, 

creamy brain appetizer.

(ABC Poem-Reversed)
Written Oct.6th...

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Categories: fantasy, halloween, horror, imagery,

Shadows Beneath Me

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Categories: death, evil, halloween, scary,

Wishing Witch
            Wishing Witch 

My Halloween screenplay is funny as can be
It’s funny how witchcraft...

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Categories: crazy, creation, fantasy, gothic,

The Witches tea party
The witches tea party
Tonight is the beginning of a site. You might find myself in a fright.
Tonight starts the witches tea-party.
They fly from near and...

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Categories: scary,

Trick Or Treat
If on Halloween you seek something sweet,
Always remember to say trick or treat
For if the wrong house you happen to pick,
You may be the victim...

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Categories: halloween,

Cybornatic humanoid Zombie
Demonic  rustle grey hair,
With piercing purple eyes,
Ironic half crescent smile,
Descending Angel cliff nose, 

Ancient twin crater ears,
Muscular god like form,
Titanium arms and hands,
Sand blasted...

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Categories: absence

Careful what you wish for spell
Bubble bubble toil and trouble,
Everything you've done you'll get back double.
Eye of newt, Rat's decay,
good and bad, in every way.
Wing of bat and tongue of...

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Categories: halloween,


Bitter by ; being mentally bruised and battered most of my life,
shaken with fright without a single soul to help me
through the troubles unseen horrors...

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© Keith Relf  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: art, beauty, crazy, cry,


The illusion of probability
Art of dark light fate
Hex of great misery
Enchanter of doom 
That sleeps time at no cost

Merciless orphan of wickedness
Barren monster in Paradise

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Categories: death,

My Father
i have heard so many terms,so many ways to word it
that theres a difference between a dad and a father,but recognition,YOU deserve it
i am not...

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Categories: father, me, love, me,