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Black Love Abc Poems

These Black Love Abc poems are examples of poetry about Black Love Abc. These are the best examples of Abc Black Love poems written by international poets.

The Man
As he comes in from the hustle and bustle of the worlds ups and downs
Desiring to be greeted with a smile not a frown

He could...

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Categories: anniversary, appreciation, black african

a painful addiction
when you start to cut the skin around it puffs, 
crimson like the sky
horizontal beads of scarlet push through the surface, escaping.
at first it stings...

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Categories: addiction, anxiety, black love,

Who am I,
Am I the birds that’s in the sky? Or the grass beneath my feet.
Am I the lizard that crawls, or the flower that...

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Categories: black love, passion, romantic

How many disappointments
How many disappointments?
You don't have a heart ache for yourself.
How many more people
'll continue to be betrayed
How many more disappointments?
He is that one that let...

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Categories: black love, break up,

And my death has come
And my death has come that clock has stopped My Spirit trying to stay alive but is to late now my heart has failed no...

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Categories: absence, angel, anger, anxiety,

Dont Go
I'm asking you on my knees
Moon don't go
Threshold the night to that heart
Sometimes mistreated
I won't forgive you.
If you leave me alone
With feelings that make me...

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Categories: black love, break up,

I've been single since 
Not expecting to have thou
My life goes the way it is 
I'm enjoying it much better

I found you as a partner

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Categories: anger, baby, best friend,

I Don't Wanna Lie
don't wanna lie to you
Let me sweep you off the floor
Don't wanna lie to you
I'm that shy ninja from next door
I won't lie to you

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Categories: allegory, art, beautiful, black

The Void
A space with no end,
bruise that doesn’t mend.
Like cheap spirit,
filling the bottom pit.
A lover’s cry.
Tears run dry.
That’s Heartache,
As love’s fake!
Waiting for the scythe of time,

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Categories: black love, break up,

I have been ignoring my heart for so long
But now I am finally learning to listen.
I know that my heart beats slower and normally when...

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Categories: 12th grade, black love,

byes and cries
emmm byes and cries
yeaaah bye bye
don't you turn that head as i pass you by
emmm byes and cries
yaaaah no no no sad whys
don't your lips...

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Categories: betrayal, black love, cool,

Hoop lock loop,
The ecstasy that gaga ones heart above,
For that which do enclose us all bellow our worth,
In this we tend to daily lay our...

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Categories: absence, black love, break

Never give up
Never give up no matter how hard life is always stand up..
Regrets won't help who knows one day you will be up..
People will think they...

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Categories: adventure, africa, anger, beautiful,

Logic is of the brain
And emotions are of the heart
You can use logic to win a heart 
But the best of all emotion to keep...

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Categories: 6th grade, black love,

True Enemy
True enemy is not the one you know;
It’s a friend or a family who you know.
He bears huge grudge but gently smiles.

Disloyal plan, he has...

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Categories: anger, black love, evil,

Come here Beautiful,
Allow me to take my time and admire your bodacious body 
Or should better yet what I see in front of me
Is one...

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Categories: black love, sexy,

Mother hood
On a sunny day a young lady gave birth to a baby boy. something special from god, it was pain but brung so much joy. She...

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Categories: black love, blessing,

Autumn's sweet hurting
First day of autumn,
Far more sacred almost
Than my own birthday.
For on this day,
A long time ago, I fell in love with
A breeze falling from your...

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Categories: beauty, bible, black african

Wet curls
Wet curls
Begging a wish
To touch them.
But for the mist,
White wool over eyes.

We saw
The haze went up the gorge,
Stroking the pines of Mawkdok,
And desperate
To hold your...

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Categories: absence, age, anger, art,

Look around and see
How men hustle to taste the hustle of bee
Jumping from one hive without key
To another is a stress with no fee
Depression replaces...

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Categories: africa, anti bullying, april,