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Beauty Abc Poems

These Beauty Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Beauty. These are the best examples of Abc Beauty poems written by international poets.

She said she's  not dark
She said she's black 
A bright soul in a black skin
She was in a dark world!

They said black is beauty

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Categories: beauty, care,

Our Hands Build A Road
My hand in yours
Your hand in mine,
A hold on the heart
Forever they entwine.

Cross our paths
We build a road, 
Sharing our ups and downs
Together we grow...

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Categories: love,

MAKE IT continuation
she haven't said a word yet ! has she?
not a single compliment ! nothing ! "
all these thoughts made it less exciting 
and then I...

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Categories: 12th grade, beach, beautiful,

You are broken, brought down and discarded
So you made my life a living hell by fueling my thoughts with your fragments
Sometimes I feel that the...

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Categories: 11th grade, anxiety, birthday,

In Love
I carry something, in my sacred place.
Something that reminds me of you ...
Beauty born but from imagination, 
Belongs to the imagination.
Naive, quiet, lonely, at times...

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Categories: angel, lonely, loss,

Time, space, Being toppling over;
The pivot of nothingness.
I exist here in the moment, moment by moment.
This is where the many become one, 
I want to...

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Categories: art, beauty, loneliness,

My father
God listen to me 
i knock the door of heaven 
my word are your promise 

I am like dead rose
Whose beauty with father 
I will...

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Categories: 9th grade,

Beautiful people dont as for attention.
They're in the moment.
And, they just hold you in that moment,
That is the mystery of beautiful things.
Few understand beautiful things.


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Categories: desire, uplifting,

That which is done is done,
Let it go – move on.
We let the present moments pass,
then we look for them as if they were some...

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Categories: allusion, analogy, angst, confidence,

I love a tree
I love a tree that stands so tall 
with leaves of green and red and fawn
you stand majestic, pretty and free
you are a tree of...

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Categories: anxiety, art, autumn, beauty,

A beautiful Mind
You left me a beautiful mind
Because you were so kind
Now I love to see a flower
To sit and dream for an hour

You left me with...

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Categories: confidence, devotion, for him,

The bridge between us
I am nearer to you than I was this time last year, 
you do not become more distant
time I will never fear
the bridge between us...

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Categories: age, angel, anniversary, death,

bird in a cage
its cruel to keep a bird in a cage
I cant tell you how this fills with me with rage
I watch you poor thing sit with...

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Categories: abuse, animal, beauty, evil,

key to my room
there was no such thing as facebook
I used to keep a diary in my drawer
but everybody read my diary
and everybody saw, lol
they sabotaged my belongings

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Categories: adventure, anxiety, blessing, bullying,

One resounding note
one resounding note can last a long long time
with a beauty of such , that is just pure divine
its pretty to write a song and...

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Categories: anger, anti bullying, appreciation,

Crying in my sleep
was dreaming a dream
about times of past
but a dream is a dream
and no dream does last
we were laughing in a park
and the night it was...

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Categories: absence, abuse, anti bullying,

The Miracle
Let me sleep now, with the blue bells in flower,
I would like to rest with beauty in my eyes,
All their subtle sweetness will never sour,

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Categories: 10th grade,

It started out well, it was fine it was good, but the time ticked by and eventually I realized the difference, it wasn't as it...

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Categories: betrayal, corruption, grief,

Ebullition TGIF
Eased onto an exsiccated embankment
Enchanted by the empyreal expanse
Exhausted from day's endued earning
Yet elated at the endowment of esprit
Enjoying earth's earnest, emoting eye of
Emerald engraved...

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Categories: art, beauty, cool, earth,


The winds howl and the rivers run, life exists under the burning sun.

The animals call this their home,there’s miles and miles for them to roam.


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Categories: nature,