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I know that I am dying, I am fading fast,
     my life is almost over, by tomorrow I will be dead;
and I find myself on a grave stone draped in quietus,
        come the next dawn- I will be withered gone.

A girl brought me to this vast place of deep tears,
     her sad weeping wet my soft red velvet petals;
she had plucked me from my shade in her little garden,
          oh, I was so happy there growing by the fence.

I heard her say the word baby in her sadness,
     then she placed me gently on this cold tomb to die;
will I bring the baby peace- will the baby know me,
          soon we are alone, baby and me- hello I whisper.

My name is Rose, soon I will join you in the other world,
     that night I watched the moon and stars above;
for the last time I knew the dawn and then I gasped,
           all was still -  I was in the hand of a child.

The child pressed me to his lips and kissed me beautiful,
     my petals were no longer brittle cold but lovely;
and here we lay under the blue azure sky and cool earth,
         a rose and a baby boy, joined in death by eternal love.

For years we listen to birds singing and wind sighing,
     the rain gently falling and snowflakes drifting in winter;
birds in circled flight above and distant whispers of love,
          and the tears of our mother falling on our tomb. 
August 23, 2016

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All Rights Reserved.  Written under Pseudonym.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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Date: 12/28/2018 9:48:00 AM
Your talent shines through velvety smooth in this sad, touching and profound write. I didn't, no I didn't cry, but it took all I had not to let the tears pool and spill. Each stanza is a credit to you, your muse and pen. Applause from me. Poetry hugs ... CayCay
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Date: 12/28/2018 8:52:00 AM
A bittersweet write! The almost peaceful final verse, as the seasons parade through the years. I feel not only the mother’s tears but the impact of her body and soul falling on the tomb. Well done, sweet Dear Heart!
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Jennings Avatar
CayCay Jennings
Date: 12/28/2018 9:51:00 AM
Oh, now I am crying - I had no knowledge of your lose and I can't imagine handling the loss of a child. I want very much to hug you right now. No words can adequately express the compassion and empathy I have towards you/for you at this moment. How brave life has forced you to be ...
Heart Avatar
Dear Heart
Date: 12/28/2018 9:02:00 AM
Kim, thanks for visiting, it was a difficult write, the death of my baby boy never leaves me ~
Date: 12/28/2018 7:22:00 AM
Hold his memory in your heart and one day you will be rewarded with an eternal reunion! A very touching tribute to your son. God bless you Dear Heart.
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Heart Avatar
Dear Heart
Date: 12/28/2018 9:03:00 AM
Wren, thanks for your compassion, yes that keeps me going knowing that the end of my life on earth we will be united or is that a fairy tale I tell myself ~
Date: 12/28/2018 7:03:00 AM
Wow! A stunner! A fav for me. So touching and ethereal. A winner! Hugs :)
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Heart Avatar
Dear Heart
Date: 12/28/2018 9:04:00 AM
Chantelle, thank you for the visit and your kind words and for the fav, appreciate ~
Date: 12/27/2018 7:44:00 PM
Such a heartbreaking poem must have been difficult for you to write, Dear Heart. I can only hope it gave you some release from the pain. I'm sure Brian will love the personification in this poem, just as I did. Best wishes in his contest. Love, Carolyn
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Heart Avatar
Dear Heart
Date: 12/27/2018 8:23:00 PM
Carolyn, yes it was hard to write, I write of the loss of my baby a lot, for me writing is more than just writing a poem but a release of emotions too, I want to share my sadly beautiful grief with everyone, odd I suppose, not sure if this poem will place, we never can take these wins for granted.
Date: 12/27/2018 5:24:00 PM
Ah, this poem shines amongst the rest, lovely entry, I hope it makes it to the top of the podium. Dear Heart.
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Heart Avatar
Dear Heart
Date: 12/27/2018 5:29:00 PM
Pixie, thank you for your kind words, this is one of my fav poems and I hope it makes it to the winning list but we never know in these contests what will become of our beautiful words ~