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My Father's Eulogy

Poet's Notes

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My dad is 79 years old, and still going strong at this point.  He's had prostate cancer and a mild stroke, from which his recovery is amazingly complete.  No reason now for me not to think he has years, even decades of life left.


Same for my mom, 80 and going strong.  Yet I've thought about the death of my parents a lot - surely there is some fear of it involved.  I've thought about it so much that it really does not seem fearful any longer; it is inevitable, after all, and if nothing else I'm just used to the idea now.  I've thought about what I would say at their funerals hundreds, perhaps thousands of times.


I've been a lucky man, and also a foolish man, for much of my life.  I've chased things and engaged in excesses where I didn't even know what I was chasing.  So, after nearly 6 decades of life, I've come to the place where I know how important family and friends are.  Some people know right away what love is, and never lose track of it.  Some of us take a long time.  I think that poetry and short prose is the best way for me to share with other people.

I say his name, and ask the question, 
"Did they break the mold or what?"
I look out over the audience
And the truth is so clear-cut
That they all nod,
They all agree,
What an honest man,
So guaranteed
To be gentle and kind,
To love humor and fun,
To have the peaceful mind,
To have the good day done.

My sister and my brothers,
I look to them, make the hopeful call,
That every child in the world
Should think they have the best dad of them all.
When it comes to our father,
We have fearless cards to bid,
For on having the best dad in the world,
Well, we really did.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2016

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Date: 5/9/2017 5:31:00 PM
Most touching - May I say HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY & Amazing Father's Day wishes to your honored parents.My Dad passed in Feb 2005; Mom followed him in 10/2005.They were a devoted couple, Dad not as perfect. He was such a gentleman & well spoken, until "friends" came & alcohol followed. But its best to thank God for their lives, & what they did well. You make your parents feel proud: wisdom at 30 is to leap & thank the LORD. shalom (7)
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Vinson Avatar
Doug Vinson
Date: 5/12/2017 11:06:00 AM
Thank you, Anil. Oh good grief - somehow I doubled the amount of years in a decade - to 20 rather than 10. I will change it to "nearly 6 decades of life, as I'm 58. Maybe the old brain is starting to go.... ; )
Date: 4/15/2017 5:09:00 PM
wow, I found one of yours I have not seen yet and it's a really GOOD one. What a nice tribute. So glad you don'T have to read it yet. I did one for my stepdad and they had me read it where they put the body into the ground. Also I enjoyed the opening remarks you made and about you having learned what is most important in life. I have always known this lesson thankfully but I"m not saying I am the greatest at it. I could visit my grandkids a lot more than I do!!
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Vinson Avatar
Doug Vinson
Date: 4/15/2017 9:37:00 PM
Cheers, Andrea. : )
Date: 12/4/2016 2:30:00 AM
Your dad sounds like one heck of a good guy.
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Vinson Avatar
Doug Vinson
Date: 12/4/2016 8:41:00 AM
A lot better than me. : )
Date: 12/1/2016 4:35:00 PM
I lost my dad last year - the priest did a eulogy I just read my poem 'the crying candle' You are lucky to have both parents - I still have mum and am truly blessed. I wrote my first poem when my hubby had prostate cancer surgery in 2013. so glad your father is still going strong. just enjoy the 'now' Doug believe me family and friends are so so important especially at difficult periods of your life... I wouldn't have got through the last 3 years without poetry and friends:-) hugs Jan xx
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Vinson Avatar
Doug Vinson
Date: 12/1/2016 5:17:00 PM
Jan, what a sweet response. You are right. Last week we were at my dad's for Thanksgiving, all my brothers and me, and all their kids too. How many more times will we all be together like that? Very few, almost surely. Conceivably - none.
Date: 11/23/2016 9:08:00 PM
Nicely done. I wrote one for my mom called Lillian .
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Vinson Avatar
Doug Vinson
Date: 11/27/2016 11:26:00 PM
Cheers, Debbie. I read 'Lillian,' beautiful indeed.