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Jesus Is Creator, Savior, Priest and King

HAIBUN 20170408
The Holy Spirit has led me to Jesus, the Messiah, called Yeshua ha Meshiach, in the Old Testament prophecy of a Savior. What the Jewish siblings saw in part – and the first disciples were observant Jews, as was Jesus – the Gentiles see more clearly over the centuries. This is true of me, although I was neither Jew nor Christian but Gentoo: the British sometimes took Indians to the colonies and listed them as “Gentoos” in the shipping logs. I surmise that term indicates, “Gentile who is Hindoo.”
Love reached from heaven Love failed; Love sent a Savior True love needs a Third
I do believe all religions may have some Truth; the OLD & NEW TESTAMENTS are God’s Complete Love Letters to humanity. Now, combined, the type and shadows of person & promises in the Old, become demonstrable in the New, TESTAMENT, during and since Jesus walked on earth.Romans 1 admits that through General Revelation all peoples & tribes get to know of a Creator God, though not His names or Triune Nature. The latter truths become clear in Bible verses as explained in the Gospel of John 1:1 (See Hebrews 1 & chapters 5-7, that show Jesus as Prophet-Priest-King). Shadows of earlier “wisdom” are embodied in Christ. Neither Jewish temple (for animal sacrifice & offerings) nor the priesthood of Israel, are needed now. I hasten to add that Jews remain crucial for the Second Coming of Jesus. (Space doesn't allow me to say more, here). As Coming King in full regalia, Jesus won't be disguised as a human, or baby in humble conditions, anymore. We await His Glory. Maranatha.
Hindu Triune God Is a type – Jesus - humbled Himself. Saved Eve first!
I used “Eve” instead of ADAM, above, because Eve fit my syllable count. No offence intended to God’s other masterpieces: women. Unless we concede God (of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is Creator, Elohim) but also El-Shaddai, Adonai, & YHWH/Yahweh, we will fail at everything & in love/marriage. Unless we created ourselves, we ought to study why God includes us in His Plan, with specific roles! Why does Jesus want to be a part of everything? Do U wish to know all about ones U love? He is a co-student with youth. He's with the victim of abuse. Be holy & see Him manifest.He is the missing Person in every marriage that fails. Usually husbands & wives exclude the Designer.He ensures love becomes Agape Love. Agape love heals, forgives, creates! (c) A.Deo.4/8/17. I sing of Glory Behold LORD Jesus!

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Date: 4/8/2017 2:17:00 PM
Hello Anil. I commend you. You executed your Haibun well. We readers see the prose and we see the haiku as well. We owe everything to God and his son Jesus. This is especially true during this holy week. I believe you have you place in heaven with the concept of belief alone. Well done.. I have to say Anil you take on interesting formats.
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Deo Avatar
Anil Deo
Date: 4/8/2017 2:55:00 PM
Shalom Dear One, I think Catie did one so well, I commented on her's that I was inspired to do my first HAIBUN today. But without feedback -again you are so freely giving in commendations - I would not know if I am getting anywhere. So thanks for taking time from family & work to read my work. I have no life without Jesus ... I cannot stop thanking Him for wiping the confusing Past.