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Despair Dispelled

Dawn's rays burst through gray clouds
Though evening's bitterness lingers
She struggles to shake free of tear-stained, satin shrouds

Each morning, so much effort just to rise
But lips part to flash a much-needed smile
When she opens the door and ventures outside

A sparrow had nested in her hanging flowers
High-pitch chirps alert the world life has renewed
And gladly does she acknowledge nature's powers

A wee, brown owl is perched upon the sprawling oak
He's forgotten to take refuge as the night receded
Then a tiny tree frog begins his pond-side croak

She sees his motley, textured body and begins to laugh
For nature's creatures have learned to live carefree
As he does daily, the frog hops to board a lily-pad raft

The tension has eased as nature's chorus serenades
Such joy and harmony their songs evoke
She saunters through the woodland, joins their parade

Her heart is now light; she has mastered their technique
Overcome with gratitude, she skips along the path
Knowing that wallowing in sadness is never unique

For the blues will strike again as night covers the land
And she will face her personal demons once again
But for now she revels in these gifts from nature's hand

And to find relief the next morn, she will simply open a door
Step into the refreshing flow of a passing breeze
And find her way to happiness once more

For Farah Chamma's "My Favorite Things" challenge.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2010

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Date: 3/3/2010 8:45:00 AM
New fav!!! Good work Carolyn....:JP]
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Date: 2/22/2010 7:12:00 PM
Creative and interesing write Carolyn...good luck in the contest ... sure seems like a winner to me.. luv.. LInda-Marie..
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Date: 2/22/2010 3:42:00 PM
Wow! Carolyn, You are absolutely skillfully talented. Your poetry spurs the imagination to beautiful places. It takes the soul on a respite to peace. It shows strength and an ever enduring, maturing soul. I love it! You captured my attention and gifted me with joy through your eyes. Thank you. Love, Dane Ann (And thank you for reading my poetry, today.)
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Date: 2/22/2010 3:20:00 PM
i feel the comming of spring with this. the bird that i noticed out side window making it's music. a mating call. the things poetry are made of. john
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Date: 2/22/2010 3:10:00 PM
good job, good luck and keep enjoying all your fav. things!!
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Date: 2/22/2010 9:19:00 AM
This is beauty in simplicity. Absolutely wonderful. By the way the name of the band is THIRST and will I will be performing in the Annual Fall Festival, it's free, ck. out the president has been my editor for years, also has Godflower music publishing...he never gave up on me :) Take good care & God bless u and urs, Miss Cindy
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Date: 2/21/2010 8:35:00 PM
Wow your style is amazing. I neeed to learn your art. :)
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Date: 2/21/2010 7:27:00 PM
Great descriptions and it reads like a!
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Date: 2/21/2010 12:44:00 PM
This is lovely, I too find great joy in nature, when feeling glooming, a walk down a woodland path, will soothe any worry.. best of luck in the contest... Constance
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Date: 2/21/2010 11:38:00 AM
enjoyed reading today!!
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Date: 2/21/2010 8:17:00 AM
Carolyn, oh how i would love to see this poem of yours captured in a painting. It would be so lovely >> good luck in Farah's contest >> James
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Date: 2/21/2010 12:46:00 AM
Thank you for your welcome blog comments today Caroline.Rgds Brian
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Date: 2/21/2010 12:38:00 AM
Recomment ,Dear Sweet Carolyn hope you get well soon and regarding me,maybe is hould try one of that bottle of medicine you tried,you know,maybe i dream of Ghosts:)hahaha,lol.Get well soon sweetie..Charma
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Date: 2/21/2010 12:31:00 AM
Inner peace sometimes we confine to the beauty of outside world. It gives an unusual relief to endure the stresses and strains of life. Nice choose for this contest, Carolyn. Love always your comment to mine. (^_^) Noel.
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Date: 2/20/2010 9:15:00 PM
I am truly stunned be this poem, Carolyn..Sounds like spring has returned to Florida as it has in least for one day anyway..One of your very best! - Tim
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Date: 2/20/2010 4:44:00 PM
You weave your magic creating a canvas of masterful verse, color, imagination, and creativity to produce poetry destined to be preserved through the ages. MAC
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Date: 2/20/2010 4:17:00 PM
So you made it all about nature! Lovely, Carolyn, and best of luck in the contest! Luv, Andrea
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Date: 2/20/2010 2:57:00 PM
Loely writing. A winner for sure. thank you for your kind comments. Love, Joyce
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Date: 2/20/2010 12:42:00 PM
beautifully and delicately penned my friend,,I wish you all the best in the contest and even moreand as always for reading my words and leaving a piece of your heart behind,,Blessings..Cecil
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Date: 2/20/2010 11:06:00 AM
Many beautiful lines, Carolyn. This one skips along like a song, with lots of color. What does it for me is like - when you couple nature with a great piece of music the fulfilling is most complete. BIG LOVE, daver
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Date: 2/20/2010 9:04:00 AM
You fill the page with hope and beauty Caolyn, more of the same please Daniel
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Date: 2/19/2010 7:56:00 PM
This is so rich......I want to eat it!
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Date: 2/19/2010 7:49:00 PM
that's true, our hearts just have to find the right door, whether it was a past memory, or the present(: i love all of the nature. sounds great to me. good luck you Carolyn. -Always&Forever Lynette
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Date: 2/19/2010 6:40:00 PM
The happiness found in a garden is food for the soul, the natural being of the small creatures and the plant life have a calming effect second to none....A lovely work Carolyn. good luck...Margaret
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Date: 2/19/2010 5:21:00 PM
Very nice poem...good luck if this is a contest...enjoyed...Marty
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