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Battling Addiction

Sitting on the easel of life
a portrait of a man
so much in love with that
to tempt the mood,
a need to caress his wanton spirit
when becoming a spent part of life’s toxic waste,
his need to step off the world
to escape its inhabitants
from choking him to death.
Yet somehow somewhere deep within
his sunken soul a desire,
to carve out a memorial in poetry
with words now strange to him,
but words they were of love
words of flowers, sunshine and simple things like that.
Yet his battle against his poison
was arduous and on the wane,
when suddenly amongst a throng of internet poets
an angel appeared,
one to care, when magically she began
to chase away the need,
when painting a different picture of the world
one he once knew when that he was of a child,
one he needed to be able to reach out to,
When across virtual reality many words of love, tenderness
sincerity, words of understanding and purpose.
Yet with an abruptness she gave him a choice
“Lie down my friend” She said “Defeated and die”
Or rise everyday with the perpetual sunrise and live,
give something of yourself, anything to help those
going down the same road, your road to despair,
you can build on that, with your love your understanding
and with it your body your mind your soul will be cleansed!

© Harry J Horsman 2013 

Copyright © | Year Posted 2013

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Date: 2/17/2014 9:39:00 AM
Amazingly, one of your best poems.... SKAT
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Date: 1/7/2014 11:09:00 AM
well deserving of a number one Harry a stupendous write and long may your angel rise with sunrise and inspiration for you xx
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Date: 1/7/2014 11:07:00 AM
Harry, , thank you for everything, Congrats for the well deserved win...always~ Linda
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Date: 4/28/2013 9:18:00 AM
I am glad I came across this one. Exceptional
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Date: 3/26/2013 3:32:00 PM
A wonderful poem, Harry. Moving and real. - Red
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Date: 3/26/2013 11:21:00 AM
Was this ever entered into my "Battling Addiction" contest? I don't recall reading this what so ever... and I don't think it is something that could be so easily forgotten! If you entered it in my contest and somehow I passed it by (which I did with another amazing entry by another talented Souper- on accident) please forgive me! This is STUNNING!
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Date: 3/25/2013 10:57:00 AM
Harry, you are so truly gifted. This poem is extremely powerful and touching - I got goosebumps while reading it. Straight to my faves!
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Date: 3/25/2013 7:50:00 AM
Dear Harry - You've nailed it. Facing fears can bring a world of satisfaction and love. Riveting. Prayers for addicts and alcoholics every where. A miracle might be just around the corner. love, Kathy
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Date: 3/12/2013 6:12:00 AM
Old age can be a battle as you have pointed out here. Isn't it something that there is one challenge after another? Thank-you for your recent comment. You are very much appreciated!
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Date: 3/9/2013 5:03:00 AM
Excellent. Very inspirational write. Enjoyed Sir. Tfs
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Date: 3/8/2013 11:54:00 AM
Inspirational!!! Very good, Harry (no surprise) Terry
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Date: 3/8/2013 9:23:00 AM
Dropping by to say hello. Enjoyed reading this one again.
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Date: 3/8/2013 8:04:00 AM
Harry just called to read your latest gem!! how are you my friend....David
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Date: 3/8/2013 3:03:00 AM
Harry, this is so so beautiful! I'm so glad that an angel visited you and gave you hope and made you see what a special person you are and what a fantastic gift you have to share! :) Thanks for reading the Hypochondriac...I posted a response! :) Sending you hugs!
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Date: 3/7/2013 7:16:00 PM
Excellent poem by you harry!Love this!
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Date: 3/7/2013 6:14:00 PM
If not an angel, then for fear of Jehovah God (Love), she gave you advise of the wise dear poet ! Terrific write my friend! Have a wonderful week....much love, james
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Date: 3/6/2013 9:22:00 AM
love this beautiful inspiring write, Harry
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Date: 3/5/2013 7:15:00 PM
we all need something.
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Date: 3/5/2013 1:53:00 PM
This poem is for all of souls that are lost out there - Hope Faith are so important.....this was written with so much thought and what a painting! God Bless
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Date: 3/5/2013 11:38:00 AM
This is wonderful Harry. I love the ending. We all can use such wisdom in our life. Warm Smiles, Connie
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Date: 3/5/2013 8:52:00 AM
Very expressive and emotive work..Addiction is a terrible thing..Not only for the person who is in the addiction but for those that love that person..It has put many families in great need in sundry ways..Enjoyed reading your work how love can life a person above the difficult situations that come from just living..Thanks for stopping by..Sara
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Date: 3/4/2013 8:46:00 PM
This is very moving Harry, we can all use the intervention of Angels. This is both emotional and uplifting. I am sure your words will offer others strength.
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Date: 3/4/2013 10:00:00 AM
Harry; This is really good. If with our expirences we can help someone else, it is worth it. Thanks for sharing. good luck in contest. Lucilla
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Date: 3/4/2013 5:45:00 AM
Excellent poem with great ideas. Lovely. Enjoyed reading it . Tfs
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Date: 3/4/2013 4:40:00 AM
Very good, I quite liked it :)
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