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All Droned Out

A bunch of paparazzi came into town, with new toys, and an added crew.
Yes, we were now to meet the technological ages, latest break through!
We were suddenly swarmed by drones, that they very aggressively flew!
Nowhere was safe from those crazy things, even Dragon’s butt! EWW!

Now mind you: they were large, loud, with blinky lights, and ran in packs!
They scared us, so we dove for cover, for they sounded like a hornet attack!
They emptied the local chicken farm and the cows, now, stopped giving milk.
In record time, we dodged them, dropped to the ground, and hid from their ilk.

Apparently, their control of the situation: was a clue to their being, very new.
Danged! If you were chased by those out of control things, you’ be scared too!
And after a few moments, they started chasing after Dragon, the Whole Group!
Now Dragon panicked! You see… he’s too big to hide from the nincompoops.

He turned, ducked, and rounded corners, as they ricocheted off each other… 
His tail caught one, which sent others, thru several store windows! Oh Bother! 
Dragon yelled honestly! ‘It’s Not My Fault’. And knowing Dragon as we do…
That was surprisingly and amazingly unique… but for once sooo very true!

It was a disaster in the making, as some threw their coats and grounded a few!
We handed out string to throw, and clog up the propellers, on others that flew!
A few were handed baseball bats, and boy did those babies learn to sail anew… 
All in all it was a marvelous sight, to see those paparazzi get their due. Woo!

Now we each had a downed drone in hand that the paparazzi each, wanted back.
We thought: Maybe we should keep them as some sort of, you know, pay back!
If a meteorite lands on your property it’s yours… The sheriff answered… True!
So if a drone lands and destroys your land… Shouldn’t it, maybe, be yours, too?

Now apparently, the Sheriff of Crazyland, didn’t seem to agree with us this time.
Wouldn’t you, know! He said Fame has its cost, and No! It was not a War Crime! 
Between you and me, apparently, it seems that finding privacy is becoming tough!
Our back yards are filmed by spy planes and satellites at 500 miles way, way, up!

But there are stalking laws, trespassing laws, and damages, that we can enforce.
So we put a sign up on all the roads. ‘Drones are Banned’, for miles, of course!
And it was a Bad News Day for the Highly Technological Paparazzi, that day!
And we didn’t sue, if they’d give us the drones, which we play with, out-o-town.	

Yes… we sky write with them, and make birthday rainbows, every now and then.
Woo Hoo! And the last drone that chased Dragon, it became his! Honest it’s true!
It’s a trophy on his wall… You had to know! Now I ask… What would you do? 
Now I’ve found ‘The End’ I pursued.   

Written By Carol Eastman 10-16-2016

Copyright © | Year Posted 2016

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Date: 10/20/2016 7:31:00 PM
Hi Carol. As a former reporter I was laughing throughout your witty poem because people do seem to fear the press. Some, like Donald Trump, even hate them. I realize Paparazzi are among the worst in journalism. A high 7 for your poem! I have not been on the Soup much, partially because of the hurricane and a power failure. Hope you are doing well.
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Date: 10/19/2016 6:16:00 PM
I'd rather be without drones - drowning them is a good idea or dragon could breathe fire on them - love your dragon poems carol:-) hugs Jan xx
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Date: 10/18/2016 12:28:00 AM
The day that Amazon start using them for home deliveries, stay indoors, Carol. Especially if they're carrying refrigerators...... Fun write! Viv x
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