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Africa my beloved continent
Beautiful and attractive, many
Came as visitors yet their aim was to
Dig gold and platinum
Everyday they dug to reach her belly and they
Flee back to feed their own blood and sold us her the remains
Gold jewelry, we buy from them. Question is
Have we done enough to protect our mineral resources
Instead of preserving them 
Jealousy and greed overcrowded our judgments
Knocked each other for blood money, in exchange for what?
Lavish lifestyle our colonial had to offer, we
Moved from Ubuntu our African core value
New dawn sets but we failed to see the light because
Oppression impaired our vision
Pain we suffered taught us nothing for we did not
Quit selling our minerals in exchange for ammunitions
Re-unite Africa and fulfil the dream of African reminiscence
Shun greed, slavery mentality. In solidarity let me and you fight to
Tone down corruption and 
Undo damages implanted by our colonial
Viva African renaissance viva
Winning this battle calls for unity and mental strength
Xenophobia and racism will not be chronic diseases any longer, i'm
Yearning to see a better Africa for all human race, with
Zest I shall wait in anticipation for Africa's 're birth.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2015

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Date: 6/28/2015 12:55:00 PM
This is a beautiful piece Bongani ;) hope your weekend is a brilliant one..
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Date: 6/7/2015 9:59:00 AM
Most of our leaders are too selfish their action and inaction steal the collective joy of our rustic, together as you have said we have to join hands together to fight against corruption so that our country will be clean. This piece is fabulous and thank you for shelled........A.M.
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Zungu Avatar
Bongani Zungu
Date: 6/12/2015 1:04:00 AM
Afolabi, your words are rich with wisdom. Thank for the comment.
Date: 6/4/2015 2:55:00 PM
Still waiting my friend
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Date: 5/27/2015 3:39:00 AM
Good morning, I will be back to read and comment on your poem.
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Date: 5/11/2015 10:27:00 AM
You passionately express your hope for your continent and bring to bear the pain of "oppression impaired our vision" and "selling minerals for ammunition". The piece also made me reflect on the xenophobia currently affecting South Africa. How humans first turn on the other when resources are scarce before ultimately devouring themselves. A warning ...
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Zungu Avatar
Bongani Zungu
Date: 5/12/2015 9:57:00 AM
Thank you for stopping by Patricia. I’m glad that South Africans and other citizens of the universe have come together to extinguish the fire of xenophobia. It’s like I live outside South Africa because in my area there was no attacks yet we have quite a number of African brothers and sisters in our midst.
Date: 4/16/2015 4:25:00 AM
I see your style resurfaced in this write, Bongani. From your deep love for your motherland flowed this awesome free verse within the limits and requirement of an ABC, Difficult, so a well-deserved 7! :) Kim
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Zungu Avatar
Bongani Zungu
Date: 4/16/2015 6:22:00 AM
Kim, you are such an inspiration. Only words of wisdom goes forth your mouth. Thank you very much.
Date: 3/24/2015 3:41:00 PM
Bongani, the truth shall set us free..well said..thanks and peace to you tonytocaa
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Zungu Avatar
Bongani Zungu
Date: 3/29/2015 11:12:00 PM
Hi Tonytocca, thank your for such a wonderful and thought provoking comment. Many thanks-Incwasimende da poet.