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Famous Stewart Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Stewart poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous stewart poems. These examples illustrate what a famous stewart poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Burns, Robert
...iment to the Montgomeries of Coilsfield, on the Feal or Faile, a tributary of the Ayr. [back]
Note 10. Mrs. Stewart of Stair, an early patroness of the poet. [back]
Note 11. The house of Professor Dugald Stewart. [back]...Read More

by Burns, Robert
To meet with noble youthful Daer,
 For he but meets a brother.

 Note 1. At the house of Professor Dugald Stewart. [back]...Read More

by Burns, Robert
...nt o’ a’ the core—
 Willie’s awa!

Now worthy Gregory’s Latin face,
Tytler’s and Greenfield’s modest grace;
Mackenzie, Stewart, such a brace
 As Rome ne’er saw;
They a’ maun meet some ither place,
 Willie’s awa!

Poor Burns ev’n Scotch Drink canna quicken,
He cheeps like some bewilder’d chicken
Scar’d frae it’s minnie and the cleckin,
 By hoodie-craw;
Grieg’s gien his heart an unco kickin,
 Willie’s awa!

Now ev’ry sour-mou’d girnin blellum,
And Calvin’s folk, are fit to f...Read More

by Burns, Robert,
 Friend, Patron, Benefactor!
Not Pulteney’s wealth can Pulteney save;
And Hopetoun falls, the generous, brave;
 And Stewart, bold as Hector.

Thou, Pitt, shalt rue this overthrow,
And Thurlow growl a curse of woe,
 And Melville melt in wailing:
Now Fox and Sheridan rejoice,
And Burke shall sing, “O Prince, arise!
 Thy power is all-prevailing!”

For your poor friend, the Bard, afar
He only hears and sees the war,
 A cool spectator purely!
So, when the storm the fores...Read More

by Burns, Robert
...Chorus.—You’re welcome, Willie Stewart,
 You’re welcome, Willie Stewart,
There’s ne’er a flower that blooms in May,
 That’s half sae welcome’s thou art!

COME, bumpers high, express your joy,
 The bowl we maun renew it,
The tappet hen, gae bring her ben,
 To welcome Willie Stewart,
 You’re welcome, Willie Stewart, &c.

May foes be strang, and friends be slack
 Ilk action, may he rue...Read More

by Burns, Robert
...Chorus.—O lovely Polly Stewart,
 O charming Polly Stewart,
There’s ne’er a flower that blooms in May,
 That’s half so fair as thou art!

THE FLOWER it blaws, it fades, it fa’s,
 And art can ne’er renew it;
But worth and truth, eternal youth
 Will gie to Polly Stewart,
 O lovely Polly Stewart, &c.

May he whase arms shall fauld thy charms
 Possess a leal and true heart!
To hi...Read More

by Burns, Robert
...u in that mansion fair?
 Flit, Galloway, and find
Some narrow, dirty, dungeon cave,
 The picture of thy mind.
———No Stewart art thou, Galloway,
 The Stewarts ’ll were brave;
Besides, the Stewarts were but fools,
 Not one of them a knave.

Bright ran thy line, O Galloway,
 Thro’ many a far-fam’d sire!
So ran the far-famed Roman way,
 And ended in a mire.
———Spare me thy vengeance, Galloway!
 In quiet let me live:
I ask no kindness at thy hand,
 For thou hast none ...Read More

by Burns, Robert
...WHEN first I came to Stewart Kyle,
 My mind it was na steady;
Where’er I gaed, where’er I rade,
 A mistress still I had aye.

But when I came roun’ by Mauchline toun,
 Not dreadin anybody,
My heart was caught, before I thought,
 And by a Mauchline lady....Read More

by Burns, Robert
...of a’ the Clan,
 Sair, sair, may I repine;
For Donald was the brawest man,
 And Donald he was mine.

Till Charlie Stewart cam at last,
 Sae far to set us free;
My Donald’s arm was wanted then,
 For Scotland and for me.

Their waefu’ fate what need I tell,
 Right to the wrang did yield;
My Donald and his Country fell,
 Upon Culloden field.

Oh I am come to the low Countrie,
 Ochon, Ochon, Ochrie!
Nae woman in the warld wide,
 Sae wretched now as me....Read More

by Burns, Robert
...ncient craft may try,
 Sin’ honesty is gane.

’Twas by the banks o’ bonie Dee,
 Beside Kirkcudbright’s towers,
The Stewart and the Murray there,
 Did muster a’ their powers.

Then Murray on the auld grey yaud,
 Wi’ winged spurs did ride,
That auld grey yaud a’ Nidsdale rade,
 He staw upon Nidside.

And there had na been the Yerl himsel,
 O there had been nae play;
But Garlies was to London gane,
 And sae the kye might stray.

And there was Balmaghie, I wee...Read More

by Burns, Robert
...pranc’d wi’ muckle pride,
When ye bure hame my bonie bride:
An’ sweet an’ gracefu’ she did ride,
 Wi’ maiden air!
Kyle-Stewart I could bragged wide
 For sic a pair.

Tho’ now ye dow but hoyte and hobble,
An’ wintle like a saumont coble,
That day, ye was a jinker noble,
 For heels an’ win’!
An’ ran them till they a’ did wauble,
 Far, far, behin’!

When thou an’ I were young an’ skeigh,
An’ stable-meals at fairs were dreigh,
How thou wad prance, and snore, an’ skreigh
 A...Read More

by Burns, Robert
...ish’d leaves and berries red
 Did rustling play;
And, like a passing thought, she fled
 In light away. [To Mrs. Stewart of Stair Burns presented a manuscript copy of the Vision. That copy embraces about twenty stanzas at the end of Duan First, which he cancelled when he came to print the price in his Kilmarnock volume. Seven of these he restored in printing his second edition, as noted on p. 174. The following are the verses which he left unpublished.<...Read More

by Stewart, Douglas
......Read More

by Masters, Edgar Lee
...I began with Sir William Hamilton's lectures.
Then studied Dugald Stewart;
And then John Locke on the Understanding,
And then Descartes, Fichte and Schelling,
Kant and then Schopenhauer --
Books I borrowed from old Judge Somers.
All read with rapturous industry
Hoping it was reserved to me
To grasp the tail of the ultimate secret,
And drag it out of its hole.
My soul flew up ten thousand miles,
And only the moon lo...Read More

by Masters, Edgar Lee
...I was the daughter of Lambert Hutchins,
Born in a cottage near the grist-mill,
Reared in the mansion there on the hill,
With its spires, bay-windows, and roof of slate.
How proud my mother was of the mansion!
How proud of father's rise in the world!
And how my father loved and watched us,
And guarded our happiness.
But I believe the house was a cur...Read More

by McGonagall, William Topaz
...Ye sons of Mars, come join with me,
And sing in praise of Sir Herbert Stewart's little army,
That made ten thousand Arabs flee
At the charge of the bayonet at Abu Klea. 

General Stewart's force was about fifteen hundred all told,
A brave little band, but, like lions bold,
They fought under their brave and heroic commander,
As gallant and as skilful as the great Alexander. 

And the nation has every reason to be proud,...Read More

by McGonagall, William Topaz
...with tact and courage bold,
Proceeded by a 6 pounder gun, between the right of the guards,
But brave Lieutenant-Colonel Stewart quickly their progress retards. 

Then Colonel Stewart cried to the right wing,
Forward! My lads, and make the valley ring,
And charge them with your bayonets and capture their gun,
And before very long they will be glad to run. 

Then loudly grew the din of battle, like to rend the skies,
As Major Stirling's left wing faced, and charged them...Read More

by McGonagall, William Topaz
...Club bard;
Likewise I received an Illuminated Address,
Also a purse of silver, I honestly confess. 

Mr A.J.Stewart was very kind to me,
And tried all he could to make me happy;
And several songs were sung by gentlemen there--
It was the most social gathering I've been in, I do declare. 

Oh, magnificent city of Inverness,
And your beautiful river, I must confess,
With its lovely scenery on each side,
Would be good for one's health there to reside. 

There...Read More

by Wilbur, Richard
...At the end a
"The Prisoner of Zenda,"
The King being out of danger,
Stewart Granger
(As Rudolph Rassendyll)
Must swallow a bitter pill
By renouncing his co-star,
Deborah Kerr.

It would be poor behavia
In him and in Princess Flavia
Were they to put their own
Concerns before those of the Throne.
Deborah Kerr must wed
The King instead.

Rassendyll turns to go.
Must it be so?
Why can’t they have their cake
And e...Read More

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