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Famous Over The Edge Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Over The Edge poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous over the edge poems. These examples illustrate what a famous over the edge poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Lawrence, D. H.
...pitching through immemorial ages
Your little round house in the midst of chaos.

Over the garden earth,
Small bird,
Over the edge of all things.

With your tail tucked a little on one side
Like a gentleman in a long-skirted coat.

All life carried on your shoulder,
Invincible fore-runner....Read More

by Roethke, Theodore
...are many detours, washed-out interrupted raw places
Where the shale slides dangerously
And the back wheels hang almost over the edge
At the sudden veering, the moment of turning.
Better to hug close, wary of rubble and falling stones.
The arroyo cracking the road, the wind-bitten buttes, the canyons,
Creeks swollen in midsummer from the flash-flood roaring into the narrow valley.
Reeds beaten flat by wind and rain,
Grey from the long winter, burnt at the base in ...Read More

by Bishop, Elizabeth
...Scourge them with roses only,
 be light as helium,

for always to one, or several, morning comes
whose head has fallen over the edge of his bed,
 whose face is turned
 so that the image of

the city grows down into his open eyes
inverted and distorted. No. I mean
 distorted and revealed,
 if he sees it at all....Read More

by Williams, William Carlos (WCW)
...d belong in gardens. A toad to Diana! 

Lean forward. Punch the steerman 
behind the ear. Twirl the wheel! 
Over the edge! Screams! Crash! 
The end. I sit above my head— 
a little removed—or 
a thin wash of rain on the roadway 
—I am never afraid when he is driving,— 
interposes new direction, 
rides us sidewise, unforseen 
into the ditch! All threads cut! 
Death! Black. The end. The very end—

I would sit separate weighing a 
small red handful: the di...Read More

by Lawrence, D. H.
...He reached down from a fissure in the earth-wall in the gloom
And trailed his yellow-brown slackness soft-bellied down, over the edge of
the stone trough
And rested his throat upon the stone bottom,
And where the water had dripped from the tap, in a small clearness,
He sipped with his straight mouth,
Softly drank through his straight gums, into his slack long body,

Someone was before me at my water-trough,
And I, like a second comer, waiting.

He lifted his...Read More

by Lowell, Amy
And tap! Another. Tap! Tap! Tap! The 
shells ricochet upon the roof,
and get into the gutters, and bounce over the edge and disappear.
"It is very *****," thinks Peter, "the basket was 
empty, I'm sure.
How could nuts appear from the atmosphere?"
The silver-blue moonlight makes the geraniums purple, 
and the roof glitters
like ice.

Five o'clock. The geraniums are very 
gay in their crimson array.
The bellying clouds swing over the houseto...Read More

by Kipling, Rudyard
..."The Brushwood Boy"--The Day's Work
 Over the edge of the purple down,
 Where the single lamplight gleams,
 Know ye the road to the Merciful Town
 That is hard by the Sea of Dreams--
 Where the poor may lay their wrongs away,
 And the sick may forget to weep?
 But we--pity us! Oh, pity us!
 We wakeful; ah, pity us! --
 We must go back with Policeman Day--
 Back from the City of Sleep!

Weary th...Read More

by Stafford, William
...round our group I could hear the wilderness listen.

I thought hard for us all--my only swerving--,
then pushed her over the edge into the river....Read More

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