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Famous Most Important Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Most Important poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous most important poems. These examples illustrate what a famous most important poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Ginsberg, Allen
...Suzuki Roshi's phantoms
Baker, Whalen, Daido Loorie, Qwong, Frail White-haired Kapleau 
 Roshis, Lama Tarchen --
Then, most important, lovers over half-century
Dozens, a hundred, more, older fellows bald & rich
young boys met naked recently in bed, crowds surprised to see each 
 other, innumerable, intimate, exchanging memories
"He taught me to meditate, now I'm an old veteran of the thousand
 day retreat --"
"I played music on subway platforms, I'm straight but loved him he...Read More

by Graham, Jorie
...atching the lip-reading

had loved but couldn't now recognize


What are the objects, then, that man should consider most important? 

What sort of a question is that he asks them.

The eye only discovers the visible slowly.

It floats before us asking to be worn,

offering "we must think about objects at the very moment 
when all their meaning is abandoning them"

and "the title provides a protection from significance" 

and "we are responsible for the universe.Read More

by von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang
Incessantly each holy function.
The best was wanting to the game;

We knew that a sonorous ring

Was here a most important thing;
But Fortune to our rescue came,
For on the ground a halter lay;

We were delighted, and at once

Made it a bellrope for the nonce,
And kept it moving all the day;

In turns each sister and each brother

Acted as sexton to another;
All help'd to swell the joyous throng;

The whole proceeded swimmingly,

And since no actual bell had we,
W...Read More

by Schwartz, Delmore
...e or should have been important:

It is the belief that hope itself was not, from the beginning, 
before believing, the most important of all beliefs....Read More

by Field, Eugene
...he place,
In hopes he would ameliorate the sufferin's uv the race;
'Nd uv the many features Casey managed to import
The most important wuz a Steenway gran' pianny-fort,
An' bein' there wuz nobody could play upon the same,
He telegraffed to Denver, 'nd a real perfesser came,--
The last an' crownin' glory uv the Casey restauraw
Wuz that tenderfoot musicianer, Perfesser Vere de Blaw!

His hair wuz long an' dishybill, an' he had a yaller skin,
An' the absence uv a collar made his...Read More

by Kizer, Carolyn
...rty years we hadn't met.
I remembered the bright query of your face,
That single-minded look,intense and stern,
Yet most important -how could I forget?-
Was what your taught me inadvertantly
(tutored by books and parents, even more
By my own awe at what was yet to learn):
The finest intellect can be a bore.

At this, perhaps our final interview,
Still luminous with your passion to instruct,
You speak to that recalcitrant pupil who
Inhaled the chalk-dust of your rhetor...Read More

by Dickinson, Emily
...The most important population
Unnoticed dwell,
They have a heaven each instant
Not any hell.

Their names, unless you know them,
'Twere useless tell.
Of bumble-bees and other nations
The grass is full....Read More

by Lowell, Amy
...t be done by eight
To-morrow or the Cardinal
Would certainly be vexed. Of all
His customers the old prelate
Was the most important, for his state
Descended to his watches and rings,
And he gave his mistresses many things
To make them forget his age and smile
When he paid visits, and they could while
The time away with a diamond locket
Exceedingly well. So they picked his pocket,
And he paid in jewels for his slobbering kisses.
This watch was made to buy him blisse...Read More

by Cowper, William
...pulpit (in the sober use
Of its legitimate, peculiar pow'rs)
Must stand acknowledg'd, while the world shall stand,
The most important and effectual guard,
Support, and ornament of Virtue's cause........Read More

by Eliot, T S (Thomas Stearns)
...nsurance and freight"-Editor.
218. Tiresias, although a mere spectator and not indeed a
is yet the most important personage in the poem, uniting all the rest.
Just as the one-eyed merchant, seller of currants, melts into
the Phoenician Sailor, and the latter is not wholly distinct
from Ferdinand Prince of Naples, so all the women are one woman,
and the two sexes meet in Tiresias. What Tiresias sees, in fact,
is the substance of the poem. The w...Read More

by Khayyam, Omar
...There are two things which are the foundation of wisdom
and which ought to be put among the number of the
most important unproclaimed revelations. Not to eat of
anything which eats of other things, and to keep oneself
unsullied by all that lives.
385...Read More

by Tebb, Barry
...the sister of my years, Kim

And the others from the Home, where five

Long years you waited for this day,

Of all, the most important. Visits, letters,

Phone calls far too few, until we knew

When your last days began and for sixteen

Hours we sat, but still your will to live

Went on until our backs were turned

And then you, too, had gone....Read More

by Lawson, Henry
...lks may be persuaded that you're doing very well; 
But it's hard to be a hero, and it's hard to wear a grin, 
When your most important garment is in places very thin. 

Get some sympathy and comfort from the chum who knows you best, 
That your sorrows won't run over in the presence of the rest; 
There's a chum that you can go to when you feel inclined to whine, 
He'll declare your coat is tidy, and he'll say: `Just look at mine!' 
Though you may be patched all over he wil...Read More

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