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Famous Asparagus Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Asparagus poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous asparagus poems. These examples illustrate what a famous asparagus poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Edgar, Marriott
...Mr. Ramsbottom went to the races, 
A thing as he'd ne'er done before,
And as luck always follers beginners, 
Won five pounds, no-less and no-more.

He felt himself suddenly tempted
To indulge in some reckless orgee, 
So he went to a caffy-a-teerer 
And had a dressed crab with his tea.

He were crunching the claws at the finish
And wondering wha...Read More

by Graves, Robert 
Money could buy or batman steal. 
Five hungry lads welcomed the fish
With shouts that nearly cracked the dish; 
Asparagus came with tender tops, 
Strawberries in cream, and mutton chops. 
Said Jenkins, as my hand he shook, 
“They’ll put this in the history book.” 
We bawled Church anthems in choro 
Of Bethlehem and Hermon snow, 
With drinking songs, a jolly sound 
To help the good red Pommard round. 
Stories and laughter interspersed,
We drowned a long La ...Read More

by Ashbery, John
...ed last minute into
A carte du Tendre in whose lower right-hand corner
(Hard by the jock-itch sand-trap that skirts
The asparagus patch of algolagnic nuits blanches) Amadis
Is cozening the Princesse de Cleves into a midnight 
micturition spree
On the Tamigi with the Wallets (Walt, Blossom, and little
Sleezix) on a lamé barge "borrowed" from Ollie
Of the Movies' dread mistress of the robes. Wait!
I have an announcement! This wide, tepidly meandering, 
Civilized Lethe (one ...Read More

by Levine, Philip
...s down the receiver.


Wherever she turns her garden 
is alive and growing. The thin 
spears of wild asparagus, shaft 
of tulip and flag, green stain 
of berry buds along the vines, 
even in the eaten leaf of 
pepper plants and clipped stalk 
of snap bean. Mid-afternoon 
and already the grass is dry 
under the low sun. Bluejay 
and dark capped juncos hidden 
in dense foliage waiting 
the sun's early fall, when she 
returns alone to hear them 
call a...Read More

by Eliot, T S (Thomas Stearns)
...Gus is the Cat at the Theatre Door.
His name, as I ought to have told you before,
Is really Asparagus. That's such a fuss
To pronounce, that we usually call him just Gus.
His coat's very shabby, he's thin as a rake,
And he suffers from palsy that makes his paw shake.
Yet he was, in his youth, quite the smartest of Cats--
But no longer a terror to mice and to rats.
For he isn't the Cat that he was in his prime;
Though his name was qu...Read More

by Stone, Ruth from Flemish boats
when the seas were roiled with herring.
This long letter in my mind,
calligraphy, feathery asparagus. ...Read More

by Nash, Ogden
Just food,
Just any old kind of food.
Go purloin a sirloin, my pet,
If you'd win a devotion incredible;
And asparagus tips vinaigrette,
Or anything else that is edible.
Bring salad or sausage or scrapple,
A berry or even a beet.
Bring an oyster, an egg, or an apple,
As long as it's something to eat.
If it's food,
It's food;
Never mind what kind of food.
When I ponder my mind
I consistently find
It is glued
On food....Read More

by Mueller, Lisel
...can send him home to us, 
then silence is perhaps
the sound of spiders breathing
and roots mining the earth; 
it may be asparagus heaving, 
headfirst, into the light
and the long brown sound
of cracked cups, when it happens. 
We would like to ask the dog
if there is a continuous whir
because the child in the house 
keeps growing, if the snake
really stretches full length
without a click and the sun
breaks through clouds without
a decibel of effort, 
whether in autumn, whe...Read More

by Nesbitt, Kenn
...When Frankenstein was just a kid,
he ate his greens. It’s true. He did!
He ate his spinach, salads, peas,
asparagus, and foods like these,
and with each leaf and lima bean
his skin became a bit more green.
On chives and chard he loved to chew,
and Brussels sprouts and peppers too,
until he ate that fateful bean
that turned his skin completely green.
He turned all green, and stayed that way,
and now he frightens folks away.
Poor Frankenstein, his tale is...Read More

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