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Famous A Broken Heart Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous A Broken Heart poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous a broken heart poems. These examples illustrate what a famous a broken heart poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Burns, Robert
Who, save thy mind’s reproach, nought earthly fear’st,
To thee this votive offering I impart,
The tearful tribute of a broken heart.
The Friend thou valued’st, I, the Patron lov’d;
His worth, his honour, all the world approved:
We’ll mourn till we too go as he has gone,
And tread the shadowy path to that dark world unknown....Read More

by Russell, George William
 Hath wrapped my thoughts of thee.

These thoughts, a fiery gentle rain,
 Are from the Mother shed,
Where many a broken heart hath lain
 And many a weeping head....Read More

by Shelley, Percy Bysshe
...d men
Go to their graves like flowers or creeping worms,
Nor ever more offer at thy dark shrine
The unheeded tribute of a broken heart.

When on the threshold of the green recess
The wanderer's footsteps fell, he knew that death
Was on him. Yet a little, ere it fled,
Did he resign his high and holy soul
To images of the majestic past,
That paused within his passive being now, 
Like winds that bear sweet music, when they breathe
Through some dim latticed chamber. H...Read More

by de la Mare, Walter
...Most wounds can Time repair;
But some are mortal -- these:
For a broken heart there is no balm,
No cure for a heart at ease --

At ease, but cold as stone,
Though the intellect spin on,
And the feat and practiced face may show
Nought of the life that is gone;

But smiles, as by habit taught;
And sighs, as by custom led;
And the soul within is safe from damnation,
Since it is dead....Read More

by Hikmet, Nazim
...lling idols
in '51 I sailed with a young friend into the teeth of death
in '52 I spent four months flat on my back with a broken heart
 waiting to die
I was jealous of the women I loved
I didn't envy Charlie Chaplin one bit
I deceived my women
I never talked my friends' backs
I drank but not every day
I earned my bread money honestly what happiness
out of embarrassment for others I lied
I lied so as not to hurt someone else
 but I also lied for no reason at all
I've ridden in...Read More

by Masters, Edgar Lee
..., crying.
I tried to help her out -- she died --
They indicted me, the newspapers disgraced me,
My wife perished of a broken heart.
And pneumonia finished me....Read More

by Berryman, John
...hole affair will fall apart
with a rustle of fire,
a wrestle of undoing, as of tossed clocks,
and somewhere not far off a broken heart
for hire.

He had smoked a pack of cigarettes by 10
& was ready to go. Peace to his ashes then,
poor Henry,
with all this gas & **** blowing through it
four times in 2 hours, his tail ached.
He arose, benign, & performed....Read More

by Schiller, Friedrich von
"Drain the goblet's draught so cool,
And forget each painful smart!
Bacchus' gifts are wonderful,--
Balsam for a broken heart.
Drain the goblet's draught so cool,
And forget each painful smart!
Bacchus' gifts are wonderful,--
Balsam for a broken heart.

"E'en to Niobe, whom Heaven
Loved in wrath to persecute,
Respite from her pangs was given,
Tasting of the corn's ripe fruit.
Whilst the thirsty lip we lave
In the foaming, living spring,
Buried deep in Let...Read More

by Paterson, Andrew Barton
...'s friend. 
The drover's friend that has seen his day, 
And now was worthless and cast away 
With a broken knee and a broken heart 
To be flogged and starved in a hawker's cart. 
Well, I made a bid for a sense of shame 
And the memories of the good old game. 

"Thank you? Guinea! and cheap at that! 
Against you there in the curly hat! 
Only a guinea, and one more chance, 
Down he goes if there's no advance, 
Third, and last time, one! two! three!" 
And the old gre...Read More

by Paterson, Andrew Barton

He went for a drive, and he made a start, 
Which should have been made last week, 
For the old horse died of a broken heart; 
So he footed it home and he dragged the cart -- 
But the horse was all right last week, 
They said, 
He trotted a match last week. 

So he asked all the bushies who came from afar 
To visit the town last week 
If the'd dine with him, and they said "Hurrah!" 
But there wasn't a drop in the whisky jar -- 
You should have been here last wee...Read More

by Lowell, Amy
to the sailing sun.
The cost runs into millions, but a woman must have 
to console herself for a broken heart. One can play backgammon 
and patience,
and then patience and backgammon, and stake gold napoleons on each 
game won.
Sport truly! It is an unruly spirit which could ask better. With 
her jewels,
her laces, her shawls; her two hundred and twenty dresses, her fichus,
her veils; her pictures, her busts, her birds. It is 
absurd t...Read More

by Watts, Isaac
...t, Lord,
His help and comfort still afford;
And let a wretch come near thy throne,
To plead the merits of thy Son.

A broken heart, my God, my King,
Is all the sacrifice I bring;
The God of grace will ne'er despise
A broken heart for sacrifice.

My soul lies humbled in the dust,
And owns thy dreadful sentence just:
Look down, O Lord, with pitying eye,
And save the soul condemned to die.

Then will I teach the world thy ways;
Sinners shall learn thy sovereign grace...Read More

by Wilde, Oscar
And peace of pardon win!
How else may man make straight his plan
And cleanse his soul from Sin?
How else but through a broken heart
May Lord Christ enter in?

And he of the swollen purple throat,
And the stark and staring eyes,
Waits for the holy hands that took
The Thief to Paradise;
And a broken and a contrite heart
The Lord will not despise.

The man in red who reads the Law
Gave him three weeks of life,
Three little weeks in which to heal
His soul of his soul's st...Read More

by Browning, Robert two hands; and next,
—Nor much for that am I perplexed— 
Charles, perjured traitor, for his part,
Should die slow of a broken heart
Under his new employers; last
—Ah, there, what should I wish? For fast
Do I grow old and out of strength.— 
If I resolved to seek at length
My father's house again, how scared
They all would look, and unprepared!
My brothers live in Austria's pay
—Disowned me long ago, men say;
And all my early mates who used
To praise me so—perhaps induce...Read More

by Lawson, Henry
...the coffins at the feast; 
We fight it down, and we live it down, or we bear it bravely well, 
But the best men die of a broken heart for the things they cannot tell....Read More

by Miller, Alice Duer
...arlier than some,
I knew the die was cast— that war must come;
That war must come. Night after night I lay
Steeling a broken heart to face the day
When he, my son— would tread the very same
Path that his father trod. When the day came
I was not steeled— not ready. Foolish, wild
Words issued from my lips— 'My child, my child,
Why should you die for England too?' He smiled:
'Is she not worth it, if I must?' he said.
John would have answered yes— but John was dea...Read More

by Dickinson, Emily
...Unto a broken heart
No other one may go
Without the high prerogative
Itself hath suffered too....Read More

by Service, Robert William
...- then she knew that her love eclipse was fated from the start;
For you never yet saw an eel with hips, so she died of a broken heart. 

 Oh you've gotta hand it out to Love, to Love you can't can Love
 You'll find it from the bottom of the briny deep to the blue above.
 From the Belgin hare to the Polar Bear, and the turtle dove, 
 You can look where you please, But from elephant to fleas,
 You'll never put the lid on Love. 

 You can look where you cho...Read More

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