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You Could Of Tried

You Could Of Tried #6

For some reason I lean towards the philosophy and fantasy this is all in the past, I'm on to new and better things, but for the sake of practicing my writing I pick Johnson Swift and his famous novel Gulliver's travels
What an amazing imagination, and I have a correlation with this, in my home,
I was an intellectual giant, but if I watch TED.COM, I'm a total midget, Now I'm not speaking about intelligence, mind you, I just have just a lot of trivia, I always wonder if a man goes to Harvard and knows everything there is to know about Western civilization does that make him any more intelligent than an aboriginal in the Australian desert, lots of questions I have. Master Yoda
My wife and I are very much alike, she did not give a hoot about her schooling and spent most of her time day dreaming. It's not a put down. It's reality
I also ignored every lesson and spent my time reading what I wanted to read
And boy did my teacher hate me, they hated me with a passion. I hope it was not because of my faith and only because I was a smart alleck and the class clown.
But many a time I took these bullies on because, I had balls of steel and a father made of concrete.
Once I said something to a teacher and he humiliated me in front of everyone. I did not let it go or take it lightly. I never let anything go, I made this kid's father give me fifty cent for loosing my Superball.
That teacher, bully of a teacher got his, that day, because I said is the book wrong too. SIR!
And this is what his answer was to everyone Ok, Mr Acrich you have made your point.
He respected me so much and appreciated my input so much hat the ass gave me a D for putting him in his place, it was d for D*** what he was nothing but a bully.
That was the one bad apple, all my teachers were angels, in a metal shop one professor stopped and starred at the class in an eerie way. And proceeded to say, I look around at all of you, and I know exactly where you will all be in a few years.
Aside from the chill that went up my back, it made me really think.
I finished all my projects weeks before everyone else and used all of the school's materials to make things to sell to other students. Like bumper stickers. Crude thing like your mama this and your mama that.
And many happy faces those sold for a quarter each, one weird bumper sticker said obsecutee obfuscation, I was enthralled with that word, kids what do you expect?
I had larceny in me from an early age and I did not even know it, well, I soon found out when I was busted for shoplifting all over the place, I tried to tell the officer that it was for my little brother, they did not care what a surprise. Boy am I not a love to have as a son? Wouldn't you just love to have a son like me to drive you bananas. Twenty words or less Marc
Did I tell I have ADHD
This is having adhd is like six different conversations at the same time
I can work out. Read a book and listen to music at the same time
And it's fun.
I cannot leave you without telling you one of the funniest moments of my life
In my school years.
God damn it, now I want to tell you about the time, I put my fist through some jocks' face because he bullied me and he was sitting there and I let him have it. When the bear got up. I ran for the door the teacher could not contain this big kid. We sat down, he let me know he was going to kick my ass I told him do it already! And when we arrived at the door, he said. I'm not going to kick your ass
Learn a lesson boys and girls if you do not stand up for yourself, you will never grow a backbone or maybe it is wiser to take the road of least resistance. Anderson!If you are you out there! Just one quick question. Did you become kinder? Or are you still a bully and let me know if your eye still hurt's
Now for my story
I was a star athlete
I go down the ranks of Ronnie Reagan and did you know President Ford was a hiker in college
Listen, I was the foreign kid, the original Fez and I was about two feet tall
They put me in some kind of, special weak just all the oddball group.
There was another kid named Jordan who came over to me every lunch time to get half my sandwich because no-one ever made a triple Decker sandwich, you parent's feed your kids
So if Jordan is so athletic, it meant that there had been a mistake and we were in the wrong class. Made sense to me.
There was a track meet we had to take on the best teams.
Our first guy kept up the second guy kept up and then it was pretty much the end and then there was me left.
Well, you all do know I hold many Olympic records don't you?
I was in position, nice, and I passed the baton, it was in my hands but,
I must of pulled out too fast; because I had a pain in my side, like nothing I have ever had or ever had since, this was a pendicitis for sure. What else could it be?
And this had there was nothing left to do than to walk it in
In front of all those young high school blonds, that I secretly looked at the thought the corners of my eyes, but I was so far from their league I was in love with the class cheerleader, man did she miss out. I met her in a night club years later and actually spoke to her, she married the captain of the football team, what a surprise, divorced, single and miserable. Girls take a glance at the nerds will you? Boy am I going off the rails or what? Back to the track meet
Would you like to hear what my coach had to say about that
He yelled non stop, YOU COULD OF TRIED!
It was so painful that my buddy actually puts his arm around me to console me
To this day my wife knows all my stories as all wives do and she says to me often Marc you could of tried.
I mention bulling a great deal because it is a big issue nowadays, I was bullied a lot for being short and very different, I was bullied by all white, blacks, and Mexicans it was equal opportunity bullying
About the Black kids I was a bit afraid of them because of some bad experiences. Like running to save my ass. And I was defended by many black students because I had friends I had the ability to cross all groups, one
day we were rounded up
In the school gym and we had all of the judo mats out and shit we were going to have to take on these guys in some kind of competition
Shit, I was scared,
But I said ok. Our first guy who looked a little a lumberjack. Won the first match
So it was my turn, and I made up my mind to do this,
I was matched against this little black boy, he was even smaller than me they called him Potsy. Can you see it. It says it all
Well, we approached each other and I was ready for my battle I was going to show everyone
This kid from the hood, no doubt, and with street smart like nothing I knew. Looked at me and said oh brother to himself and he did some kind of a move on me and kicked my feet under me, the whole thing lasted about two seconds
Oh, that really made my day
The next time we speak, I will tell of my table tennis prowess the only sport that I was half decent in> byyyyyyyyee

By Marc Acrich


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