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Tribute Quotations

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Quote Left It is the duty of those serving the people in public place closely to limit public expenditures to the actual needs of the government economically administered, because this bounds the right of the government to extract tribute from the earnings of labor or the property of the citizen, and because public extravagance begets extravagance among the people. We should never be ashamed of the simplicity and prudential economies which are best suited to the operation of a republican form of government and most compatible with the mission of the American people. Those who are selected for a limited time to manage public affairs are still of the people, and may do much by their example to encourage, consistently with the dignity of their official functions, that plain way of life which among their fellow-citizens aids integrity and promotes thrift and prosperity. Quote Right
Quote Left Cant is always rather nauseating; but before we condemn political hypocrisy, let us remember that it is the tribute paid by men of leather to men of God, and that the acting of the part of someone better than oneself may actually commit one to a course of behavior perceptibly less evil than what would be normal and natural in an avowed cynic. Quote Right
Quote Left Usually the greatest boasters are the smallest workers. The deep rivers pay a larger tribute to the sea than shallow brooks, and yet empty themselves with less noise. Quote Right
Quote Left Ridicule is the tribute paid to the genius by the mediocrities. Quote Right
Quote Left A route differs from a road not only because it is solely intended for vehicles, but also because it is merely a line that connects one point with another. A route has no meaning in itself; its meaning derives entirely from the two points that it connects. A road is a tribute to space. Every stretch of road has meaning in itself and invites us to stop. A route is the triumphant devaluation of space, which thanks to it has been reduced to a mere obstacle to human movement and a waste of time. Quote Right
Quote Left Cant is always rather nauseating; but before we condemn political hypocrisy, let us remember that it is the tribute paid by men of leather to ... Quote Right
Quote Left At this point I've got a bit of a track record. So people realize that when 'Weird Al' wants to go parody, it's not meant to make them look bad... it's meant to be a tribute. Quote Right
Quote Left Don’t think you are paying me some kind of tribute if you let my death become the great event of your life. The best tribute you can pay me as a mother is to go on and have a good and fulfilling life. Enjoy what you have. Quote Right
Quote Left This year has been one of the most rewarding. To win this one this way at the end of the year, it's a great tribute to these kids and to a great coaching staff. It was great to cap it off with a win like this. Quote Right
Quote Left Jealousy is the tribute mediocrity pays to genius Quote Right
Quote Left A person will worship something, have no doubt about that. We may think our tribute is paid in secret in the dark recesses of our hearts, but it will out. That which dominates our imaginations and our thoughts will determine our lives, and our character. Therefore, it behooves us to be careful what we worship, for what we are worshipping we are becoming. Quote Right
Quote Left Their efforts are a tribute to democracy and an example that difficult problems can be solved peacefully through debate, negotiation and compromise. Quote Right
Quote Left Here lies Jan Smith, wife of Thomas Smith, marble Cutter. This monument was erected by her husband as a tribute to her memory and a specimen of his work. Monuments of this same style are two hundred and fifty dollars. Quote Right
Quote Left Mark 12:14: They came to him and said, 'Teacher, we know that you are a man of integrity. You aren't swayed by others, because you pay no attention to who they are; but you teach the way of God in accordance with the truth. Is it right to pay the imperial tax to Caesar or not?' (NIV)

And they came up and said to Him, Teacher, we know that You are sincere and what You profess to be, that You cannot lie, and that You have no personal bias for anyone; for You are not influenced by partiality and have no regard for anyone's external condition or position, but in [and on the basis of] truth You teach the way of God. Is it lawful (permissible and right) to give tribute (poll taxes) to Caesar or not? (AMP)

And when they were come, they say unto him, Master, we know that thou art true, and carest for no man: for thou regardest not the person of men, but teachest the way of God in truth: Is it lawful to give tribute to Caesar, or not? (KJV)

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Quote Left The citizen who criticizes his country is paying it an implied tribute. Quote Right
Quote Left To shoot a man because one disagrees with his interpretation of Darwin or Hegel is a sinister tribute to the supremacy of ideas in human affairs -- but a tribute nevertheless. Quote Right
Quote Left We played this game in his memory. He promised the coaching staff that he would get us back here as a senior. This game was really in memory and tribute to him. Quote Right
Quote Left It made me sick to watch those businessmen applaud Welles during the 1975 AFI tribute, when you know that the next day if he asked any one of them for money, they'd say, 'We'll let you know.' Quote Right
Quote Left In the hope that it may be no intrusion upon the sacredness of your sorrow, I have ventured to address you this tribute to the memory of my yo... Quote Right
Quote Left In recognizing the humanity of our fellow beings, we pay ourselves the highest tribute. Quote Right
Quote Left I feel it is time that I also pay tribute to my four writers, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Quote Right
Quote Left 2 Kings 3:4: Now Mesha king of Moab raised sheep, and he had to pay the king of Israel a tribute of a hundred thousand lambs and the wool of a hundred thousand rams. (NIV)

Mesha king of Moab was a sheepmaster, and paid in tribute to the king of Israel [annually] 100,000 lambs and 100,000 rams, with the wool. (AMP)

And Mesha king of Moab was a sheepmaster, and rendered unto the king of Israel an hundred thousand lambs, and an hundred thousand rams, with the wool. (KJV)

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Quote Left As a global community, we must continue to promote gender equality and create an environment where women can thrive and contribute positively to society. Quote Right
Quote Left Health is a vital component of human life and has physical, mental, and social dimensions. Good health allows individuals to live life to the fullest, contribute to society, and achieve personal goals. Quote Right
Quote Left Healthier individuals also tend to have better quality of life, higher productivity, and are more likely to contribute to society in positive ways. Quote Right
Quote Left Giving the best to others are giving the best to us. The value of life is not based on how long we live. But, how much can we contribute to others in our society? - Buddhism quotes Quote Right
Quote Left Who will contribute more, between the rich and the poor ? Since the answer that seems fair . . . creates havoc inherent with this pair. Quote Right
Quote Left “A tribute to the sorrow that brings us the strength, of undying love, prevailing its light.” -William Darnell Sr Quote Right
Quote Left Adversity encourages prayer, while delay teaches patience. Patience challenges faith While prayer, when answered develops wisdom. Wisdom when full grown changes the depth and quality of prayer. What a glorious way to partake of the attributes of our God. Quote Right
Quote Left A undeveloped seed can’t fully cultivate if it’s roots are fertilized with poison and distributed to the other roots. Quote Right
Quote Left Me? Whee! (I stole this poem From Muhammad Ali.) —Michael R. Burch, a tribute to the poetry of Muhammad Ali Quote Right
Quote Left To know what we do know, and to know what we don't, is true knowledge.—Confucius on the need for real wisdom and proper perspective, sometimes incorrectly attributed to Nicolaus Copernicus, loose translation by Michael R. Burch Quote Right
Quote Left Winners and Losers There are no mistakes. We simply attribute a fiction (blame or guilt) erroneously through a sense of contrived competition. An over-exercised faculty only strengthens these convictions. Sept 22 21 Quote Right
Quote Left 11:32 AM 21 july 2021 Actually I came up with this realization many years ago. I just now got around to putting it on here. My life is worth only what I have contributed to the lives of others. Quote Right
Quote Left Poppies are red, a symbol of veteran bloodshed, Each petal a tribute to those who fought to their death. Quote Right
Quote Left When you are in an environment, your mentality shrinks or expands to fit in and it contributes to who you become. Quote Right
Quote Left each strand within a twisted ball of string contributes to its chaos Quote Right
Quote Left He relied on the integrity of his emotional responses to perpetrate his continuing provocations. After all, She was that seminal jeopardy of aspects which contributed to most of the formative frictions he encountered. Quote Right
Quote Left Jabir Ibn Hayan and his family were put to death by powerful Muslims of his time. Is this what you do to those who contribute in history? Quote Right
Quote Left When you do good things don't attribute it to your salvation. Doing so is a blasphemy against the great sacrifice of Jesus Christ. He is the only way of salvation not our good works. We just ought to live a life of love because that is the principle in heaven. Quote Right
Quote Left Patience is a learned trait and a valued attribute. It takes a lifetime to gain both. Quote Right
Quote Left Truth manifested itself and expresses its attributes through creation and created a playing field for things to exist without offering never ending assistance to exist. The same way we have legs to walk on our own, hands to grab, etc., the universe is the same for the body of all which exist. No religion can explain this governing Truth except through simple terms. The truth will reveal itself at an appropriate time, nothing can change The Will of Truth. Quote Right
Quote Left "If God had intended man to fly through the mountains he would have made aluminum harder than rock." Georgism No. 5 - attributed during the 1986 Year of Aviation Disasters in the Calgary-Banff corridor. Quote Right
Quote Left Unlike yours was their life, so remember thee. It's a small thing to do for you and me. We that live now should know our existence is simple. The lessons of history are what make our lifetime peaceful. We who are now alive and don't face that fate should pay tribute to past generations for doing something that we would hate. The life of luxury of which we know no different, is why you should respect the past as the past is significant. Quote Right
Quote Left If witnessing holiness in others on occassion can contribute to painting a picture of God, then a clear image of God hangs in the gallery of my mind! Quote Right
Quote Left Learning the law is like learning chess. Fundamentally, you have to observe the repetition of positions until you master the topic so much you can improvise your own personal markings on the structure of the way things work. It takes a long time to get there, and if you can't contribute something original there is always the piano as a profession. Quote Right
Quote Left People often attribute crying as a weakness within someone, but I think it is the very opposite. I think it is the strongest thing someone could do in front of another; to reveal that you have had to be strong for so long, and that you can no longer continue to stand to suffer anymore, and to allow another person to hold you tight in a moment of "weakness" is the strongest thing a person could ever do. Its trusting someone else to accept you for all your true colors, and still love you anyway. Quote Right
Quote Left Continue to contribute positively to the community. Quote Right
Quote Left Stupid world wants love but intelligent world distributes love. Quote Right