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Tennis Quotes

Tennis Quotes. Find, read, and share Tennis quotations. These are the best examples of Tennis quotes on PoetrySoup.

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Quote Left Writing free verse is like playing tennis with the net down. Quote Right
Quote Left Between the amateur and the professional...there is a difference not only in degree but in kind. The skillful man is, within the function of his skill, a different psychological organization...A tennis player or a watchmaker or an airplane pilot is an automatism but he is also criticism and wisdom. Quote Right
Quote Left My own participation in the campaign was delayed by the death of my son Calvin, which occurred on the seventh of July. He was a boy of much promise, proficient in his studies, with a scholarly mind, who had just turned sixteen. He had a remarkable insight into things. The day I became President he had just started to work in a tobacco field. When one of his fellow laborers said to him, if my father was President I would not work in a tobacco field, Calvin replied, If my father were your father, you would.... We do not know what might have happened to him under other circumstances, but if I had not been President, he would not have raised a blister on his toe, which resulted in blood poisoning, playing lawn tennis in the South Grounds.In his suffering he was asking me to make him well. I could not. When he went the power and the glory of the Presidency went with him. The ways of Providence are often beyond our understanding. It seemed to me that the world had need of the work that it was probable he could do. I do not know why such a price was exacted for occupying the White House. Quote Right
Quote Left I would as soon write free verse as play tennis with the net down. Quote Right
Quote Left I'd just as soon play tennis with the net down. Sports Quote Right
Quote Left A column of ants began to follow me onto the tennis court. Because I would not step on them, I lost the match. But I won with God. Quote Right
Quote Left If you can react the same way to winning and losing, that's a big accomplishment. That quality is important because it stays with you the rest of your life, and there's going to be a life after tennis that's a lot longer than your tennis life. Quote Right
Quote Left It's shocking how little there is to do with tennis when you're just thinking about nothing except winning every point. Quote Right
Quote Left Don't fall in love with a tennis player because love means nothing to them. Quote Right
Quote Left A man who waits to believe in action before acting is anything you like, but hes not a man of action. It is as if a tennis player before returning a ball stopped to think about his views of the physical and mental advantages of tennis. You must act as you breathe. Quote Right
Quote Left If I'm playing tennis like this, I'm a guy that NOBODY wants to play. I think there are a lot of guys who don't want to see me in their draw. Quote Right
Quote Left So. Let me accept the role, and call Myself the circumstances' tennis-ball:... Quote Right
Quote Left It was very hard for me to practice and enjoy my tennis, and I didn't know the why, so I worked with psychologists to try and see what was happening. They pushed me really hard. Quote Right
Quote Left If I couldn't play tennis again, am I still going to be happy going back to school, maybe going to business school, doing whatever else I could do? ... Would I be able to be happy if my eye never came back to normal and I couldn't really be athletic at all the rest of my life? Could I find a way to still be happy? All those I tried to answer yes. Quote Right
Quote Left Tennis was always sort of a - a learning. It was a vehicle for me to discover a lot about myself. And the things that I sort of discovered at times I not only didn't want to see it for myself but I certainly didn't want millions of people to see it. Quote Right
Quote Left It's interesting, I hadn't thought about that. I guess I'll have to spell Andy this one time, since he's been doing it for years. I'll take the burden this time and I'm sure he'll take it back soon. He's one of the best players in the world and I'm sure he'll prove it for the rest of this year. For this one, it's good to see we have some depth in American tennis. Quote Right
Quote Left As soon as I step on the court I just try to play tennis and don't find excuses. You know, I just lost because I lost, not because my arm was sore. Quote Right
Quote Left Acting with Denzel is like playing tennis with someone that's better than you. You either play better tennis or get blown off the court. Quote Right
Quote Left You don't need to know who's playing on the White House tennis court to be a good president. A president has many roles. Quote Right
Quote Left I'd just as soon play tennis with the net down Quote Right
Quote Left You never feel good after a loss, but I guess it's about as good as I can feel. I'm happy for the game of tennis. This match was hyped from four or five days ago, and I feel like we lived up to it. We both played a pretty high level of tennis. If there's anyone I am cheering for, it's Andre. Quote Right
Quote Left Tennis Quote Right
Quote Left A good thing is I've been playing tennis I think every day for the last two months. I really haven't had a day off. I've been doing things that I did used to do. Quote Right
Quote Left Life is like a game of tennis; the player who serves well seldom loses. Quote Right

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Quote Left Football is all year round, Rugby is for the winter, cricket is for the summer, and tennis, well tennis is so boring countries share it out to only have endure just 2 weeks a year Quote Right
Quote Left "Politics make as much sense to me these days as a Cocker spaniel puppy wearing custom-made designer tennis shoes." Quote Right
Quote Left I can't live without Love...which is why I play tennis. Quote Right