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Famous James Blake Quotations

Best famous James Blake quotations. Find, read, and share the best famous quotations by James Blake. These are the most popular quotations and best examples of quotes by James Blake.

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Quote Left That's legitimate. That's a reason for people not to do it. Morally, people should have a reason not to do it to begin with and physically, the harm you're doing to your body in the long-term. Two years is pretty reasonable to make people think twice about it. It's not a chance worth taking. Quote Right
Quote Left It's interesting, I hadn't thought about that. I guess I'll have to spell Andy this one time, since he's been doing it for years. I'll take the burden this time and I'm sure he'll take it back soon. He's one of the best players in the world and I'm sure he'll prove it for the rest of this year. For this one, it's good to see we have some depth in American tennis. Quote Right
Quote Left What I actually thought of then, ... was the tape that's replayed about five million times every time there's a rain delay here at the Open, when Jimmy Connors says, 'This is what they came for; this is what we'll give them.' Quote Right
Quote Left You have to play pretty close to perfect. Quote Right
Quote Left If I couldn't play tennis again, am I still going to be happy going back to school, maybe going to business school, doing whatever else I could do? ... Would I be able to be happy if my eye never came back to normal and I couldn't really be athletic at all the rest of my life? Could I find a way to still be happy? All those I tried to answer yes. Quote Right
Quote Left If I'm playing tennis like this, I'm a guy that NOBODY wants to play. I think there are a lot of guys who don't want to see me in their draw. Quote Right
Quote Left The ball's moving so fast these days that sometimes it's impossible for anyone to see, even a trained official. With instant replay, we can take advantage of technology and eliminate human error. Quote Right
Quote Left Its always a bit tricky to play someone you have never played, Quote Right
Quote Left I guess I feel as good as I can feel, I fought my heart out. I had the crowd on my side for the first four matches unbelievably strong. To see how they reacted to him and see how much they wanted a champion like him to advance, it was great. Quote Right
Quote Left This one definitely ranks up there. I've been on tour six years and this is my fifth title - it's not like it happens everyday. Quote Right
Quote Left You never feel good after a loss, but I guess it's about as good as I can feel. I'm happy for the game of tennis. This match was hyped from four or five days ago, and I feel like we lived up to it. We both played a pretty high level of tennis. If there's anyone I am cheering for, it's Andre. Quote Right
Quote Left I'm grown up and I'm realizing that you can be a man and still cry. There are some things that you can't control. Emotions take you over. I mean, if anyone, if any guy, went through what I went through and didn't cry at his dad's funeral, I'd probably question that person. Quote Right
Quote Left It was one of those days where everything was going in, ... I felt like I was able to dictate. He didn't get many free points on his serve, but I was able to get some on mine. Quote Right
Quote Left I felt I wasn't moving my feet too well, ... Once I was in it, I started moving my feet a little better, going after it a little more, just trying to take it into my hand. At the start, I felt like I was pushing and leaving it in his hands, and he took advantage. Quote Right
Quote Left He made me earn it today. He's gotten me in so many close matches and beaten me up so many times. Quote Right
Quote Left I know I'm not in a Hollywood script, otherwise I probably would have won a lot more this year, ... I just think this is all the hard work I've been putting in, all the time I've spent on the court, in the gym. Quote Right
Quote Left Every different scenario was going through my head, Quote Right
Quote Left He adjusted. He put me on the defensive. Even though I like to run and I feel I'm pretty good on the run, he started to make me run to the point where it was uncomfortable. Quote Right
Quote Left I brought that up just about every 20 minutes of the match. 'Yeah, good call, it's going to go quick.' Quote Right
Quote Left Andy plays at a little bit different level than some other guys that I played, and he made me hit some more balls today, Quote Right
Quote Left I felt like I had to hit two winners at least to win each point, Quote Right
Quote Left He didn't get many free points on his serve and I was getting some on mine, Quote Right
Quote Left Alberto's a great player but had a bad day. I'd like to think that was partly because of me, I was putting pressure on him the whole time. I served very well, and once you get rolling with one part of your game the rest of it follows so it's a good feeling. Quote Right
Quote Left Then you get to come, basically, home. It's a great feeling before the Open. Quote Right
Quote Left It's a great feeling just to come out and be healthy, Quote Right
Quote Left He says it is cool to see us play, but for me it is cool seeing him sell out MSG, Quote Right
Quote Left My serve was the biggest difference today, ... It's good to be playing so well at this time of the year. Quote Right
Quote Left At the beginning of the year I had a little spot in my heart that hoped I could earn my way back onto the Davis Cup team and show I can help this team. Quote Right
Quote Left I couldn't quite break through those two times, ... This time, maybe it will be different. I'm a little stronger mentally and a little better prepared. Quote Right