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Simile Quotations

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Quote Left We all start out with the same alphabet. We are all unique. Talent is not the most important thing --- discipline and dedication are. Craft can be learned but desire and longing are innate. Despite the demands of school and just being young, try to write SOMETHING every day --- a description, a captured emotion, a simile, a metaphor. Read, for crying out loud! A writer must read the way a ball player must go to the ballfield every day to practice. Everything is possible in this world of ours--- and so's publication. Quote Right
Quote Left I will not go so far as to say that to construct a history of thought without profound study of the mathematical ideas of successive epochs is like omitting Hamlet from the play which is named after him. . . But it is certainly analogous to cutting out the part of Ophelia. This simile is singularly exact. For Ophelia is quite essential to the play, she is very charming-- and a little mad. Quote Right
Quote Left Baudelaire compared the great names in art to lighthouses posted along the track of historic time. The simile, as he used it, seizes the imagi... Quote Right
Quote Left A metaphor is like a simile. Quote Right

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Quote Left A heart must be brave, out-front...or expressions only facsimiles of feeling. Quote Right
Quote Left Parenting is not about creating facsimiles. Delete what you would dislike in others and adorn what you lack. Create a master piece. Quote Right
Quote Left Inverosimiles dias nos hacen sentir que morimos ante silencios esperando ser gritados... Quote Right