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Quote Left Drive the deep state deeper grim reaper Quote Right
Quote Left Let the river flow, the rain will find it's way. Quote Right
Quote Left If a war drives a man to insanity, then the insane are the most likely to fit in. February 2018. Quote Right
Quote Left Accept mediocrity, Achieve mediocrity. Strive for excellence, Achieve excellence! Quote Right
Quote Left we are the cavemen of the future black wires insulated with white snow frosted layers a cake of briefest memories lost in an ocean of trivia, one snowflake touches another Quote Right
Quote Left Pense em como é um privilégio precioso estar viva — respirar, pensar, desfrutar, amar, crescer e fazer o melhor mais e mais. Enquanto estás viva existe a possibilidade de agir, de lutar pela felicidade, de fazer o bem, de transformar o mundo para melhor; isso é justiça, é humildade, é vida. Quote Right
Quote Left A precious few prefer an old pocket watch that no longer keeps time nor train on schedule, to the latest chronometer that keeps perfect time. Search out these few who are not easily fooled...,for they understand the rare gift time, and know the trains will arrive eventually. Quote Right
Quote Left Strive for more,Strive for better. Quote Right
Quote Left Past is like the river water, but future is the sunshine. Quote Right
Quote Left That the orchards of life are not blooming as it should, doesn't mean the garden of our time should whither in misery, wait for the rain for its arrival herald hopes Quote Right
Quote Left Strive to move forward because going backwards gets you nowhere. Quote Right
Quote Left Your idea is formed by your passion that drives your action. Quote Right
Quote Left Don`t compare privacy with honesty. Understand the difference. Quote Right
Quote Left Talk no more of Freedom or rights when you are conditioned by government to wear garbs of obstruction for air and compelled into isolation for fear of scam derived from the imbalance of temperature Quote Right
Quote Left Those who think it was abolished with slavery are in denial, we experience it in the Bus, school, at work, in preference and choice, in continued ridicule, by suspicion and distrust, by avoidance, Just that we who are deprived have developed a tough skin and a better knowledge to avoid the sentiment and publicity. Quote Right
Quote Left Miracle is a wonder which happens when you seek and thrive for a goal with hard work Quote Right
Quote Left Inside every color of skin, there flows a river of red.. Quote Right
Quote Left Why seek love from those, who don't pay a heed. Raise yourself so high that they plead. And this should not begin after rejection, to strive and grow shall be your personal determination. Quote Right
Quote Left The writers,the women that interest me, that make me alert to the fact that there is more to “IT” than just vacuous moonbeams & miraculous waters of ambrosia swimming with castrated unicorns,are the ones that inspire me by their strength,courage & raw honesty & they are the ones who usually arrive to light through tumultuous dark days & haggard life experience, not by sitting in a green field threading daisy chains singing,"he loves me,he loves me not"- they are the ones that always win with me. Quote Right
Quote Left You're one of the strongest women I am blessed to know. You're like a cat with many lives, always bouncing back. You have carried loads of people on your back across the river........You are have lost a lot but look how much you've're invincible. Quote Right
Quote Left There are 4 types of terrors; fear, and love, which are often hand in hand. These cousins beget the 3rd, dread. Dread, who in turn, had the 4th procrastination. Of this dark family, the one to fear the most is procrastination, for she seduces the weak with false promises of a life of relaxation and ease with no work, this is a dangerous thought as it leads to deprivation and loss Quote Right
Quote Left Beware of those who speak to you privately but refuse to acknowledge you publicly. Quote Right
Quote Left Strive to leave a place better than you found it. Quote Right
Quote Left I keep letting go, and letting God drive...yet my passengers in the car, start screaming... I really don't get it. Being saved is very peaceful. Quote Right
Quote Left Fear is the juice that drives all social norms, behaviors and beliefs Quote Right
Quote Left "How delicate, the intensity unrealised, but how fragile the desires of those who flail in rivers blackened?" Quote Right
Quote Left The only way to grow is to constantly strive to be better. Push until you reach your limits, then keep pushing. Quote Right
Quote Left MOTIVATION is the starter... DISCIPLINE is the engine...... Drive your DREAMS! sjw Quote Right
Quote Left I seem out of it The dream I had about her in my head It seems I won't forget Am I insecure? I'm not really sure It seems I fought less Crying a river, miss me or deliver It seems I fought less Crying a river, miss me or deliver Quote Right