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Quote Left Responsiblity is a unique concept. It can only reside and inhere in a single individual. You may share it with others, but your portion is not diminished. You may delegate it, but it is still with you. You may disclaim it, but you cannot divest yourself of it. Quote Right
Quote Left I have no enthusiasm to visit the houses of the people; nor have I any disinclination to do the same. I do not care for the brick and mortar structures in which you live; I care to visit and reside in your hearts. Quote Right
Quote Left There can be no light without the dark to reside in. Quote Right

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Quote Left Wisdom is concieved in the heart and resides in the brain. August 2021. Quote Right
Quote Left A weak president will make America weaker, not stronger. It's a warning sign that must be heeded. Quote Right
Quote Left 'Hurry Honey' President Trump said" We can wipe-out Pakistan in 10 Days and that's 10,000,000 million people" Though he does not want to do that! Got it! Quote Right
Quote Left 'Hurry Honey' Iran..."They don't know whether they are coming or going and so we knocked out one of their 'drones' said, President Trump" Quote Right
Quote Left Todos nós somos capazes de muito mais do que pensamos que somos. No centro dos seus pensamentos está o poder de sempre fazer mais e mais. No centro do seu pensar reside você sabe quem você é e sabe o que quer. Permita que suas qualidades mais suaves, mais intuitivas e menos dominadoras subam à tona, para que você se entregue em vez de dominar, receba em vez de transmitir e veja quanto a mais você pode. Quote Right
Quote Left If Jesus Christ himself were the President, the Dems would have impeached him too. Quote Right
Quote Left The noise of Coronavirus is loudest in countries presided by old men and by media owned by old men, everything that coughs, sneezes or peeps at the Hospital is now tagged Coronavirus, there are no more causalities from diabetes, hypertension and even Cancer or HIV are on sabbatical and just as their enemy was removed, the numbers are dropping. if this is not a conspiracy, tell me what it is Quote Right
Quote Left Even when men are the Obvious figures in societies, either as Presidents, Prime Ministers, Governors, Chief or a Leader of any sort, Smart Women makes the decisions of leadership from the bedrooms Quote Right
Quote Left If you want to be considered intelligent apply more common sense, if not, become president intelligence nor common sense are required Quote Right
Quote Left If you reside in love. Build it up warm and tidy. Quote Right
Quote Left Those who oppose change are seekers, residents, and perpetrators of the 'Comfort Zone.' --Vincent Van Ross Quote Right
Quote Left "I stopped asking questions as a journalist and started answering them writing fiction," said Austin Macauley, UK Author who resides in Las Vegas, NV. Quote Right
Quote Left "Creating the kind of connections between people that lead to collective civic action, political expression, community dialogue, shared cultural experiences". Quoted in "Connected by a Thread: Arts Territory Exchange Residency in Sustainable Practice" by Gudrun Filipska, CSPA Quarterly periodical (January 25, 2019). Quote Right
Quote Left If Trump gets removed from office and Pence swept out along with him, Pelosi becomes President automatically. Succession irony. Quote Right
Quote Left Is there any GOD or not? Don’t argue on this. But believe that we’re from the same GOD for doing better something to keep us longer peaceful resident together in well and woe in this world. Quote Right
Quote Left "He who resides by the ocean can never bath with mud". Quote Right
Quote Left A woman cannot be on the forefront. A woman cannot be the president. A woman is above the leadership. Giving birth to a baby is not a gentleman act. It is more gentle than that. Quote Right
Quote Left where love resides there is no void. Quote Right
Quote Left Presidency is nothing more than another job, another salary, a different career choice with different obligations. Try being God! Quote Right
Quote Left Let the pain fall to the side as your spirits rise on high and in hope may your love reside. Quote Right
Quote Left If I ran for president when i grew older, which won't come to be, i feel I'd have the best campaign policy. This is of course silence...once my world history teacher, Brett Morton, said we elect presidents to make decisions for us. Why must that be... why not run and stay silent and do as the people ask of you than what fits your corrupt political standards. Quote Right
Quote Left I am a twenty year old black man in the 21st century and i wonder how it feels to have a new president. Quote Right
Quote Left REGARDING THE ELECTION OF PRESIDENT TRUMP: Have faith that the founding fathers created a government of checks and balances to make sure no one could threaten the nation. Our forefathers also enshrined our fundamental rights in a Bill of Rights to ensure every minority and individual would be safe from abuse by powers of the government. Finally, please recall the little good done by our politicians, and that reason exists to believe Trump can be better. Quote Right
Quote Left Regarding Trumps presidential victory: You should reserve your passions for eminent dangers. We've been wound up for over a year due to this odd election cycle. We have to unwind especially to not let ourselves to be misled by our own passions. - Written the day after the Donald Trump victory Quote Right
Quote Left If kids could vote, we would have Harry Potter and Ash Ketchum running for president. Frankly, those two are better than our current options. Quote Right
Quote Left This 2016 presidential election is unprecedented. For one thing both candidates can be indicted before during or after their convention. Clinton for destruction of government documents and Trump for fraud and racketeering at the private college he owns. Quote Right
Quote Left Where true beauty resides... Pretty is seen with the eyes. but beauty is felt and experienced from the heart and mind or the receiver Being beautiful is through your actions and attitude. Prettiness fades and is often fake. Quote Right
Quote Left Old age has shown its face when throwback years Have become the residence of your thoughts; Quote Right
Quote Left My heart bleeds, my heart shakes, my heart is in turmoil for this city of love where my first born resides, oh Paris, city of romance, stand strong, you will always prevail! Quote Right
Quote Left I am a citizen of India but resident in the world. Truly the world is my mother land. Quote Right