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Repetition Quotations

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Quote Left 'A medical myth is an aggressive defensive device used by orthodox medicine to retain the status quo and impede progress in the introduction of new and valuable therapies. ....The myth originates in some inadequate sloppy in vitro or animal experimental work from which unwarranted broad conclusions are drawn as to possible effects on man. There is never any hard human evidence involved, just pure speculation. The second step is that the news media pick it up and being more interested in sensationalism than in facts, magnify these speculations and terrify a gullible public. Further repetition of these unwarranted conclusions by the medical press gives them the status of medical dogma to be quoted and requoted.'-- Quote Right
Quote Left The ear tends to be lazy, craves the familiar, and is shocked by the unexpected; the eye, on the other hand, tends to be impatient, craves the novel and is bored by repetition. Quote Right
Quote Left By law of periodical repetition, everything which has happened once must happen again and again -- and not capriciously, but at regular periods, and each thing in its own period, not another's and each obeying its own law. Quote Right
Quote Left Were it offered to my choice, I should have no objection to a repetition of the same life from its beginning, only asking the advantages authors have in a second edition to correct some faults in the first. Quote Right
Quote Left The happiness of most people we know is not ruined by great catastrophes or fatal errors, but by the repetition of slowly destructive little things. Quote Right
Quote Left O ye who believe! Kill not game while in the sacred precincts or in pilgrim garb. If any of you doth so intentionally, the compensation is an offering, brought to the Ka'ba, of a domestic animal equivalent to the one he killed, as adjudged by two just men among you; or by way of atonement, the feeding of the indigent; or its equivalent in fasts: that he may taste of the penalty of his deed. Allah forgives what is past: for repetition Allah will exact from him the penalty. For Allah is Exalted, and Lord of Retribution. Quote Right
Quote Left Repetition is the death of art. Quote Right
Quote Left As we reach midlife . we are not prepared for the idea that time can run out on us, or for the startling truth that if we don't hurry to pursue our own definition of a meaningful existence, life can become a repetition of trivial maintenance duties. Quote Right
Quote Left The proclamation and repetition of first principles is a constant feature of life in our democracy. Active adherence to these principles, however, has always been considered un-American. We recipients of the boon of liberty have always been ready, when faced with discomfort, to discard any and all first principles of liberty, and, further, to indict those who do not freely join with us in happily arrogating those principles. Quote Right
Quote Left The mantram becomes one's staff of life and carries one through every ordeal. Each repetition has a new meaning, carrying you nearer and nearer to God. Quote Right
Quote Left Repetition does not transform a lie into a truth. Quote Right
Quote Left There is no absurdity so palpable but that it may be firmly planted in the human head if you only begin to inculcate it before the age of five, by constantly repeating it with an air of great solemnity. Quote Right
Quote Left Let not the enjoyment of pleasures now within your grasp, be carried to such excess as to incapacitate you from future repetition. Quote Right
Quote Left Be patient. The path of self-discipline that leads to God-realization is not an easy path: obstacles and sufferings are on the path; the latter you must bear, and the former overcome -- all by His help. His help comes only through concentration. Repetition of God's name helps concentration. Quote Right
Quote Left Constant repetition carries conviction. Quote Right
Quote Left If a person commit a crime against you, have not the right to forgive him; but the law must punish him in order to prevent a repetition of that same crime by others, as the pain of the individual is unimportant beside the general welfare of the people. Quote Right
Quote Left We cannot always control our thoughts, but we can control our words, and repetition impresses the subconscious, and we are then master of the situation. Quote Right
Quote Left A baseball swing is a very finely tuned instrument. It is repetition, and more repetition, then a little more after that. Quote Right
Quote Left Any ideas, plan, or purpose may be placed in the mind through repetition of thought. Quote Right
Quote Left Politics is repetition. It is not change. Change is something beyond what we call politics. Change is the essence politics is supposed to be t... Quote Right
Quote Left It's the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen. Quote Right
Quote Left Any idea, plan, or purpose may be placed in the mind through repetition of thought. Quote Right
Quote Left In our systems work through simplicity, consistency, and repetition. Quote Right
Quote Left Want of foresight, unwillingness to act when action would be simple and effective, lack of clear thinking, confusion of counsel until the emergency comes, until self-preservation strikes its jarring gongthese are the features which constitute the endless repetition of history. Quote Right
Quote Left Habits are formed by the repetition of particular acts. They are strengthened by an increase in the number of repeated acts. Habits are also weakened or broken, and contrary habits are formed by the repetition of contrary acts. Quote Right
Quote Left Repetition does not transform a lie into a truth Quote Right
Quote Left The reason lightning doesn't strike twice in the same place is that the same place isn't there the second time. Quote Right
Quote Left Nagging is the repetition of unpalatable truths. Quote Right
Quote Left Repetition is the reality and the seriousness of life. Quote Right
Quote Left The Past: Our cradle, not our prison; there is danger as well as appeal in its glamour. The past is for inspiration, not imitation, for continuation, not repetition. Quote Right

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Quote Left Wise minds tend not rage the lost or stolen.... rather, discover gained knowledge and perspective to sterilize repetition. Quote Right
Quote Left No team performs perfectly, as all are prone to mistakes, yet the better ones tend to minimize the errors; through training, repetition, and chemistry, all leading to fewer headaches. Quote Right
Quote Left Success means repetition, often followed by failure. Disguised as Opportunity and Achieved through Effort! Quote Right
Quote Left Nothing is new on earth, everything is just a repetition just make sure you do it well,proper and better. Quote Right
Quote Left The invariability of the repetition of the harsher lessons of human history is singularly and particularly dependent on the invariability of human stupidity. Quote Right
Quote Left Repetition is what makes people smart. Quote Right
Quote Left Learning the law is like learning chess. Fundamentally, you have to observe the repetition of positions until you master the topic so much you can improvise your own personal markings on the structure of the way things work. It takes a long time to get there, and if you can't contribute something original there is always the piano as a profession. Quote Right