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Famous Ren Quotations

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Quote Left Global thinking and local action both require understanding of ecological systems, but ecological management can be effective only if it takes into consideration the visceral and spiritual values that link us to the earth. Therefore ecological thinking must be supplemented by humanistic value judgments concerning the effect of our choices and actions on the quality of the relationship between humankind and earth, in the future as well as in the present. Quote Right
Quote Left Man shapes himself through decision that shape his environment. Quote Right
Quote Left Most of man's problems in the modern world arise from the constant and unavoidable exposure to the stimuli of urban and industrial civilization, the varied aspects of environmental pollution, the physiological disturbances associated with sudden changes in ways of life, the estrangement from the conditions and natural cycles under which human evolution took place, the emotional trauma and the paradoxical solitude in congested cities, the monotony, boredom and compulsory leisure Quote Right
Quote Left The most important pathological effects of pollution are extremely delayed and indirect. Quote Right
Quote Left In practice, a global approach is needed when dealing with the problems of the spaceship earth which affect all of mankind. But local solutions, inevitably conditioned by local interests, are required for the problems peculiar to each human settlement. Quote Right
Quote Left He who does not have the courage to speak up for his rights cannot earn the respect of others. Quote Right
Quote Left Nobody does good to man with impunity. Quote Right
Quote Left Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely. Quote Right
Quote Left To the artist there is never anything ugly in nature. Quote Right

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Quote Left Strength if not utilised wisely can become ones most grievous weakness. Quote Right
Quote Left "'if it weren't for bad timing, I'd always be late." Quote Right
Quote Left Some dreams aren't achieved through hard work but by opportunity. January 2023 Quote Right
Quote Left The relation between water and container is like the relation between children and parents. As the container holds the water, your parent holds every problem of you. And when the water is emptied from the container, your parent solve your problems. Quote Right
Quote Left When the Lord wants to bless you, he breaks human protocol_ Don't let negative energy bring you down_ Or destroy what, the Lord gave you as a gift or talent_ Because that's what differentiate you from others_ Making you a unique creature! Quote Right
Quote Left Man is not hundred percent correct. He has strengths and some weaknesses! But his strengths surpasses the weaknesses. By Chipepo Lwele Quote Right
Quote Left In life, We deal with different people and different temperaments. Try to be polite, nice, kind as much as possible and, You will get true satisfaction of life. By Chipepo Lwele Quote Right
Quote Left The duty of parents and guardians is to control their kids, To be God-fearing and urge them to dress decently and abide by the rules and teachings of Christianity. By Chipepo Lwele Quote Right
Quote Left Our mobile phones,internet and telecommunication devices are their eyes and ears through which they record audio video Plus they use different spy gadgets. Quote Right
Quote Left Those two might be on the same page ... but they're in entirely different books! Quote Right
Quote Left It is true the magic of Christmas can be seen in the eyes of children, but the real magic can be found in those that look up when they pray and say thank you Lord for the eternal gift you gave us for Christmas... Quote Right
Quote Left You have to be here, even if life is not very fair, it’s your destiny and it could not happen any other way. This was dealt by the cosmos, and it compels you to play—Caren Krutsinger Quote Right
Quote Left Dramabaz don uses different tactics to lure. Quote Right
Quote Left The important things in life can't be bought ... they're only borrowed for a short time to rent. Quote Right
Quote Left No one is the same as their parents, siblings, nor offspring, so I remain mystified why people insist we should all be the same! Aloha—Rico Lefanta Quote Right
Quote Left To all you women voting for abortion, May God barren your womb and dry your breast for throwing this in His face from which He saved you—Stephan McBride Quote Right
Quote Left Care about your children. Just bless them instead of worrying, as every child is the little Buddha who helps his parents to grow up. - Buddhism quotes Quote Right
Quote Left All beings are not only the parents in the past. They will become the Buddha in the future. If you free their lives, you are Buddha. - Buddhism quotes Quote Right
Quote Left Once you raise your own child, you will comprehend the hardship of your parents. - Chinese Proverb Quote Right
Quote Left People who are not even eligible for parenthood are giving births every year. Quote Right
Quote Left Inherent in our fabric of justice ...a convoluted and complex latticework can be seen, woven through time and hardship, detaining equity from a balanced end. Quote Right
Quote Left The rich colors of Autumn so much like the richness of human passion -- we are not so different from our seasons. Quote Right
Quote Left Let world know your identity, Thou shall not hide, In this cruel world of no humanity, Show your preference is a pride. Quote Right
Quote Left The renovation of people is needed if human and natural civilization is to be preserved. Quote Right
Quote Left They will never get their lives back. Their parents will never get their kids back. And there are many more who will never get their limbs back. Many more who will never get their sanity back. You say that you will Never Forget... but you already have. Elisa A. Escalante- LCSW/ OEF Vet Quote Right
Quote Left When truth is ignored and avoided ... then trust becomes absent in defeat. Without trust, can be seen a barren landscape, where a lone horizon is traveled incomplete. Quote Right
Quote Left Before you speak a truth ask yourself: it is kind, is it necessary, is it true, will it make a difference—Constance La France Quote Right
Quote Left If you take a bowel movement at 11:59, and it turns 12:00.. it's the same movement, but a different day. Quote Right
Quote Left The greatest strength that people in what I've seen overlook, is the fact that, the thing guaranteed in this world is life and death. Quote Right
Quote Left "Don't be afraid of risk for risk becomes lesson and lesson becomes strength and in strength success become." Quote Right