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Obituary Quotations

Obituary quotations. Find, read, and share Obituary quotations. These are the best examples of Obituary quotes on PoetrySoup.

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Quote Left There is no such thing as bad publicity except your own obituary. Quote Right
Quote Left A life spent in constant labor is a life wasted, save a man be such a fool as to regard a fulsome obituary notice as ample reward. Quote Right
Quote Left I contemplated suicide. My main concern was that I would not make the New York Times obituary page. Quote Right
Quote Left An autobiography is an obituary in serial form with the last installment missing. Quote Right
Quote Left An obituary should be an exercise in contemporary history, not a funeral oration. Quote Right
Quote Left Live so that when the final summons comes you will leave something more behind you than an epitaph on a tombstone or an obituary in a newspaper. Quote Right
Quote Left I wake up every morning at nine and grab for the morning paper. Then I look at the obituary page. If my name is not on it, I get up. Quote Right
Quote Left All publicity is good, except an obituary notice. Quote Right
Quote Left I always wondered what hearing one's own obituary might sound like, and I sort of feel like I may have just heard part of it at least. Quote Right
Quote Left I never wanted to see anybody die, but there are a few obituary notices I have read with pleasure. Quote Right
Quote Left A poem written for someone/part of the obituary Quote Right