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Quote Left NT + usable = uNsTable Quote Right

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Quote Left As long as I have a window I have the wonder of the world--Mike Gentile Quote Right
Quote Left Continue to cavalcade, stallions: there'll be no limitation to your aspirations! Champions deserve victory for their endurance and dedication. Quote Right
Quote Left Dante believed he was the Eternal God and condemned whoever despised him to Purgatory. Perhaps he was a bit too cruel in exercising divine power never given to a mortal man. Quote Right
Quote Left A poem is like an arrow it has to have point in order to be effective. Quote Right
Quote Left God gave to man free will, carrying with it the power of choice, leading to differing views becoming the common framework of mankind. Nowhere in this creation, did it speak of imposing one's will upon another ( that was man's alone ), thus destroying the origin and ideal. The challenge lies with gathering these strands of diversity that can be woven into a tapestry that endures beyond a single thread. This fabric of humanity is the remnant to survive. Quote Right
Quote Left My travel agent has this in her office: "If you can afford to go first class and do not, your heirs will." Quote Right
Quote Left Zafar Supari killer Kay 3 tareqay Hain.. Bewi ya aunty Kay hathon chemical pilwana.. Wehmi nafsiati bool kar cns injection lagwana.. Raah jatay shaks ko namalom afrad Kay hathon Goliyan marwana aur Police ye sab janti hai... Quote Right
Quote Left Where passion is absent, so is the truth. Quote Right
Quote Left Love is my entirety. Love is not for me, but! Quote Right
Quote Left Life should be as colorful as the rainbow. Please remember, you are your own painter always... Quote Right
Quote Left Let angry words avenge your frustrations, the unfairness of society, and all other evils. Mention your trials and let others learn from your experience, from the Hell you trodded aimlessly without an escape from its labyrinth. Quote Right
Quote Left Whenever we reach the milestone of advanced age: are we proud of our achievements, or do we regret being bonded by the commitment and not chasing after rainbows? Quote Right
Quote Left Foolish people have an imprudent mentality putting them at risk their life once they have reached the peak of their madness. Quote Right
Quote Left I find that the most intelligent folks are very foolish in not abiding by conventional rules. Quote Right
Quote Left P.S. tat my skin up with all my problems until I run out of room... Quote Right
Quote Left P.S. I get goosebumps looking into your eyes... Quote Right
Quote Left P.S. blue was just a color until I looked into your eyes... Quote Right
Quote Left P.S. I am meant to do great things... Quote Right
Quote Left Variety of thoughts with in and around, the perceptions resulting and leading to oozing emotions, the reactions and plans to handle the perceptions and emotions continue and multiply until *we stop* . The silence, the listening power is the only tool which can bring respite in form of proper SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats )analysis and postive growth. Quote Right
Quote Left Who will contribute more, between the rich and the poor ? Since the answer that seems fair . . . creates havoc inherent with this pair. Quote Right
Quote Left A poet births words, brings them into the world like a midwife, then wet-nurses them from infancy to adolescence. — Michael R. Burch (keyword/tags: poet, poets, words, birth) Quote Right
Quote Left The tortured mind 'tis that pleasures pain, dares never to admit its own arrant fault—L Milton Hankins Quote Right
Quote Left Neuromuscular agent paralyzes body’s voluntary muscles and lungs and blocks movement and speech Summun Bukmun Umyun Zafar Supari Pagal Nashai Wehmi Nafsiati game over... Quote Right
Quote Left I believe there is only one race, the human race with many variations, (consensus of anthropologists these days)--I Am Anaya Quote Right
Quote Left An individual who proves irksome may prove to be excellent material for creating an interesting character for a story--I Am Anaya Quote Right
Quote Left If I can be a stepping stone to help one student get to where they desire to go quicker than I did, then I have served my purpose as a human being. Quote Right
Quote Left The dark days will come into each life, and in our pain, we turn to that which heals and comforts—John Watt Quote Right
Quote Left If stupidity were a crime . . . humanities imprisonment becomes a life sentence. Quote Right
Quote Left Imitation is only for the mediocre minds. Big minds create their own ideas. Where small minds live in the shadow of others, big minds soar independently across the horizon. Quote Right
Quote Left day we all die, we all must leave something of our love behind for those who need our love the most ... time is a precious commodity, stolen and squandered by the injustices and untruths of life. Quote Right