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Mater Quotations

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Quote Left My alma mater was books, a good library. I could spend the rest of my life reading, just satisfying my curiosity. Quote Right
Quote Left Repeticio est mater studiorum. Quote Right
Quote Left The key to life is imagination. If you don't have that, no mater what you have, it's meaningless. If you do have can make feast of straw. Quote Right
Quote Left My alma mater was books, a good library… I could spend the rest of my life reading, just satisfying my curiosity. Quote Right
Quote Left He did not go to the college called Harvard, good old Alma Mater as she is. He was not fed on the pap that is there furnished.... But he went ... Quote Right
Quote Left Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a mater of opportunity. Quote Right

Member Quotes About Mater

Quote Left An individual who proves irksome may prove to be excellent material for creating an interesting character for a story--I Am Anaya Quote Right
Quote Left Carbon Fiber and titanium are good bullet resistant materials. Quote Right
Quote Left - Doors are not mere materials of shutting. They are mind-openings too - Quote Right
Quote Left Material poverty by choice is the descision of inner richness. April 2018. Quote Right
Quote Left Dentro de 15 anos, os netos da pessoa adulta atual vai olhar para trás, e terá o sentimento de tão bárbaros a humanidade era. Será uma descrição de barbarismo aceitar que um dia no passado o valor de um ser humano era medido por sua produção produtiva de bens e serviços e riqueza material. A pessoa que hoje acreditar e agir agora vai ter o “céu na terra”. E sempre terá mais e mais. Quote Right
Quote Left Autoconhecimento é menos uma questão de descobrir o que está presente em si mesmo, e mais a contínua criação de quem se quer ser. Conhecer a si mesmo é o primeiro passo para fazer com que o fluxo de prosperidade e felicidade viaje com a pessoa e faça parte de toda a nossa vida. Entretanto, da mesma forma que nunca existe “almoço” grátis na economia material, nada vem de graça na economia psíquica. Quote Right
Quote Left Esteja você em qualquer busca, do progresso material ou ao amor eterno aja com equilíbrio. O equilíbrio é a mais importante de todas as qualidades. Nunca deseje um pouco rápido. Queira sempre de tudo, mais e mais. Quote Right
Quote Left O ser humano humilde nunca anda por aí com um saco de estopa ao redor do corpo a imitar os menos favorecidos. Humildade significa ser indiferente ao material da veste e sentar-se igualmente entre pobres, ricos santos ou pecadores. Quote Right
Quote Left O objetivo da vida é ser feliz. Nossa existência é baseada na esperança de ser feliz. A vida está agarrada na oportunidade de ser uma pessoa rica feliz; rica de felicidade para que a riqueza da materialidade chegue. Na verdade, temos esse cérebro e inteligência maravilhosos; que pode levar à riqueza da felicidade. Quote Right
Quote Left Space Alone, Itself, Is Of Quantification Of Materialization To Sound Of Letter And Number. Quote Right
Quote Left Each, Every, Discussion Of Material Provides Thought Of Elements And Area. Quote Right
Quote Left "If in a time of misery, don't think about how you feel, think about how others feel" -Tuh Mater Quote Right
Quote Left A sad Day when people drug old men, so they can buy their position of power when they have no money that’s is worth anything. All material money I. The World could not buy the Spirit of God or make a Man a “metaphorical Genius” of Theology or Metaphysical Psychology For man Has free will to say Yes I’ll join the Fight or No I won’t join the Fight. God would Know it’s a family Fued and to stay out of it. Sythians and Amazonians at Again, Only in India. Braided hair of both sexes caused confusion Quote Right
Quote Left I want the inevitable to hurry and the evil to run from bluffs. Power through numbers and measured by man. Money is a need we share to live but I know its busy men and lives consumed which keep truth covered by materialism we love it too. Destroy your self in ignorance and laugh in death but destroy your self in wisdom you will never forget. Quote Right
Quote Left IF you are of creation then you can't run from your Creator.Remember The Righteous Origin of Creation in all your sorrows and pains; the after life is best over all material wishes and things.Dance songs of Joy not mourn of death which frees us from a life of struggles, chasing money, title, & things.Enjoy!!!! Quote Right
Quote Left All that is material is like the wind,timely and never belonging. Quote Right
Quote Left It's is not deeds that will get you there, it is actions. Deeds have a material price to be gained, what's gained takes from another. Actions are based on belief within, nothing gained to be taken away, with everything added to it. - LEEL - Quote Right
Quote Left We are human beings challenged by materialistic considerations in our quest for spirituality. Quote Right
Quote Left Veja a rotina e o fazer aquilo habitual como uma loja de material usado. Sempre classifique cuidadosamente entre os tesouros e o lixo. Veja tudo com novos olhos. Quote Right
Quote Left What I find is that no mater how much I try she dismisses me. No rhyme or reason given. Just mystery. Quote Right
Quote Left I'd like to think that if we don't have material things then we at least have something that everybody doesn't, something godly. Quote Right
Quote Left Those who live in love, they only are alive, others just exist on the earth, their existence is immaterial and not conducive to the very Existence. Quote Right
Quote Left I have heard it a thousand times, women claim men use them for sex and men claim women use them to gain material goods. Both of these statements are true. Quote Right
Quote Left Sometimes the soul suffers in a material world because people forget their humanity alone is valuable. Quote Right
Quote Left Being poor and not feeling it, is a living being's well being of the immaterial essence. Difficult acquisition. Come, come back. Don't go, do not leave, wellness. Quote Right
Quote Left Self worth should not be determined by material things. Quote Right
Quote Left If you think feminism is beneficial to women then you ought to consider objectively the men's perspective. I've materially helped hundreds of thousands of women coast to coast and no feminist every helped. They are shallow useless complainers. Quote Right
Quote Left Children are precious Gift from God. Parents shouldn't ignore these gifts by giving importance to materialist world . They should invest their time, attention for raising them as a Good citizens . Quote Right
Quote Left Materialism is putting quantity before quality. What most people fail to realize though, is that at the end of the day, how many cars you have, or how big your house is, how much money you earn in any given year, doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. Money is a tool, that often gets in the way; blocking our beautiful view of the life laid out before our eyes. If only more people could enjoy the view like I. Quote Right
Quote Left Life isn't about material things, it's about quality v. quantity. It's not about giving the most lavish gifts or trying to prove you earned somebody's attention. Life is about the time you give someone and the quality of that time. At the end of the day, the best gift you can ever give someone, knowingly or not, is your time; because it's the one thing you can give someone but never take back. You are giving them a part of your life that can never be regained, and that's what touches hearts. Quote Right