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Quote Left The fires of war, are stoked by industrial, political, and social difference, against an enemy that reflects an anxious, similar view. Quote Right
Quote Left If a man has the enough courage to engage himself into a fight, then he shall have the enough wisdom to decide against who. July 2017. Quote Right
Quote Left Don't let your heart rebel against your mind. May 2017. Quote Right
Quote Left I went to court of law to get justice against powerful people.(na bay izti valay kam karo na bay izti hovay). Quote Right
Quote Left There is no need to use weapons of mass destruction against a country if that country has dummy politicians. Quote Right
Quote Left To go against powerful people is not an easy task. Quote Right
Quote Left The defendant was a poet held in many iron restraints against whom several critics cited numerous complaints. They accused him of trying to reach the 'common crowd,' and they said his poems incited recitals far too loud. ('An Obscenity Trial' by Michael R. Burch, keywords: poets, poems, poetry) Quote Right
Quote Left As curiously formal as the rose, the imperious Word grows until it sheds red-gilded leaves: then heaven grieves love’s tiny pool of crimson recrimination against God, its contention of the price of salvation. ('Crescendo Against Heaven' by Michael R. Burch) Quote Right
Quote Left Who, if I objected, would hear me among the angelic orders? For if the least One pressed me intimately against its breast, I would be lost in its infinite Immensity! Because beauty, which we mortals can barely endure, is the beginning of terror; we stand awed when it benignly declines to annihilate us. Every Angel is terrifying! ('Rilke’s First Elegy' by Rainer Maria Rilke, loose translation by Michael R. Burch) Quote Right
Quote Left It is the nature of loveliness to vanish, as butterfly wings, batting against nothingness, seek transcendence ... ('Flight' by Michael R. Burch) Quote Right
Quote Left VPN is not useful against agency workers because they can see inner built memory of your device. Quote Right
Quote Left 8. Poetry is man's heart and soul uniting to bless others, while temporarily shielding searching souls against this dark world's poison tipped arrows. Robert J. Lindley Quote Right
Quote Left Stepping into the shimmering sun, sparkling dewdrops against petals so perfect and alive... finally, I go beyond my thoughts into the golden hues of my whispering heart! Quote Right
Quote Left "And we are never of course in the jungle, why then should brother hurl against brother?!."-Jamiu Akolade Adeyemi Quote Right
Quote Left It is a mystery that each and every hopeless steps We take, sounds like the sound of Chariots and Horses and a great Army against the Giant Monster in the Soul. Quote Right
Quote Left It's not the wins that make a person great, its the losses and the ability to continue losing until you win, you cannot be truly great until you loose it all and persevere though many will conspire against you. Quote Right
Quote Left "Let us not seek revenge against each other! But, let's build-in the world together. Let us see what we can evolve into tomorrow?" Quote Right
Quote Left Swim against the current, be "weird". Be the butterfly in the midst of caterpillars. I've asked a question many times but have never gotten the correct answer, "What is weird?" Weird is befriending the friendless. Standing up to the worst jeers from the worst bullies. "Weird is unique". It's doing what no one else will because they are afraid to be seen by others as something different. "Normal" is just ununiqueness disguised as something beautiful. Be the star that lights the path for millions. Quote Right
Quote Left I am not a philosopher, i am not a scientist, I do not belong in the council of earthly kings, I do not envy those who are so, I keep finding out that i know nothing, For if a man can die, of what use is his title, pride or the belittling of another man by ranks offered by men? mere dust boasting against another dust. Quote Right
Quote Left We shall continue to advocate an unwavering beacon of optimism for victorious battle against fear and the inherent vice of crisis at its peril. Quote Right
Quote Left Life can push against you hard and sometimes one can become disenchanted and disengaged with one's dream but, no matter what life throws at you, never surrender your hopes and dreams. Keep a steady push forward, even if you have not yet seen that little light at the end of the tunnel, never give in because change is coming. Maybe the next 5, 10 minutes, maybe later on today, maybe tomorrow, next week, next month, even next year. Change is inevitable, change must come Quote Right
Quote Left The most terrifying thing in the world is beauty, it stops breath, causes wars, turns brother against brother and often kills without thought. True beauty is the thing to be most scared of it is the biggest strength and the greatest weakness as it shows the one you reveal yourself to every scar, horror and care you had, to find someone who accepts you scars and all, everything seen and unseen is true love, people are usually shallow which is why true love is so rare. Quote Right
Quote Left Hate is a crime against the vertical and horizontal realms of divinity and humanity. Whilst profanity is exclusive to divinity. Quote Right
Quote Left Our mother earth was created to save and exalt mankind. She is our foundation. Her battles against sin, war and pollution are as real as ours. Her works, labors and fruits are a testament of her love for us and God. Praise be to our God for our Grand Mother Earth, Eden, and all the Lord's creations upon her! Quote Right
Quote Left They fought against monarchy, against racism, against poverty. They fought world wars. They fought for equality.. It's our time now. They passed on the baton to each and every one of us. They're not to be limited to history books and wikipedia pages. They're to be followed. Look around. Do your bit. They said 'Be the change you wish to see'. Quote Right
Quote Left Pain has tried to destroy me so much, it has tried to be my enemy so many times that I stopped being afraid of it. I started fighting with it. Against it. It will fight for my destruction, I will fight for my peace. Quote Right
Quote Left We are more convinced that Luther was right, and the Papal order was wrong, we have examined it by reading the content and through scrutiny, not of our weakness but by divine depth. The Pope would need a thousand arguments against one to convince many to throw away their Bibles which they concealed away from the Romanist before the reformation Quote Right
Quote Left If you find yourself competing against those who are not in race with you ,then you are the poorest in mind Quote Right
Quote Left "The most casualties occur in a battle against oneself." -Scarlett Rose Quote Right
Quote Left When you do good things don't attribute it to your salvation. Doing so is a great blasphemy against the great sacrifice of Jesus Christ. He is the only savior not your goodness. We just ought to live a life of love because that is the principle in heaven. Quote Right