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Ethnic Quotations

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Quote Left Ethnic life in the United States has become a sort of contest like baseball in which the blacks are always the Chicago Cubs. Quote Right
Quote Left The one thing that unites all human beings, regardless of age, gender, religion or ethnic background, is that we all believe we are above-average drivers. Quote Right
Quote Left People are all exactly alike. There's no such thing as a race and barely such a thing as an ethnic group. If we were dogs, we'd be the same breed. George Bush and an Australian Aborigine have fewer differences than a Lhasa apso and a toy fox terrier. A Japanese raised in Riyadh would be an Arab. A Zulu raised in New Rochelle would be an orthodontist. People are all the same, though their circumstances differ terribly. Quote Right
Quote Left Milosevic's death sets back efforts to show that ethnic cleansing was the product not of an ethnic group but of the designs of individual leaders. His trial laid bare the massive evidence of his crimes, but his victims will now be denied a formal judgment on his guilt. Quote Right
Quote Left I take offense to your accusation that I am racist, or prejudice, or hold favor of one ethnic group above others. I am not discriminatory; I hate everyone equally, disseminating my unreserved hatred in fair shares to all races, cultures, and creeds. Quote Right
Quote Left A problem was the lack of cooperation of the Afghan community itself. The women, though living in Iran, were under cover and not willing to participate in the film, and none of the ethnic groups were willing to work together or be together. Quote Right
Quote Left The Multiethnic Cohort offers clues in understanding the racial and ethnic differences in cancer incident rates. Quote Right
Quote Left We will make every effort to unify all ethnic groups, to strengthen belief in Taiwan and to persist in reform. Quote Right
Quote Left We can all see the ethnic and sectarian identities taking root and growing, with the real potential for dismemberment that this direction implies, Quote Right
Quote Left A great power has to have the discipline not only to go when necessary but to know when not to go. Getting involved in ethnic, religious civil wars is a recipe for disaster. Quote Right
Quote Left [Behavior detection] is a code word for targeting brown-skinned males between ages 17 and 45 years. It's not only racial profiling, it's ethnic profiling. Quote Right
Quote Left As an Italian-American, I have a special responsibility to be sensitive to ethnic stereotypes. Quote Right
Quote Left If we come to power we will abolish the multi-ethnic society. Quote Right

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Quote Left Ko Un was speechless at Auschwitz. Someday, when it’s too late, will we be speechless at Gaza? —Michael R. Burch (Keywords/Tags: Holocaust, Auschwitz, Gaza, death, murder, ethnic cleansing, genocide, infanticide, matricide) Quote Right
Quote Left Racism has no scientific foundation. All the research shows people from every racial and ethnic group are EQUALLY ill-equipped for Life in the Modern World. Quote Right
Quote Left If 12 good men and women can decide a murder trial, why can't a few hundred men or women run a country? Random democracy is true democracy with proportional representation by all groups, women, men, aged, youth, ethnic minorities, etc. Quote Right