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Ermine Quotations

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Quote Left Woman's honor is nice as ermine; it will not bear a soil. Quote Right

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Quote Left Future is no matter of time, it is something determined by a simple descision. November 2017. Quote Right
Quote Left The future is determined by the womb of a woman. October 2017. Quote Right
Quote Left Even as Holy as Jesus is, The Devil hated him and stirred a conspirator among His twelve, You cannot tell who among men is determined for your fall, i warrant you they are many and most times closer in blood Quote Right
Quote Left Obstacles are the gifts we give ourselves that determine the direction of our growth Quote Right
Quote Left "Dormancy does not equate to death. Only the sleeper can determine the outcome"___SJW Quote Right
Quote Left "The depth of your life is determined by the chances you take." Quote Right
Quote Left Hardships are not like a buffet where you have to choose your favourite meal. they are things that life serves you. how you handle them determines how you are going to come out of them. Quote Right
Quote Left Do not let the outside world determine who you are; You decide that from within. Paul Lake Quote Right
Quote Left In a rare case If an incorruptible body of a saint or martyr is found, then his samples can be taken to a laboratory to determine the cause of incorruptibility. Quote Right
Quote Left "A mirror can reflect who you are, but it can never determine your course of life " -Jabbes- Quote Right
Quote Left Until you are able to determine the fine line between hate and love, that's when you can say you've got control of your emotions... #thePoeticles Quote Right
Quote Left When we hear the word Death we freak out. It's taken me all these years to work it out. Death is not a life sentence. How we live our life determines the sentence. QuotemyfeelingsBrigittePace2019 Quote Right
Quote Left Our youth are not just the future to come, they are 'The FutureNow'. What we do for they NOW will determine WHO and WHAT they will be TOMORROW. Quote Right
Quote Left When others don't listen to things you have to say, determined their point of view is the only way, all I have to say loud and clear, why in the world did God create ears Quote Right
Quote Left The society is homogeneous in a sense that more pertinent resources determine how wealthiest we are. We breathe the same air, use water of similar compositions and undergo similar physiological processes. So, currency and possessions make us only rich. We risk losing the riches but all of us are permanently wealthier and naturally endowed Quote Right
Quote Left You can determine to what extent each person bears responsibility, by analyzing the debris field left behind and the length of the skid marks left from the time it was known to the time it was stopped. Quote Right
Quote Left 'A journey is set and planed , Destiny determines itself it can either leave you or you leave it' Quote Right
Quote Left FAZER O QUE SE INICIA torna as pessoas felizes. Assuma o compromisso: Termine o que iniciou. Preocupe-se com o que estiver fazendo. Execute tudo bem feito. Fica tudo melhor quando fazemos um bom trabalho. Quote Right
Quote Left The size of one's heart determines if one's heart sighs. Quote Right
Quote Left Promiscuity is immature and creates long-term problems. Getting pregnant by multiple partners, or impregnating multiple partners is a sign of immaturity and is a real threat to society because it undermines the family unit, which is crucial to having a balanced community. Quote Right
Quote Left It's not acknowledgement that makes one great. It's the accomplishments of that person that determines their greatness. Quote Right
Quote Left Self worth should not be determined by material things. Quote Right
Quote Left Where you go when you die, is not determined by how much you have sinned, but by how much good you have done. Quote Right
Quote Left If it seems that I can not conform to many ways, it is because I am determined to break the folds of the box I live in. Quote Right
Quote Left The age of man does not determine the sense of the man. Quote Right
Quote Left I will not allow the past to determine my future. Quote Right
Quote Left In life, God will always give a window of opportunity to be prosper. What will determine whether you prosper or not is the ability to know and capitalize on the opportunity once the window opens for it MAY NEVER open again. Quote Right
Quote Left “The route to stardom is not a stone throw destination or can it be determine with high-tech machines, but basically it is a journey propel by immutable passion, consistency and determination” ---Michael Edison Quote Right
Quote Left how strong you are is determined by how many times you got up from the ground when everything and everyone was on top of you. Quote Right
Quote Left It is but for the "Infamy of War" itself, whether if for gloom or of glory, determined already are those who would not await cast in bronze - Sayeth Picketts' Lost Ghost Division of Young Men Now Long Gone Quote Right