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Quote Left Life is an experience seek it’s knowledge although one may endure its mysteries beyond one’s control. Quote Right
Quote Left Let’s not pretend we “understand” other elves, as long as we remain mysteries to ourselves. ('Self-ish' by Michael R. Burch) Quote Right
Quote Left The mysteries of this world lies in the water, water is the true reflection of humanity. Quote Right
Quote Left Our youth was an endless journey of discoveries and thrills; even time seemed eternal: will days be as timeless as the cherished youth? Quote Right
Quote Left There are too many psychologist on pulpit today, it is a real torture of the soul to endure ninety minutes or more of deliveries without the essence of the soul, without the message of the cross, without the personality of Christ, without a reflection of eternity, it is a torture to those who seek Christ in every sermon Quote Right
Quote Left Unroll the mysteries of life and you will dive into the ultimate divine universe Quote Right
Quote Left today I was reminded again that life is a series of deaths. Quote Right
Quote Left Always embrace a series of abundant mentality. Ask yourself the obvious question, “What will it take”?! Don’t worry about what others will say—get out of the comfort zone. Remember, “Ask, and it shall be given!” Quote Right
Quote Left At a troubled time when the bedeviling binds on our minds have landed us in a lampoonery of a life and we move boustrophedon between boisterous buffooneries and cacophonous contumelies, literature, if not a splendid cynosure to our goals, is, I daresay, a salubrious salve to our souls that seldom cease to seethe. Quote Right
Quote Left Age is a series of adjacent archways, each reinforces the structure Quote Right
Quote Left "Master of all mysteries, jack of none." Quote Right
Quote Left Don't be so tolerant You tolerate intolorance Build up your bounderies And if anyone crosses them, At the very least you need To make them acknowlege it Quote Right
Quote Left We have been told to let the light within us shine. God transforms one's soul, each with different gifts and abilities. All we need to do is say here I am Lord. When you live a life based on the light that's within you, it’s impossible for darkness to extinguish that light. If one considers the flashlight that goes dim and needs new batteries to give it new life. Your light shines because your prayers connect you to a power source which is Heavenly. Quote Right
Quote Left The beautiful thing about poverty, it makes wealth a mystery... And oh how i love to unveil mysteries Quote Right
Quote Left Medical Science Quote No. 1: Use it or lose it. NB: This quote will eventually also wind up in my epic series on evolution, as soon as I can figure out what follows... Quote Right
Quote Left Life is not a series of ellipsis; poetry teaches one to appreciate the snapshot moments of life, and the value of a full stop at the end of each. Quote Right
Quote Left After series of experience, the resolution is:"Learn to consume a lot and excrete a little".Listen more,speak less. Quote Right
Quote Left Beings with high intellectual capacity, capable of communicating for long distances, through technology use a system to highlight self-discoveries so as not to affect the free will of the contacted person, making it seem that the reasoning ... Raciocinio ... is of the receiver itself. Quote Right
Quote Left "Of all the friends I befriended in the passage of Time, none brought me more fun and miseries than youthful exuberance!" Quote Right
Quote Left Rivers are the arteries of the world that keep life flowing Quote Right
Quote Left Life has become a series of endless struggles... the need to fit in, to shine, to be unique at any cost, no matter how. Quote Right