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Environment Quotations

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Quote Left 'In the bad old days reference to Blacks/women/Jews/others were in negative language which perpetuated poor treatment/ abuse/ exploitation of these people. Animals have suffered more from negative language stereotyping than all the others, and demeans them so constantly that they created an environment that allows all sorts of cruelties, many too horrendous to describe! An animal is 'it' instead of 'he' or 'she', this perpetuates our view of them as 'things' rather than individuals and is a major first step towards cutting them up for meat and leather, testing drugs/cosmetics/ household products on their bodies, and tearing off their coats for furs!!! Those who have pets are referred to as 'owners' rather than guardians/care givers/companions, reinforcing the idea that they are property much as slaves were considered property. Let's avoid these references: Dirty rat; filthy pig; acting like an ass; dirty dog; she's a bitch; ugly duckling; there's more than one way to skin a cat; behaving like an animal; making a monkey out of someone; killing 2 birds with one stone; working like a horse, you're chicken ... There are many more! Please think before uttering them and tell others. Thank you!' Quote Right
Quote Left Man shapes himself through decision that shape his environment. Quote Right
Quote Left All of childhood's unanswered questions must finally be passed back to the town and answered there. Heroes and bogey men, values and dislikes, are first encountered and labeled in that early environment. In later years they change faces, places and maybe races, tactics, intensities and goals, but beneath those penetrable masks they wear forever the stocking-capped faces of childhood. Quote Right
Quote Left Few people are capable of expressing with equanimity opinions which differ from the prejudices of their social environment. Most people are even incapable of forming such opinions. Quote Right
Quote Left In a land which is fully settled, most men must accept their local environment or try to change it by political means; only the exceptionally gifted or adventurous can leave to seek his fortune elsewhere. In America, on the other hand, to move on and make a fresh start somewhere else is still the normal reaction to dissatisfaction and failure. Quote Right
Quote Left Temperament lies behind mood; behind will, lies the fate of character. Then behind both, the influence of family the tyranny of culture; and finally the power of climate and environment; and we are free, only to the extent we rise above these. Quote Right
Quote Left Perhaps our supercilious disgust with existence is a cover for a secret disgust with ourselves; we have botched and bungled our lives, and we cast the blame upon the environment or the world, which have no tongues to utter a defense. The mature man accepts the natural limitations of life; he does not expect Providence to be prejudiced in his favor; he does not ask for loaded dice to play the game of life. He knows, with Carlyle, that there is no sense in vilifying the sun because it will not light our cigars. And perhaps, if we are clever enough to help it, the sun will even do that; and this vast neutral cosmos may turn out to be a pleasant place enough if we bring a little sunshine of our own to help it out. In truth, the world is neither with us or against us; it is but raw material in our hands, and can be heaven or hell according to what we are. Quote Right
Quote Left Agent Smith I'd like to share a revelation that I've had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species. I realized that you're not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment, but you humans do not. You move to an area, and you multiply, and multiply, until every natural resource is consumed. The only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet, you are a plague, and we are the cure. Quote Right
Quote Left There is not a flower or bird in sight, only a small screen on which lines are moving, while the child sits almost motionless, pushing at the keyboard with one finger. As a learning environment, it may be mentally rich, but it is perceptually extremely impoverished. No smells or tastes, no wind or bird song (unless the computer is programmed to produce electronic tweets), no connection with soil, water, sunlight, warmth, the actual learning environment is almost autistic in quality, impoverished sensually, emotionally, and socially. Quote Right
Quote Left Austin Powers No doubt, love, but as long as people are still having promiscuous sex with many anonymous partners without protection while at the same time experimenting with mind-expanding drugs in a consequence-free environment, I'll be sound as a pound Quote Right
Quote Left Up to a point a man's life is shaped by environment, heredity, and the movements and changes in the world around him. Then there comes a time when it lies within his grasp to shape the clay of his life into the sort of thing he wishes to be. Only the weak blame parents, their race, their times, lack of good fortune, or the quirks of fate. Everyone has it within his power to say, 'This I am today; that I will be tomorrow.' The wish, however, must be implemented by deeds. Quote Right
Quote Left A moment's thought shows that man's feeling of isolation has no foundation, biologically or sociologically. We grow out of the Universe, we are an expression of it. The iron in our blood comes from the high temperature fusion of stars. We constantly interact with our environment. The force of gravity keeps our feet upon the earth and has a vital effect upon our metabolism. The air we breathe comes form the seas and the leaves, and the sun allows the process to take place. Society gives us all that makes us human our culture, our symbols, our concepts and our values. Without society, the notion of the individual would have no meaning. Quote Right
Quote Left Ask ten different scientists about the environment, population control, genetics and you'll get ten different answers, but there's one thing every scientist on the planet agrees on. Whether it happens in a hundred years or a thousand years or a million years, eventually our Sun will grow cold and go out. When that happens, it won't just take us. It'll take Marilyn Monroe and Lao-Tzu and Einstein and Morobuto and Buddy Holly and Aristophenes .. and all of this .. all of this was for nothing unless we go to the stars. Quote Right
Quote Left Wine is a part of society because it provides a basis not only for a morality but also for an environment; it is an ornament in the slightest ceremonials of French daily life, from the snack to the feast, from the conversation at the local caf? to the speech at a formal dinner. Quote Right
Quote Left As a whole part of psychological education it needs to be remembered that a neurosis can be valuable; also that adjustment to a sick and insane environment is of itself not health but sickness and insanity. Quote Right
Quote Left Why should we think upon things that are lovely? Because thinking determines life. It is a common habit to blame life upon the environment. Environment modifies life but does not govern life. The soul is stronger than its surroundings. Quote Right
Quote Left We have come tardily to the tremendous task of cleaning up our environment. We should have moved with similar zeal at least a decade ago. But no purpose is served by post-mortems. With visionary zeal but the greatest realism, we must now address ourselves to the vast problems that confront us. Quote Right
Quote Left The decrease in pervasive attacks in 2005 is counter-intuitive to what society at large believes is a major threat to their personal data. IBM believes that the environment has shifted - with increased security protection on most systems and stiffer penalties, we are seeing organized, committed, and tenacious profiteers enter this space. This means that attacks will be more targeted and potentially damaging. Organizations around the world - from the public and private sectors - must move quickly and work together to address this growing challenge. Quote Right
Quote Left By listening to his language of his locality the poet begins to learn his craft. It is his function to lift, by use of imagination and the language he hears, the material conditions and appearances of his environment to the sphere of the intelligence where they will have new currency. Quote Right
Quote Left By listening to his language of his locality the poet begins to learn his craft. It is his function to lift, by use of imagination and the language he hears, the material conditions and appearances of his environment to the sphere of the intelligence where they will have new currency. Quote Right
Quote Left We make the world we live in and shape our own environment. Quote Right
Quote Left People between 20 and 40 are not sympathetic. The child has the capacity to do but it can't know. It only knows when it is no longer able to do-after 40. Between 20 and 40 the will of the child to do gets stronger, more dangerous, but it has not yet begun to know yet. Since his capacity to do is forced into channels of evil through environment and pressures, man is strong before he is moral. The world's anguish is caused by people between 20 and 40. Quote Right
Quote Left Your outlook upon life, your estimate of yourself, your estimate of your value are largely colored by your environment. Your whole career will be modified, shaped, molded by your surroundings, by the character of the people with whom you come in contact every day. Quote Right
Quote Left When the Irishman is found outside of Ireland in another environment, he very often becomes a respected man. The economic and intellectual conditions that prevail in his own country do not permit the development of individuality. No one who has any self-respect stays in Ireland, but flees afar as though from a country that has undergone the visitation of an angered Jove. Quote Right
Quote Left A good director creates an environment, which gives the actor the encouragement to fly. Quote Right
Quote Left The first step toward success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself. Quote Right
Quote Left Addiction, obesity, starvation (anorexia nervosa) are political problems, not psychiatric: each condenses and expresses a contest between the individual and some other person or persons in his environment over the control of the individual's body. Quote Right
Quote Left A strong, successful man is not the victim of his environment. He creates favorable conditions. His own inherent force and energy compel things to turn out as he desires. Quote Right
Quote Left We come from an environment molded from 3 billion years of evolution, and when we change our behavior, there may be problems. Quote Right
Quote Left Every man is like the company he is wont to keep. Quote Right

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Quote Left "Remember, the first step to reclaiming your power is to leave behind the toxic environments that drag you down. True strength is found in the journey of self-discovery, free from the voices that call you a failure." By SidehustleCEO Quote Right
Quote Left I believe God has a plan...and all will work-out in His way and time. I don't believe that He wants animals to destroy one another in order to survive. We are missing something in our understanding of creation and Divine Purpose. Free Will is not interpreted correctly, speaking of man's profound relationship to his social and physical environments. We have far more control over things, than mankind sees, and when he does, is willing to consciously admit to his soul. Quote Right
Quote Left I love the desert. The people who inhabit it, an old desert rat myself -- and the creatures that survive in such a challenging environment. Not so estranged from kids growing up in poverty on the streets of New York. All elements of creation have more in common than differences. Sorry Gleick, you are wrong. Quote Right
Quote Left The health of the planet reflects the choices of its inhabitants; let us choose wisely and nurture our environment. -Aloo Denish Obiero Quote Right
Quote Left Nurturing the environment is an ultimate act of self-preservation. - Aloo Denish Obiero Quote Right
Quote Left Environmental stewardship doesn't demand perfection; it craves our dedication to making a difference, one mindful choice at a time. -Aloo Denish Obiero Quote Right
Quote Left The true strength of a government lies not in dominance, but in cultivating an environment where diverse ideas peacefully coexist. ~Aloo Denish Obiero Quote Right
Quote Left I am driven by a profound belief in taking meaningful actions that advance the wellbeing of humanity and his environment; and I believe that each individual has a role to play regardless of the level, capacity, or sector involved, for we all share this collective responsibility. ~ Aloo Denish Quote Right
Quote Left As a global community, we must continue to promote gender equality and create an environment where women can thrive and contribute positively to society. Quote Right
Quote Left Thallium test Kit is a kit that can test for the presence of Thallium ions in the body,food, water or anything in the environment.For the body use first morning urine. Quote Right
Quote Left Hatred is not derived most of the time from empty feelings, but feelings of emotional despair and experience with familial and environmental neglect. Quote Right
Quote Left When you are in an environment, your mentality shrinks or expands to fit in and it contributes to who you become. Quote Right
Quote Left Create your environment from your best innate tenacity. Always embrace the abundance of an inspirational mentality. Eliminate distractions, clutter, and work from a place of brightness. Create a winning, uplifting, vibrant, courageous action to implement! Quote Right
Quote Left Properly organized cell's function in specific environment result in life energy. Quote Right
Quote Left Boric acid and borax are toxic to living cells so one must be careful while cleaning mercury and purifying gold. It can cause asthma and other health issues. One should not breathe in an environment where mercury is heated. Metal and chemical vapors are dangerous to health. Air fresheners and chemical sprays contaminate the air. Quote Right
Quote Left The environment never sleeps. Quote Right
Quote Left A tiny garden in the desk drawer of the work environment can often provide "escape" from the adventure, nay ever-present quest to succeed. Quote Right
Quote Left When the sequence of tones is perfected in a musical combination, it becomes a living entity that has the ability to manipulate it's environment in ways which man cannot duplicate otherwise. Quote Right
Quote Left Humans delve into discussing the environment, but all it needs is understanding the fact that it functions at a level beyond senses. Quote Right
Quote Left "Nature is human's god, it creates the environment that makes the Earth a home" Quote Right
Quote Left Pivoting human ascent , by lumbering felonious act to the environment, is a bionic expectation. Quote Right
Quote Left "living in extremes or means is a characteristics of product of environment factors" Quote Right
Quote Left A person's uniqueness, talents may not be appreciated , nor suitable to their environment . A person's dreams , ambitions, goals speak not to who they are now , but who they will be .it will flow in its own season . It will be recognized in its own time . It will be cultivated , useful in the right place . Just because something is different doesn't make it bad . What is considered trash today is treasure tomorrow . Quote Right
Quote Left Happiness is selfconsciosness. It Never requires condition or environment. If you need them, that is only your selfishness. Quote Right
Quote Left Where is justice with nature when it shakes all earth and environment? Lives crippled,wept, dead tremendously, upheaval could not touch its heart.Instead of calm and solaces it hammered death to all. Quote Right
Quote Left Encapsulation Psychic - the human mind in its pure process of appropriating things arranged in three-dimensional environment for somatize hues as a pure reality and only for the individual is also able to cross the biological barrier to social somatization as a society or civilization. Quote Right
Quote Left A bar is a dark environment that deceives people by promising happiness It feeds on false hope to those that crave purpose It is a place of loneliness, solitude, and gloom It is a last resort for those who are friendless on a dead end street. Quote Right

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