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Eel Quotations

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Quote Left Take every gain without showing remorse about missed profits, because an eel may escape sooner than you think. Quote Right
Quote Left POLITICIAN, n. An eel in the fundamental mud upon which the superstructure of organized society is reared. When he wriggles he mistakes the ag... Quote Right

Member Quotes About Eel

Quote Left "A Writer must Feel The Words So The Reader Can Feel The Words." Quote Right
Quote Left If the only human contact is the media, there won't be a feeling of closeness as when we are near; and this missing link deflects into our loneliness. Quote Right
Quote Left Reality is what you live. Feel in the heart and soul of your being. Quote Right
Quote Left no matter how much progress one makes they will feel that they did not do much. it is only after they stop to take a break will they see how far one has come. there is still always a taller mountain though, so keep climbing higher until you are satisfied with where you're at. Quote Right
Quote Left Upon completion: if I feel need to explain my poem, introduce my work...then the poem has failed. Quote Right
Quote Left Remember when you are feeling blue, laughter helps to get you through. Quote Right
Quote Left If we are friends, I will only stay where I am placed. I will not arrogate to myself any iota of importance if it has not been freely bestowed upon me. I hate friendships of convenience which is activated only when you have need for me. I am a firm believer in reciprocity I will place you exactly where you have placed me in your life Quote Right
Quote Left As every moment passes by, I feel burdened by the thought that perhaps, a lifetime is nothing. It is entirely nothing, just another breathing space created by the intertwined threads of time, and when that given time is bled dry, the space will disappear, only to become the breath of a someone that doesn't require time. Quote Right
Quote Left Respect and fear are different emotions. Respect is a feeling of admiration and esteem towards someone or something, often based on their abilities, qualities, or achievements. It involves recognizing and valuing the worth and autonomy of another person or entity. Quote Right
Quote Left “How does the hell on earth feels like ?” “Ask a caged Bird who already learnt flying” Quote Right
Quote Left "you wanna know what feels good about the holidays now? my happiness doesn't get taken from me after the break" Quote Right
Quote Left We feel that delay is our birthright and we are well aware of it in as much as we forget our other birthrights. Quote Right
Quote Left Meri budiya mera thi jutey khazoor khaya tha par bair Mai beej nahi tha Leelawati m Jagdish bajantri Aghori mhabharamnad Quote Right
Quote Left Nag mani ko tum Ney money bana Diya gandu meri mani neelay raang ki khopadi hai tabhi neelkant khalata ho Mai or wow neelajam Cori shani dev With love all Jagdish bajantri Quote Right
Quote Left Mai yha easily aaya hun dosto meri naag mani khai chout gayi thi nagin nai whoa dharn kar liya shani bhakt parhlad thanks neela nam yamraj ki garjana karna. Aghori mhabharamnad Quote Right
Quote Left Nothing makes you feel more like a child than losing a parent Quote Right
Quote Left Art, when successful, separates from the artist and takes on a life of its own. Freely released — to go forth and multiply. Quote Right
Quote Left You don’t know how it feels not being part of your broken majority. Still when you fall i will feast on your carcass alone. One by one. Quote Right
Quote Left Should you hear a war is started somewhere, it is the war itself make you upset. Shoud I hear, it is a reminder of how I was born, how I grew up as orphan, how I was not all allowed to be in school nor in my home, and how I was all miraculously hiding myself from every morning's and night's soldiers' fight, that make me not only upset, but feel a flashback of being killed over time. I am a middeleastern. Quote Right
Quote Left I feel lost and shattered I’m losing everything that ever mattered Quote Right
Quote Left I feel lost and shattered I’m losing everything that ever mattered Quote Right
Quote Left If you have doubt and questions wondering what this person is all about DONT scream and shout or cry or pout just exit and be out never ignore how you feel and that feeling you felt Quote Right
Quote Left Life is an adventure live the ultimate adventure Explore the inner you. Bring your emotions and feelings into the light You Can only be you. Quote Right
Quote Left The heartbreak you feel after losing someone is merely a reflection of how much you cared for them. Quote Right
Quote Left Poetry allows poets to convey complex feelings in a concise and artistic manner, making it an effective medium for self-expression and catharsis. Quote Right
Quote Left Poetry is the language of the soul, a canvas where emotions paint their most vibrant hues. Each verse, a brushstroke, weaves a tapestry of feelings, thoughts, and dreams. Quote Right
Quote Left Jawani me playboy burhapay me tabdeeli sarkar niazi Teri kia baat hai yaar tera leak audio call me nay suna aik dam mast tha. Quote Right
Quote Left Just a simple little ditty, not too long and not so witty, but a feel-good sweet refrain that I’m proud of all the same. Quote Right
Quote Left " They who still live for this world are in Darkness in the Light of the Dying. But they are Enlightened with the Light of The Living, who,despising the Light of the World, return to the Splendor of the Inward Brightness that they may live in that place where they may see, by feeling it, the True Light, where Light and Life are not different from each other, but where the Light itself is Life also." -St.Gregory Quote Right
Quote Left I talk in black and white but feel in shades of grey. Quote Right

Book: Shattered Sighs