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Eel Quotations

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Quote Left Take every gain without showing remorse about missed profits, because an eel may escape sooner than you think. Quote Right
Quote Left POLITICIAN, n. An eel in the fundamental mud upon which the superstructure of organized society is reared. When he wriggles he mistakes the ag... Quote Right

Member Quotes About Eel

Quote Left The Most Difficult Thing I Guess I once Dread Mostly. Is growing old alone than light come to thought is really to not grow old with those people that make me feel alone. Quote Right
Quote Left Both men and women can be violated, but a man can never know the loss of innocence that a female feels. Quote Right
Quote Left Islam is the best solution, it doesn't care about political correctness or peoples wishwashy feelings, it aims straight at the truth. Quote Right
Quote Left The soul longs for it's creator, so when feeling sad, prostrate before the one who made you. Quote Right
Quote Left Tariq jameel sab satan ko kis nay paida kiya hai? Quote Right
Quote Left "People may say and have different Vibes and feelings. This anticipation of goodness is imminent to all to be happy in his or her small way. A culture that is dependent has diverse implications. Good or Bad it invokes judgment that can be managed. The ability to grow awakens us to a freedom of kindness and progressive maturity." Isaiah A. Asangalisah Quote Right
Quote Left Tariq Jameel sab agar janat me ja kar sharab hi peni hai to phir janat me janay ki kia zaroraT hai kisi bar me chalay jatay Hain? Quote Right
Quote Left - Falling in love is the pleasantest of feelings of humans - Quote Right
Quote Left We’re called to walk in faith, not feel faith. Faith rarely can be felt; it is done. Quote Right
Quote Left Prayer........... Kneel the difference! Quote Right
Quote Left In God We Trust... Say it out loud. Do it again... and again, until you "feel" the reality of the sacrifice, and begin to understand the fragility of Freedom. Quote Right
Quote Left If a girl rejects you .. Don't feel sad. That girl do not deserve you..... Quote Right
Quote Left Our feelings are like a wild horse, we can't stop them, but we can control them with comprehension and discipline. October 2018. Quote Right
Quote Left I feel lonely, but not hopeless. August 2018. Quote Right
Quote Left Man is a piece of steel, the world is the fire, life is the hammer and the sword is the outcome. May 2018. Quote Right
Quote Left The way you look, the way you feel. May 2018. Quote Right
Quote Left Feelings are like wind, you can't see them, you can't touch them, but you can feel it and make things move. October 2017. Quote Right
Quote Left Those who feel hatred is because they don't feel that they are loved. February 2017. Quote Right
Quote Left To feel the benefit of real happiness,you must have someone to share it with. Quote Right
Quote Left I know how it feels to lose,I know what its like to win,its what we do in between,that defines who we are in the end. Quote Right
Quote Left We overrate the past and overestimate future feelings. December 2021. Quote Right
Quote Left Write what you think instead of feel, Otherwise you'll not improve your emotions By envying your thoughts further from isolation. Quote Right
Quote Left Don't waste your whole life looking down. Or you really will feel lonely in the universe. Quote Right
Quote Left Feels good to do good Quote Right
Quote Left "Writing is the real Romanticism. Feelings garnered by Passion immortalized in a written Form" - Isaiah Akantere Asangalisah Quote Right
Quote Left In this ordinary swoon as I pass from life to death, I feel no heat from the cold, pale moon; I feel no sympathy for breath. Who I am and why I came, I do not know; nor does it matter. The end of every man’s the same and every god’s as mad as a hatter. I do not fear the letting go; I only fear the clinging on to hope when there’s no hope, although I lift my face to the blazing sun and feel the greater intensity of the wilder inferno within me. Quote Right
Quote Left Old pantaloons are soft and white, prudent days, imprudent nights when fingers slip through drawers to feel that which they long most to steal. Old panty loons are soft and white, prudent days, imprudent nights when fingers slip through drawers to steal that which they long most to feel. ('Old Pantaloons' an Extended Chiasmus by Michael R. Burch) Quote Right
Quote Left I would rather die standing than kneel, a slave.—Euripides, translation by Michael R. Burch Quote Right
Quote Left There are no idiots; only those who regret ever feeling like one. - Chris Con 10/30/21 Quote Right