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Eason Quotations

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Quote Left If you want to look young and thin hang around old fat people. Quote Right

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Quote Left "Happiness of life smiles with patience when you face weather in all seasons." Quote Right
Quote Left Reasons for our struggles will always differ, the least you could do is being hopeful that it is for the best, course questioning what you cannot change will never make things any better Quote Right
Quote Left For the mere fact that we are all going through difficulties in the world, should be a reason enough to comfort you and keep you standing Quote Right
Quote Left "When solace is heard to find in seasons of nature blend." Quote Right
Quote Left We should always learn from our surroundings by being observant and by being a good listener, but the plight is that we fail to learn and the only reason is our mental capacity which mostly fails to observe and always makes us feel that we are wisest. Observing and listening is like meditation... If we practise, the experiences instead of becoming painful will leave us with a smile Quote Right
Quote Left Only jealousy can be a reason for both love and hate. Quote Right
Quote Left The most important question anyone can ask of another is, "What do you think?" The reason is because, "as a man thinketh so is he." Bill Baker April 16, 2022 Quote Right
Quote Left To unfold the mystery that lies within wisdom and truth, look midway between logic or reason and insight or intuition. Bill Baker April 12, 2022 Quote Right
Quote Left Rhyme is to reason . . . as rhythm is to flow. While one looks to memory, the other's pace is there to know. Quote Right
Quote Left Breakdowns sometimes are the reasons to rise up from the ashes and shine. Quote Right
Quote Left One of the most cruel reasons that relationships end is invisible. It never moves and you won't hear a peep out of it. But it's indifferent chill sits quietly, allowing any and every thought possible to move in and take over. It is not a treatment or a game. It is called silence. The inability or refusal to communicate will shred the strongest of bonds to bits, scattering it wherever the winds of change take it, never to be seen or remembered again. Quote Right
Quote Left The pressure of being time bound is the reason most of us make the wrong decisions and are unhappy. Take time out of the equation of your life and the world is a big stage for experimentation. Quote Right
Quote Left Pakistan is the only country in the whole world whose agencies support Mafia Head for some specific reasons.Is this democracy or dictatorship? Quote Right
Quote Left - Monsoon, like other seasons, is nature’s existence causation - Quote Right
Quote Left Always be grateful to the one who stands by your side when you cry. He never asks a reason why, just standing by your side. Quote Right
Quote Left hatred derails reason Quote Right
Quote Left The most important thing is not the will to fight, but the reason doing it. October 2020. Quote Right
Quote Left The human being is unhappy for two simple reasons, not getting what you want and not knowing what you want. March 2016. Quote Right
Quote Left The "cessationist" are a group of dead men who tries to Limit the operations of God by time, men who grew from seminaries devoid of power, who for reasons of not prevailing in their "upper room" gave up the idea of the Holy Ghost discarding the operation of the spirit for the excesses of a few, denying Truth preaching theology without Power. Quote Right
Quote Left "The life of a believer in Christ should be supernatural. Miracles should be an everyday occurrence, and casting out demons should be a daily schedule. The only reason we don't see that a lot today is because Christians are either losing faith, or too scared to step out in it." Quote Right
Quote Left With every wearying year the weight of the winter grows, and while the schoolgirl outgrows her clothes, the widow disappears in hers. ('The Shrinking Season' by Michael R. Burch; keywords/tags: winter, time, age, aging, loss) Quote Right
Quote Left Butterflies undergo metamorphosis before they had exquisite wings and so will you! There is a reason why God put you on that chrysalis. Quote Right
Quote Left Where resolution is required, two paths unfold . . . One will find a common view by compromise and reason . . . the other will seek to silence the opposing voice, while ignorance is sold. Quote Right
Quote Left Following acts of terror rapt within their spell, volunteers move in concert kindness starts to swell. Midst deeds so heartless passersby watch stars appear, cursing the darkness. Reason A. Poteet Quote Right
Quote Left Christmas comes and goes. But the Christ? He lasts all year long, every year. Reason A. Poteet Quote Right
Quote Left Winded by narcissism, your diatribe might rank an E-2. Weakened by arrogance, its force does no damage on its path askew. Reason A. Poteet Quote Right
Quote Left Of - has a transformative power, connection of time and place. - this element is related,strengthened by our experience of season. Quote Right
Quote Left Breakneck words that berate can echo back again and again. Reason A. Poteet Quote Right
Quote Left Christian poets are like the winds of God's spirit that waft through these airways whispering wisdom. Reason A. Poteet Quote Right
Quote Left Will you come to visit my grave, I wonder, in the season of lightning, the season of thunder, when I have lain so long in the indifferent earth that I have no girth? ('Come!' by Michael R. Burch) Quote Right