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Conversation Quotations

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Quote Left The happiest people are those who think the most interesting thoughts. Those who decide to use leisure as a means of mental development, who love good music, good books, good pictures, good company, good conversation, are the happiest people in the world. And they are not only happy in themselves, they are the cause of happiness in others. Quote Right
Quote Left True happiness arises, in the first place, from the enjoyment of one's self, and in the next, from the friendship and conversation of a few select companions. Quote Right
Quote Left 'Who are you,' said the caterpillar. This was not an encouraging opening for a conversation. Alice replied, rather shyly, 'I—I hardly k... Quote Right
Quote Left Marriage is one long conversation, chequered by disputes. Quote Right
Quote Left How pleasant it was in the garden! And how delightful other people's emotions were! -- much more delightful than their ideas, it seemed to him. One's own soul, and the passions of one's friends -- those were the fascinating things in life. He pictured to himself with silent amusement the tedious luncheon that he had missed by staying so long with Basil Hallward. Had be gone to his aunt's, he would have been sure to have met Lord Goodbody there, and the whole conversation would have been about the feeding of the poor and the necessity for model lodging-houses. Each class would have preached the importance of those virtues, for whose exercise there was no necessity in their own lives. The rich would have spoken on the value of thrift, and the idle grown eloquent over the dignity of labour. It was charming to have escaped all that! Quote Right
Quote Left You ask whether I have ever been in love: fool as I am, I am not such a fool as that. But if one is only to talk from first-hand experience, conversation would be a very poor business. But though I have no personal experience of the things they call love, I have what is better -- the experience of Sappho, of Euripides, of Catallus, of Shakespeare, of Spenser, of Austen, of Bronte, of anyone else I have read. Quote Right
Quote Left Wine is a part of society because it provides a basis not only for a morality but also for an environment; it is an ornament in the slightest ceremonials of French daily life, from the snack to the feast, from the conversation at the local caf? to the speech at a formal dinner. Quote Right
Quote Left The primary use of conversation is to satisfy the impulse to talk. Quote Right
Quote Left I love America because America trusts me. When I go into a shop to buy a pair of shoes I am not asked to produce my Identity Card. I love it because my mail is not censored. My phone is not tapped. My conversation with friends is not reported to the secret police. Quote Right
Quote Left More knowledge may be gained of a man's real character by a short conversation with one of his servants than from a formal and studied narrative, begun with his pedigree and ended with his funeral. Quote Right
Quote Left I myself spent nine years in an insane asylum and I never had the obsession of suicide, but I know that each conversation with a psychiatrist, every morning at the time of his visit, made me want to hang myself, realizing that I would not be able to cut his throat. Quote Right
Quote Left My great-grandfather used to say to his wife, my great-grandmother, who in turn told her daughter, my grandmother, who repeated it to her daughter, my mother, who used to remind her daughter, my own sister, that to talk well and eloquently was a very great art, but that an equally great one was to know the right moment to stop. Quote Right
Quote Left Speech is the small change of silence. Quote Right
Quote Left Confidence contributes more to conversation than wit. Quote Right
Quote Left I just use my muscles as a conversation piece, like someone walking a cheetah down 42nd Street. Quote Right
Quote Left The reason why so few people are agreeable in conversation is that each is thinking more about what he intends to say than others are saying. Quote Right
Quote Left Logic and fact keep interfering with the easy flow of conversation. Quote Right
Quote Left To acquire immunity to eloquence is of the utmost importance to the citizens of a democracy. Quote Right
Quote Left If you ever have to support a flagging conversation, introduce the topic of eating. Quote Right
Quote Left Don't knock the weather nine-tenths of the people couldn't start a conversation if it didn't change once in a while. Quote Right
Quote Left Conversation is the enemy of good wine and food. Quote Right
Quote Left A book is good company. It is full of conversation without loquacity. It comes to your longing with full instruction, but pursues you never. Quote Right
Quote Left There is nothing that exasperates people more than a display of superior ability or brilliance in conversation. They seem pleased at the time, but their envy makes them curse the conversationalist in their heart. Quote Right
Quote Left It's apparent that we can't proceed any further without a name for this institutionalized garrulousness, this psychological patter, this need to catalogue the ego's condition. Let's call it psychobabble, this spirit which now tyrannizes conversation in the seventies. Quote Right
Quote Left There isn’t much better in this life than finding a way to spend a few hours in conversation with people you respect and love. You have to carve this time out of your life because you aren’t really living without it. Quote Right
Quote Left When you have spoken the word, it reigns over you. When it is unspoken you reign over it. Quote Right
Quote Left That's the interesting thing about becoming a father. Suddenly you universally have something in common with other people. I can be sitting next to a very straight, humorless businessman or stockbroker type on an airplane and we'll just start talking about kids. And that conversation last three or four hours. Quote Right
Quote Left The liar at any rate recognizes that recreation, not instruction, is the aim of conversation, and is a far more civilized being than the blockhead who loudly expresses his disbelief in a story which is told simply for the amusement of the company. Quote Right
Quote Left If, for instance, they have heard something from the postman, they attribute it to a semi-official statement; if they have fallen into conversation with a stranger at a bar, they can conscientiously describe him as a source that has hitherto proved unimpeachable. It is only when the journalist is reporting a whim of his own, and one to which he attaches minor importance, that he defines it as the opinion of well-informed circles. Quote Right
Quote Left Speech is always bolder than action. Quote Right

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Quote Left Intelligence Bureau can listen our conversation through mobile, phone, tab, laptop and other telecommunication devices meanwhile they can share it with other People. Quote Right
Quote Left Kindness is the world wide language of love, a conversation that begins with us. Quote Right
Quote Left DON can listen our conversation through sim tablet. Quote Right
Quote Left 'Hurry Honey' the White House press secretary said... “Those conversations are ongoing, so any speculation about future economic proposals is premature and not a reflection of the White House’s thinking.” Quote Right
Quote Left When a politician opens their mouth it should be the beginning of the conversation not the end. Quote Right
Quote Left An aspect of Feminism began in the garden of Eden, being too nosy and wanting to take charge in conversation with the serpent, usurping the role of the man, we all know it did not end well. the most prominent branch of Feminism is rebellion. Quote Right
Quote Left Prayers your house is full of angels... singing... quietly in the back ground of every conversation. Adding peace to the moments, in least expected ways. Quote Right
Quote Left One Lemon ( bio form). One. Misfire, misfit, mistake, reject. Hell ushers, parents, 4 conspirators. I love good people, conversation and endings. I feel for unwed mothers, orphans and childless fathers. I fear my life story, innocence robbed, wearing a mask. I would have loved being part of a tree, a branch, loving seed. I shed tears in my gloom, rejected. Lemon Quote Right
Quote Left A Kiss -- The most expressive conversation done by lips and tongues Quote Right
Quote Left Conversation is an indicator , and the words are the depth in which you can reach . So wasted meaningless conversation is a dead-end , lack of articulation which doesn't change yo situation . To be specific yo level in life you wish to reach . So speak in reflection with words to reflect the image you want . Quote Right
Quote Left When open minds all of a sudden close,conversation becomes devoid of all intellect.Becoming forced opinions of I'm always right. Quote Right
Quote Left Being different in a relationship can be both a good and bad thing. It's interesting to see another point of view but when the ice of their blue eyes and your flaming red locks no longer melt into conversation, run. Quote Right
Quote Left When you engage in small talk with a friend of the past, everybody says the same thing. 'I've been good. Just busy.' Eventually you will get to the awkward part of the conversation where you agree to get coffee sometime but it never happens. You desperately wish to go back to the memories you share with them but it's different now. It can't be helped. It's not anybody's fault. We are just busy. Quote Right
Quote Left The more silent the conversation the more deadly its intent Quote Right
Quote Left Don't expect everybody to believe in everything you said, because in a conversation, it is up to the speaker whether to tell the truth or lie and it is up to the listener whether to believe or not. Quote Right
Quote Left Real victory of life lies in you being involved in more conversations and less monologues. Quote Right
Quote Left Conversations without arguments are just like lines moving parallel with no ending Quote Right
Quote Left Gossip is the junk food of conversation. Quote Right
Quote Left It happens in the strangest places... the hallway, the parking lot, the break room at work: memorable conversations, heartfelt exchanges and honest revelations. Unplanned, unrehearsed, yet unforgettable. Quote Right