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Famous Bertrand Russell Quotations

Best famous Bertrand Russell quotations. Find, read, and share the best famous quotations by Bertrand Russell. These are the most popular quotations and best examples of quotes by Bertrand Russell.

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Quote Left Aristotle maintained that women have fewer teeth than men although he was twice married, it never occured to him to verify this statement by examining his wives' mouths. Quote Right
Quote Left The secret of happiness is this: let your interests be as wide as possible, and let your reactions to the things and persons that interest you be as far as possible friendly rather than hostile. Quote Right
Quote Left The most savage controversies are those about matters as to which there is no good evidence either way. Quote Right
Quote Left One should respect public opinion insofar as is necessary to avoid starvation and keep out of prison, but anything that goes beyond this is voluntary submission to an unnecessary tyranny. Quote Right
Quote Left A well-known scientist (some say it was Bertrand Russell) once gave a public lecture on astronomy. He described how the earth orbits around the sun and how the sun, in turn, orbits around the center of a vast collection of stars called our galaxy. At the end of the lecture a little old lady at the back of the room got up and said 'What you have told us is rubbish. The world is really a flat plate supported on the back of a giant tortoise.' The scientist gave a superior smile before replying, 'What is the turtle standing on' 'You're very clever, young man, very clever,' said the little old lady. 'But it's turtles all the way down.' Quote Right
Quote Left I remain convinced that obstinate addiction to ordinary language in our private thoughts is one of the main obstacles to progress in philosophy. Quote Right
Quote Left There is no need to worry about mere size. We do not necessarily respect a fat man more than a thin man. Sir Isaac Newton was very much smaller than a hippopotamus, but we do not on that account value him less. Quote Right
Quote Left Of all forms of caution, caution in love is perhaps the most fatal to true happiness. Quote Right
Quote Left To be without some of the things you want is an indispensable part of happiness. Quote Right
Quote Left The place of the father in the modern suburban family is a very small one, particularly if he plays golf. Quote Right
Quote Left I should wish to see a world in which education aimed at mental freedom rather than imprisoning the minds of the young in a rigid armor of dogma calculated to protect them though life against the shafts of impartial evidence. Quote Right
Quote Left It has been said that man is a rational animal. All my life I have been searching for evidence which could support this. Quote Right
Quote Left The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt. Quote Right
Quote Left If there were in the world today any large number of people who desired their own happiness more than they desired the unhappiness of others, we could have a paradise in a few years. Quote Right
Quote Left The true spirit of delight, the exaltation, the sense of being more than Man, which is the touchstone of the highest excellence, is to be found in mathematics as surely as poetry. Quote Right
Quote Left Few people can be happy unless they hate some other person, nation, or creed. Quote Right
Quote Left Men who are unhappy, like men who sleep badly, are always proud of the fact. Quote Right
Quote Left To acquire immunity to eloquence is of the utmost importance to the citizens of a democracy. Quote Right
Quote Left Advocates of capitalism are very apt to appeal to the sacred principles of liberty, which are embodied in one maxim: The fortunate must not be restrained in the exercise of tyranny over the unfortunate. Quote Right
Quote Left Three passions, simple but overwhelmingly strong, have governed my life: the longing for love, the search for knowledge, and unbearable pity for the suffering of mankind. Quote Right
Quote Left Fear is the main source of superstition, and one of the main sources of cruelty. To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom. Quote Right
Quote Left Every man, wherever he goes, is encompassed by a cloud of comforting convictions, which move with him like flies on a summer day. Quote Right
Quote Left Education, which was at first made universal in order that all might be able to read and write, has been found capable of serving quite other purposes. By instilling nonsense it unifies populations and generates collective enthusiasm. Quote Right
Quote Left The fundamental concept in social science is Power, in the same sense in which Energy is the fundamental concept in physics. Quote Right
Quote Left Passive acceptance of the teacher's wisdom is easy to most boys and girls. It involves no effort of independent thought, and seems rational because the teacher knows more than his pupils it is moreover the way to win the favour of the teacher unless he is a very exceptional man. Yet the habit of passive acceptance is a disastrous one in later life. It causes man to seek and to accept a leader, and to accept as a leader whoever is established in that position. Quote Right
Quote Left Mathematics may be defined as the subject in which we never know what we are talking about, nor whether what we are saying is true. Quote Right
Quote Left The point of philosophy is to start with something so simple as not to seem worth stating, and to end with something so paradoxical that no one will believe it. Quote Right
Quote Left The only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation. Quote Right
Quote Left I say quite deliberately that the Christian religion, as organized in its Churches, has been and still is the principal enemy of moral progress in the world. Quote Right
Quote Left Religion is something left over from the infancy of our intelligence, it will fade away as we adopt reason and science as our guidelines. Quote Right