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Quote Left Wherever you see a man who gives someone else's corruption, someone else's prejudice as a reason for not taking action himself, you see a cog in The Machine that governs us. Quote Right
Quote Left They think how one life hums, revolves and toils, One cog in a golden singing hive: Quote Right
Quote Left I'll mountebank their loves, Cog their hearts from them, and come home beloved Of all the trades in Rome. Quote Right
Quote Left I feel like a micro cog in a macrocosm Quote Right
Quote Left You pretend to be more eccentric than you actually are because you fear you are an interchangeable cog. Quote Right

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Quote Left they say love is blind, but it is nearsighted. It does not recognize the improbable or impossible until they are close enough to become. Quote Right
Quote Left I saw a sign in a family restaurant that read: “There are no strangers here - only friends we haven’t met.” If you take that to the next level it reads: “there is no “other” - only unrecognized self” Quote Right
Quote Left those things which give us greatest comfort are things in which we recognize ourselves. We look to every beauty to see the part of ourselves that lies within. if we cannot see ourselves in what we view, our only view is fear Quote Right
Quote Left Anyone in this world can say a meaningful thing, it is just that they not prominent and can't shout enough to be recognized and catch attention. Likewise.. What any prominent person can say is nothing new, it is equal to what a dozens of their ordinary followers think they themselves can say or thought. Just they are not prominent but their thought voiced out. Quote Right
Quote Left War is pointless,it solves nothing,chaos is eternal. So long as there is dissent,there exists a hold for chaos. Therefore instead of war make peace recognize the chaos in us all and find the balance,allow peace into your heart to help weather out the storm that is innately inside all of us. Quote Right
Quote Left I had a fear I could never quit weed, once I recognised that, a fear I would never quit overpowered it Quote Right
Quote Left As you will recognise this world, you start hustling. But stop for a second in this hustle to smile and pray to god and yourself for keeping you beautiful through out this hustle. Quote Right
Quote Left The dark of the mourning overshadows them as they walk the path of sorrows for their sunrise goes without recognition leaving them trampled under the cold heel of hopelessness. Quote Right
Quote Left “If humanity had the exalted intelligence we are called to have, we would recognize in our brothers and sisters what we share in common, on the most profound levels, and the petty differences that seek to destroy us would melt away into a global harmony that would stun the very angels themselves." * JOHN LARS ZWERENZ Quote Right
Quote Left Advancing Cognizance Of Environment And Area, ... Are The Sketches And Utterance Of Our Children. Quote Right
Quote Left Recognition and care only exist in the world of luxury And there is no friendship in the time of plenty. -Prince Henry Nibenang (The Northern-Shakespeare) Quote Right
Quote Left The places of my youth have changed And I can’t recognise The old man in the mirror now Who looks back with my eyes Quote Right
Quote Left Sometimes nocking at the door doesn't simplify that you require a permission to get in, it's a simple way of saying 'recognize me ' Quote Right
Quote Left In this world, if you truly open your eyes, you can recognize what is God; and then with a sigh, you will sadly see, what man is without God. Quote Right
Quote Left My Peter Pan Self recognizes the child in you struggling to get out. Quote Right
Quote Left "The Peter Pan in me recognizes you." Quote Right
Quote Left The recognition of value must also be recognized as value. Quote Right
Quote Left Quote Left Every relationships are the part of an experiment. The notes of each of them are used to create the perfect match. Call it a miracle, call it a blessing. Recognize it, appreciate it whenever it's given and learn how to keep it dearly. by Hamza Quote Right
Quote Left What if every relationships are the part of an experiment. The notes of each of them are used to create the perfect match. Call it a miracle, call it a blessing. Recognize it, appreciate it whenever it's given and learn how to keep it dearly. Quote Right
Quote Left Speak to keep people silent, not keep them silent to speak. Act to make people stare, not make them stare to act. Spot the difference between Attention and Recognition. Quote Right
Quote Left Kicking a guy in school ground gives you Popularity. Giving some useful talks in school assemblies give you Respect. Sketch your own way for being recognized Quote Right
Quote Left The ultimate excellency recognition of a defence force in a battle, its not about the fight but triumph Quote Right
Quote Left "Those who fail to recognize history, will receive a taste of it"- Morgen Farmer Quote Right
Quote Left May that truth be fact, fiction or falsehood, what is memorable, the thing we can't reach and fully touch, but recognize as art--is always truth. Quote Right
Quote Left I find a greater disdain for those who loathe other individuals Success. Success is not given its Earned through Hard Work, Determination, Perseverance and Education. Don't loathe admire to be Better. Find courage to be something worth recognition. Failure is an option perpetuated by the inability to believe in yourself... Quote Right
Quote Left A person's uniqueness, talents may not be appreciated , nor suitable to their environment . A person's dreams , ambitions, goals speak not to who they are now , but who they will be .it will flow in its own season . It will be recognized in its own time . It will be cultivated , useful in the right place . Just because something is different doesn't make it bad . What is considered trash today is treasure tomorrow . Quote Right
Quote Left "There are some connections that don't need to have a name - the Life itself will give them a name. Big and small in importance connections are made during the current incarnation - they all are valuable but their value is not based on human recognition, the value is held in its reflection on the Soul." Quote Right
Quote Left Let's put aside the Self Entitled Mentality and recognize that Hard Work Breeds Success and Failure breeds Contempt.There are no short cuts to Success only Hard Work, Discipline and Perseverance... Quote Right
Quote Left My leukemia is a scar of service to my country's principles. OwnSelf intrinsic to all the cognitive science's. Quote Right
Quote Left Do work ... so that people recognize you by your work not by your face.. Quote Right