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Quote Left Let the failures of today be the springboards for tomorrow. If you let them they will lead you to even more successes! – Andreas Simic Quote Right
Quote Left "Non pressured creative writing assignments maybe for extra credit should spring board healthy discussion during class," said Austin Macauley UK author Marc O'Brien, "not only will this be a relaxed easy good grade time but allowing the students to release emotion will only build trust between their peers." Quote Right
Quote Left If you think you can't do something, imagine the word can't on a blackboard and erase the 't. Then go do it! Quote Right
Quote Left The Earth Is A Blackboard For The Winter Spring, Containing Literary Advantage Of Writing. Quote Right
Quote Left I am pissed off with this site - I, the lovely Edna Sweetlove, have submitted 6 poems here and they've been viewed/seen by over 330 people. How many comments do you think I have had? FOUR and they were about as useful as t-i-t-s on a bull and as interesting as a stale fart in a bottle. Why don't you all join a more sensible website? Here's the link: Quote Right
Quote Left Spread your blessings aboard... Quote Right
Quote Left We move like pawns on a chessboard. Take one step forward or make a diagonal cut to change the path. Life, a game played by many but fully understood by some, if any. Still trying to understand the chessboard. Quote Right
Quote Left The electronic world is here to stay; get on board the train or jump out of the way. Quote Right
Quote Left 'A writer writes, always!' Write for ANY reason, just write! I believe we are special tools for the Creative Conscience, and learning to hear that voice begins by just articulating or activating, and staying attuned to what happens. Put the pen to paper - or fingers to the keyboard - see where it takes you, and apply those results to your puddle of wisdom... swirl it, dip your toes, taste the sweet and bitter. Yes - just DO it! Quote Right
Quote Left Don't write on the black-board, paint it white! Quote Right
Quote Left it all comes down to the inner voice, your spirit onboard has the choice, to be a grumpy Mole, or enjoy being old, personality is the force, who rides upon your horse, where laughter doth unfold... Quote Right