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Quote Left Psychic automatism in its pure state, by which one proposes to express -- verbally, by means of the written word, or in any other manner -- the actual functioning of thought. Dictated by the thought, in the absence of any control exercised by reason, exempt from any aesthetic or moral concern. Quote Right
Quote Left It is the duty of those serving the people in public place closely to limit public expenditures to the actual needs of the government economically administered, because this bounds the right of the government to extract tribute from the earnings of labor or the property of the citizen, and because public extravagance begets extravagance among the people. We should never be ashamed of the simplicity and prudential economies which are best suited to the operation of a republican form of government and most compatible with the mission of the American people. Those who are selected for a limited time to manage public affairs are still of the people, and may do much by their example to encourage, consistently with the dignity of their official functions, that plain way of life which among their fellow-citizens aids integrity and promotes thrift and prosperity. Quote Right
Quote Left There is not a flower or bird in sight, only a small screen on which lines are moving, while the child sits almost motionless, pushing at the keyboard with one finger. As a learning environment, it may be mentally rich, but it is perceptually extremely impoverished. No smells or tastes, no wind or bird song (unless the computer is programmed to produce electronic tweets), no connection with soil, water, sunlight, warmth, the actual learning environment is almost autistic in quality, impoverished sensually, emotionally, and socially. Quote Right
Quote Left Music has often been compared with language itself, and the comparison is quite legitimate. While it combines easily with actual language, it also speaks a language of its own, which it has become a platitude to call universal. To understand the significance of the organizing factors of rhythm, melody, harmony, tone color and form, the analogy of a familiar language is helpful. Music has its own alphabet of only seven letters, as compared with the twenty-six of the English alphabet. Each of these letters represents a note, and just as certain letters are complete words in themselves, so certain notes may stand alone, with the force of a whole word. Generally, however, a note of music implies a certain harmony, and in most modern music the notes take the form of actual chords. So it may be said that a chord in music is analogous to a word in language. Several words form a phrase, and several phrases a complete sentence, and the same thing is true in music. Measured music corresponds to poetry, while the old unmeasured plain-song might be compared with prose. Quote Right
Quote Left The world has to learn that the actual pleasure derived from material things is of rather low quality on the whole and less even in quantity than it looks to those who have not tried it. Quote Right
Quote Left The technology has allowed someone who before had no face and no voice to become an actual child. In the 70s and 80s whenever you debated abortion you talked about the mother. Now the baby is being brought into the debate. Quote Right
Quote Left is the perfect type of art. Music can never reveal its ultimate secret. This, also, is the explanation of the value of limitations in art. The sculptor gladly surrenders imitative colour, and the painter the actual dimensions of form, because by such renunciations they are able to avoid too definite a presentation of the Real, which would be mere imitation, and too definite a realisation of the Ideal, which would be too purely intellectual. It is through its very incompleteness that art becomes complete in beauty, and so addresses itself, not to the faculty of recognition nor to the faculty of reason, but to the aesthetic sense alone, which, while accepting both reason and recognition as stages of apprehension, subordinates them both to a pure synthetic impression of the work of art as a whole, and, taking whatever alien emotional elements the work may possess, uses their very complexity as a means by which a richer unity may be added to the ultimate impression itself. Quote Right
Quote Left The art of using moderate abilities to advantage wins praise, and often acquires more reputation than actual brilliancy. Quote Right
Quote Left The Media is an abstraction (because a newspaper is not concrete and only in an abstract sense can be considered an individual), which in association with the passionlessness and reflection of the times creates that abstract phantom, the public, which is the actual leveler. . . . More and more individuals will, because of their indolent bloodlessness, aspire to become nothing, in order to become the public, this abstract whole, which forms in this ridiculous manner: the public comes into existence because all its participants become third parties. This lazy mass, which understands nothing and does nothing, this public gallery seeks some distraction, and soon gives itself over to the idea that everything which someone does, or achieves, has been done to provide the public something to gossip about. . . . The public has a dog for its amusement. That dog is the Media. If there is someone better than the public, someone who distinguishes himself, the public sets the dog on him and all the amusement begins. This biting dog tears up his coat-tails, and takes all sort of vulgar liberties with his leg--until the public bores of it all and calls the dog off. That is how the public levels. Quote Right
Quote Left I will be free, no lover's kiss to bind me to earth, no bliss of love to counteract actual bliss. Quote Right
Quote Left What is rational is actual, and what is actual is rational. Quote Right
Quote Left We cannot feel strongly toward the totally unlike because it is unimaginable, unrealizable; nor yet toward the wholly like because it is stale -- identity must always be dull company. The power of other natures over us lies in a stimulating difference which causes excitement and opens communication, in ideas similar to our own but not identical, in states of mind attainable but not actual. Quote Right
Quote Left The experience to be gathered from books, Though often valuable, is but of the nature of learning Whereas the experience gained from actual life, Is of the nature of wisdom And a small store of the latter Is worth vastly more than a stock of the former. Quote Right
Quote Left One of the fundamental reasons why so many doctors become cynical and disillusioned is precisely because, when the abstract idealism has worn thin, they are uncertain about the value of the actual lives of the patients they are treating. This is not because they are callous or personally inhuman: it is because they live in and accept a society which is incapable of knowing what a human life is worth. Quote Right
Quote Left Maybe there is no actual place called hell. Maybe hell is just having to listen to our grandparents breathe through their noses when they're eating sandwiches. Quote Right
Quote Left The actual tragedies of life bear no relation to one's preconceived ideas. In the event, one is always bewildered by their simplicity, their grandeur of design, and by that element of the bizzare which seems inherent in them. Quote Right
Quote Left I am often confronted by the necessity of standing by one of my empirical selves and relinquishing the rest. Not that I would not. If I could, be... a great athlete and make a million a year, be a wit, a born -- vivant and a lady killer, as well as a philosopher, a philanthropist ... and saint. But the thing is simply impossible. The millionaire's work would run counter to the saint s; the bon-vivant and the philanthropist would trip each other up; the philosopher and the lady killer could not well keep house in the same tenement of clay. Such different characters may conceivably, at the outset of life. Be alike possible for a man. But to make any one of them actual, the rest must more of less be suppressed. So the seeker of his truest, strongest, deepest self must review the list carefully and pick out on which to stake his salvation. All other selves thereupon become unreal, but the fortunes of this self are real. Its failure are real failures, its triumphs real triumphs carrying shame and gladness with them. Quote Right
Quote Left Happy is the novelist who manages to preserve an actual love letter that he received when he was young within a work of fiction, embedded in it like a clean bullet in flabby flesh and quite secure there, among spurious lives. Quote Right
Quote Left A man's women folk, whatever their outward show of respect for his merit and authority, always regard him secretly as an ass, and with something akin to pity. His most gaudy sayings and doings seldom deceive them; they see the actual man within, and know him for a shallow and pathetic fellow. In this fact, perhaps, lies one of the best proofs of feminine intelligence, or, as the common phrase makes it, feminine intuition. Quote Right
Quote Left From an actual newspaper contest where entrants age 4 to 15 were asked to imitate 'Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey': My young brother asked me what happens after we die. I told him we get buried under a bunch of dirt and worms eat our bodies. I guess I should have told him the truth -- that most of us go to Hell and burn eternally -- but I didn't want to upset him. Quote Right
Quote Left Museums, museums, museums, object-lessons rigged out to illustrate the unsound theories of archaeologists, crazy attempts to co-ordinate and get into a fixed order that which has no fixed order and will not be co-coordinated! It is sickening! Why must all experience be systematized? A museum is not a first-hand contact: it is an illustrated lecture. And what one wants is the actual vital touch. Quote Right
Quote Left A man's women folk, whatever their outward show of respect for his merit and authority, always regard him secretly as an ass, and with something akin to pity. His most gaudy sayings and doings seldom deceive them they see the actual man within, and know him for a shallow and pathetic fellow. In this fact, perhaps, lies one of the best proofs of feminine intelligence, or, as the common phrase makes it, feminine intuition. Quote Right
Quote Left The Landlord is a gentleman who does not earn his wealth. He has a host of agents and clerks that receive for him. He does not even take the trouble to spend his wealth. He has a host of people around him to do the actual spending. He never sees it until he comes to enjoy it. His sole function, his chief pride, is the stately consumption of wealth produced by others. Quote Right
Quote Left Peter Well, I generally come in at least fifteen minutes late, ah, I use the side door--that way Lumbergh can't see me, heh--after that I sorta space out for an hour. I just stare at my desk, but it looks like I'm working. I do that for probably another hour after lunch too, I'd say in a given week I probably only do about fifteen minutes of real, actual, work. Quote Right
Quote Left From Chirac and Schroeder we have seen a rhetorical commitment for France and Germany to co-operate but when they have combined it has been to block reforms. They have not produced an actual agenda for advancing the union, unlike the days of Helmut Kohl and Francois Mitterand, when France and Germany really were driving Europe. Quote Right
Quote Left All actual life is encounter. Quote Right
Quote Left Mathematics takes us into the region of absolute necessity, to which not only the actual word, but every possible word, must conform. Quote Right
Quote Left It’s been well known for maybe two decades that many of these preclinical human cancer models have very little predictive power in terms of how actual human beings – actual human tumours inside patients – will respond…Preclinical models of human cancer, in large part, stink…Hundreds of millions of dollars are being wasted every year by drug companies using these [animal] models… Quote Right
Quote Left If all feeling for grace and beauty were not extinguished in the mass of mankind at the actual moment, such a method of locomotion as cycling could never have found acceptance; no man or woman with the slightest aesthetic sense could assume the ludicrous position necessary for it. Quote Right
Quote Left Whoever today speaks of human existence in terms of power, efficiency, and historical tasks is an actual or potential assassin. Quote Right

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Quote Left A year is actually not very long, I think Quote Right
Quote Left "The actual perception of life comes with the hardship of situation otherwise you won't be able to understand life's actual conception."-priya Quote Right
Quote Left Controversy over the actual story of Bajirao Baglol Mastani grows in severity. Quote Right
Quote Left We live in an era, where double standards rule the media and actually ruin peoples lives. Quote Right
Quote Left Feminists are ideological hypocrites. Oh equality for the sexes except when it comes to actual equality. Quote Right
Quote Left Whether one appreciates or depreciates a butterfly, One should know the actual fact, that – Ultimately – A butterfly is a butterfly…! Quote Right
Quote Left The ones who are scared of Death, are actually the ones alive. July 2021 Quote Right
Quote Left No instant learning machine exist unfortunely, we have to learn all the things from zero, but that's actually what makes a life interesting, that is what life is about. May 2018. Quote Right
Quote Left 11:32 AM 21 july 2021 Actually I came up with this realization many years ago. I just now got around to putting it on here. My life is worth only what I have contributed to the lives of others. Quote Right
Quote Left All races have racists and bigots: that's a fact. How can we eradicate feelings of hatred and realize that what we feel is not what we actually see? There is a plausible cause behind the evil of people who discriminate and do the things they do. I suggest that you get enough knowledge from the wisdom you'll acquire and teach others. Quote Right
Quote Left Nowadays most People no longer value their actual friends because social media made them believe you can make 100 new friends in one day...there is nothing like that #Poetic_Ra*_Quotes???? Quote Right
Quote Left You may think that you are running out of time, Only to find out you are actually chasing after the expectations of the Society And missing out on being you in the process. The clock runs on it's pace, competing with nothing and waiting for nobody's approval. Be confident that you are where you supposed to be Anything and anybody else might as well adjust to your pace. Quote Right
Quote Left upstairs is the place where monsters are imagined downstairs is the place they actually live. Quote Right
Quote Left In life we wanted to be on top most of the time, that we work so hard and forget to actually live. Quote Right
Quote Left Do not think you do NOT know that which you think you do not know. You actually DO know most of what you think you do not know. The simple truth is that you paid scant, or NO attention, when first you heard or saw that which you now think you do not know. Sadly, the things you ought to know, which you now think you do not know, are far greater than the things you think you know. Always focus - ALWAYS REFLECT, ... or else you will REGRET. (The Pessimistic Philanthropist) Quote Right
Quote Left Your journey is actually inwards, outward approach is just illusion Quote Right
Quote Left after watching the movie 'twelve years a slave', i realised we are actually all slaves. Quote Right
Quote Left If you didn't feel that you lost, when you did, actually you didn't lose. Quote Right
Quote Left "The best kind of love is knowing that you're actually loved" Quote Right
Quote Left The few who earn a gate pass to fortunes always strive to ruin the fortune in their bid for actualization.Leave a life better than you got it. Quote Right
Quote Left Authoring applied alliteration is actually artistically appealing albeit absurd! Quote Right
Quote Left "Risk takers have the courage to keep trying new things, learning lessons they thought were going to be secondary, but actually end up being firsts." Quote Right
Quote Left The thing about first dates is ya not suppose to be someone else yet you're not suppose to actually be yourself when you like to salvage through rubbish and hunt through skips Quote Right
Quote Left Those that dream of a revolution must have a hidden desire to murder or they don't actually have a clue Quote Right
Quote Left You can if actually you believe you can, In your mind there are no limits. Quote Right
Quote Left Beware of people who blindly follow the rules. These are the most dangerous people who believe they do good things while being ardent servants of the system. Most rules are created to limit and enslave people, while actually protecting the system not the people. Quote Right
Quote Left Sensuality is what makes a writer and a poet's heart actually beat and it doesn't want to stop until death. Quote Right
Quote Left Any promise of financial freedom without the power of financial fitness is a free fraud. No one is in financial bondage actually, freedom should be accompanied with the fitness to sustain it. We should stop going one step forward and one million steps backward. Sustainable investment is built on consistent creation and distribution of value not just making and sharing money. I like risk takers but I love great readers and responsible investors. Quote Right
Quote Left Love takes. Love doesn't give. If you think anyone is capable of altruism, you're wrong. When you think you love someone and want to do something for them, you're not going to do that for their own sakes. It's actually for your own sake. Quote Right
Quote Left Just because you are a little different, it doesn't make you any less than you are. Embrace your unique qualities, and show it off. You are beautiful just the way you are. What one might think to be a handicap, could actually be your strength. Quote Right