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Quote Left Poetry is not only dream and vision; it is the skeleton architecture of our lives. It lays the foundations for a future of change, a bridge ac... Quote Right
Quote Left You should try to understand every thing you see and hear; to act and judge for yourselves; to remember you each have a soul of your own to ac... Quote Right

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Quote Left I will continue to reach for the next level, exploring directions as I rise. Quote Right
Quote Left 'Tis said, that one can only accomplish what one believes they can. Or, if one trusts another, who knows they can. Quote Right
Quote Left It is easy to born as a human, but to be a real human is hard. Be a real human again is much harder. It is not difficult to born in a blessed land, only if you stick your mouth and heart together at the right place always. - Buddhism quotes Quote Right
Quote Left What defines you? ..... Your partner? Your kids? Your friends? Your beliefs? Your looks? Your job? Your car? Your clothes? Your house? Your bank account? Your online status? If you lost everything, what would define you? If your life burned to the ground around you, what would you be? You don't have to answer me....or answer to me. I'm just wondering. My take ( humble opinion): You are still perfect. You are still worth it. You are. :-) xox Quote Right
Quote Left I don't believe that I'm a stupid man, yet I have done some foolish things. And while I repent and resolve to do better, my ignorance stays shackled to those wings. Quote Right
Quote Left Self Satisfaction is a true farmer of happiness and positiveness is its stability giver. Quote Right
Quote Left You are like a white light, placid behind the prism of shyness, but full of colours when you break free <3 Quote Right
Quote Left The big belly can accommodate all kinds of things. The benevolence never lets a dust behind. - Happy Buddha / Laughing Buddha / Maitreya Buddha Quote Right
Quote Left Trying is for the resilient,strong and courageous who sweep away their fears to stand on battle ground and face their enemy,not as test or trial,but rather as an ultimate task. In the end,it pays off bilaterally,as lessons learnt,or as rewards attained. Quote Right
Quote Left If a fire catches the jungle each animal should have to follow the root of lion and lion announce We have two ways one is simple and short Another will be long and difficult ? Quote Right
Quote Left Until we become one blended humanity, one devoid of all social/racial/religious/cultural injustices, one that universally shares a collective consciousness all for one, one for all that finally becomes the Human Race, we shall wander aimless in the waste of all millinea. Quote Right
Quote Left Wehmi Nafsiati Nashai are words direct from the mouth of crack zafar khan DAN. Quote Right
Quote Left Never give up your dreams. Anything you can believe, you can achieve. You have the power and talent to achieve anything. Believe in yourself. Your angels do! Quote Right
Quote Left Some dreams aren't achieved through hard work but by opportunity. January 2023 Quote Right
Quote Left If you got scolded by your teacher, just be silent. But in future, you might be the topper in all. Quote Right
Quote Left When you break down, build yourself back up. Quote Right
Quote Left Hard work never fails. But smart work requires achieving any kind of dream. Quote Right
Quote Left Suppose you started an excellent activity. Don't stop in the middle because of it's hard, finish it fully and then see how your improvements gain. Quote Right
Quote Left Garden Time fast approaches Plant five rows of peas Planning Patience perseverance preparation positivity Include one row of squash Squash negativity Add three rows of lettuce Let us take responsibility Let us reward our accomplishments Let us be empowered And lastly turnips Turn up with new ideas Turn up with determination Turn up with a smile Edited version garden of success by Suzy Jones a weight watchers leader Quote Right
Quote Left Think like a criminal and act like a saint (Abad) Quote Right
Quote Left It is an ultimate joy to know your potential. The great agony I don't wish even to those who chose to be my enemies, is to be swaying back and forth like the waves of the sea, Escorting others to reach their dreams. Rather stay back and reach out to that inner child within who once had a dream. Quote Right
Quote Left In life, We deal with different people and different temperaments. Try to be polite, nice, kind as much as possible and, You will get true satisfaction of life. By Chipepo Lwele Quote Right
Quote Left The duty of parents and guardians is to control their kids, To be God-fearing and urge them to dress decently and abide by the rules and teachings of Christianity. By Chipepo Lwele Quote Right
Quote Left The universal road for all humanity under the sun is Death Before you die may your spirit meet peace with the Lord Almighty and fellow men. Lest you think big headed but bow down in humility before the Lord Almighty. By Chipepo Lwele Quote Right
Quote Left The greatest of man born of a woman, Is that he should acknowledge the Lord Almighty, In his struggles, pains, triumphs, victories, highs and lows. By Chipepo Lwele Quote Right
Quote Left Generation Gap "The actions of elders cannot be questioned with the experience of youth" Quote Right
Quote Left Actions speak louder than words, good deeds feed needs. Quote Right
Quote Left When you walk towards god,he walks towards you. With god you are a Hero, without god you are a zero. No thorny fence for cactus ?? No bridle for donkey ??. No degree or post for an intelligent Quote Right
Quote Left Bachay nay mujhay lollipop day diya. Quote Right