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1/9/2011 1:32:13 AM
Alpha Betrayed Are we simply caricatures of I
Skulking self behind the skull
in thoughts and process ticking by, far
beyond the Alpha Beta too describe.
Instilling any eay, no exact way
Feeling All, percieved by you.
Fitting this enigma into the parameters
of language; willing tho flawed
in transcribing the flitting connections
gathered beyond the grasp of the others,
In turn trapped to sprout their skewered
insights ...
missing , always , what you meant.
7/3/2011 8:51:03 PM
Checklist Critique looking for critique on this piece

I said welcome him in colonel pepper. let our
guest enjoy it while it lasts crooked nicotine
stains showing where to dust off your boots
Now we're getting somewhere with this gold-
leaf checklist all prompt & ready to board 1/
Fill the Ashtray. 2/ Sharpen the Pencils 3/
Remember to Exhale. Zero/ Remember to
move. For isn't that the hardest part to living , the actual
living part, no matter to the fact we're all locked
away for safekeeping. Torchs pre lit for the next
flame war screeching Douche over the bricked up Alley
kitterns mewl like stuck pigs struggling below swamp.
backed fur & all that Jazz. Top cat isn't here anymore
as the SFX department handles the kiddie shows
now. In human forms parading on screen snatched
into an ultra violet world caught all stop motion. I wish
we could all stop a moment pick it apart and see what
really went down beyond all this he say she say business
spinning lines from stardust.
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